Faith: Fully Persuaded by Michael Meyers

Paul-shipwreck-350-webBy Michael Meyers

And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. Rom 4:21

I have heard many a Bible teacher speak the many years that went by before God finally produced baby Isaac in Sarah’s womb, struggling to give us the significance of the number 25 [the number of years it took from the promise to the fulfillment of that promise]. Then further trying to tell the hearers to hold on because 25 years to get a fulfill a promise seems like a lifetime away.

The issue is not the 25 years it took for God to ‘give life to the dead’ but the amount of time it took for Abraham to become fully persuaded. Ishmael is not the product of someone that is fully persuaded but rather someone who took the situation into his own hands by leaning on his own understanding.

Another thought to drop in here. Abraham and one of his servant women, Hagar, produced Ishmael. This means that Abraham’s body who was ‘as good as dead’ when the promise came, was regenerated long before Sarah’s barren and dead womb. Having a baby was dependent on both of them co-operating with the promise of God.

Between the two laughs she too had to become fully persuaded that ‘what God had promised He was also able to perform.’ 25 years was the process of becoming fully persuaded for both of them. You don’t have to take that long.

When trusting God and exercising your faith for something you need to forget the time frame of things manifesting and whether you are truly persuaded. When people tell me that the message of faith is rubbish and doesn’t work it’s because they tried to operate in faith themselves and failed miserably. Rather than making themselves the problem they make God or the preacher the problem. They tell me that they really, really, really did believe God but on investigation it’s no more than what John Wesley called ‘mental assent’.

Usually when people say that they are fully persuaded about the character of God, His word, His promises and His willingness to act on their behalf I discover that they can be moved emotionally if I can paint an emotional enough story with some fake pseudo-spiritual logic thrown in. This is not fully persuaded and until you are it will hold off that promise from manifesting.

God is not the problem. He has already done it. It is our faith that pulls what we have asked for into the realm of the natural. The remedy for doubt and unbelief is found in Rom 10:17:

Now faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17

Jesus said that it is our father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

Therefore, keep up your courage, men, for I believe God that it will turn out exactly as I have been told.
Acts  27:25

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  1. My faith is revived ..and I going to pray until something happens…nothing is impossible with God. ,…I know He will grant me my wish…..Love you Lord.



  2. Great message. It would be great to see more posts from Michael Meyers! As an added note to this message: Abraham, as the supreme example of faith had to grow his faith from spiritual babyhood to maturity just we do. . By the time God asked Abraham to offer Isaac as a burnt offering we see Abraham fully persuaded and complete in his faith walk. He had by then learnt from his mistakes and could trust God for the impossible. He no longer needed 25 years to work the miracle, he could work the miracle in the here and now.

  3. This is one of the truest teachings on faith that I have ever come across. Immediately I read “The issue is not the 25 years it took for God to ‘give life to the dead’ but the amount of time it took for Abraham to become fully persuaded”, I was satisfied with what I have already believed. Thank you and may God gibe you more insight.

    1. Author

      Helix – Pastor Michael Meyers has a church in Britain. Yes, his teaching is wonderful. God bless. Rex

  4. Adrian you said you had the gift of faith? Were you speaking of the gift of faith according to Cor 12 ? If so, you still have faith. The gift of faith comes as the Holy Spirit sees when that measure of faith is needed. When you feel doubt . Rise up in the authority Jesus gave you in his name. The enemy is wanting to sift you. Sesperate you from your faith. When testing and trials come they can reveal where our faith is. We all have a measure of faith. But we want our faith to grow. Faith grows by hearing and believeing and doing the word. Be of good cheer. Don’t except the lies from the devil. We all go through testing,trials,rest.

  5. Faith – fully persuaded by HIS love for me.

    a new definition of Faith I learned today. Shalom.

  6. Hi michael,I believe the Holy Spirit lead me to this page,because I was searching for faith scriptures to pray in my morning time with God,then I came across your post which I found is just what was needed to renew my faith. You see Michael just a few years ago I possesed that kind of faith, the gift of faith but now after going through so many battles,firey trials my faith has become worn and my zeal has all but left me in a uncertain place;and even tho I’m still holding on to a shoe string of faith, it’s because disappointing God(doubt him) is not at all what I want to do,and I really don’t want to disappoint myself but it’s hard.P.S keeping the faith because without it we can’t please him.

  7. I love this message….how do I become persuaded? I want to believe, and I ask the Lord to help mine unbelief. I know he is able….I just need to operate like he is……

    1. Author

      You become ‘persuaded’ by allowing the Word of God to seep into you and change your thinking and behavior. If you then will seek Him and wait on Him, He will make His Word, that is in you, to come alive. That is what is meant by, ‘Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the (spoken) Word of God (Christ)’ Romans 10:17. It is an internal hearing of the heart from the Spirit of God. It is the witness spoken of in Hebrews Chapter One. The Word on the page is hope for the mind and seed for the heart. The spoken Word brings faith to the heart. The Word on the page must become the Word in your heart for faith to occur.

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