by Charles S. Price

charles-price240I have been emphasizing the gospel of progressive revelation! I have been emphasizing the glorious truth that no Christian should confine himself to a spiritual life within the boundaries of the walls of traditional beliefs and standardized theologies. It is one of the most dangerous things which can happen to a man or a woman who is following Jesus. For, thereby, we limit the operation of the Spirit. Christians are admonished to grow in grace and in knowledge. They are to partake of the meat of the Word. They are instructed to assimilate and digest the things which the Lord imparts to them until they come to the position of people who have attained spiritual maturity.

Child of God, Redeemed of the Lord! Have you not desired in your heart to break down the barriers which have bound you within the limitations of your circumscribed life? Have you not realized that even the coming of the Spirit into the life of a believer is but the beginning! We most assuredly and positively did not receive all when we were baptized with the Holy Ghost! What a tragedy it is that we have adopted the phrase “We are through.” How much we have missed, if we have sought only manifestations and nothing more; if we have lived upon ecstasies and sought the soothing touch of emotion when we should have sought the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Baptized with the Holy Spirit and through Him reached outward and upward into the realms of eternal and infinite glory which God has been waiting to impart.

When Jesus identified Himself with man, it was to enable man to identify himself with Jesus. That is admittedly a startling statement but there is no escape from it! He became in all things like unto His brethren, only that in all things His brethren might become like unto Him. It is a dual identification as complete on one side as it is on the other. What Jesus Christ was in God, man can become in Christ Jesus.

The very same Spirit which was in the Man Christ Jesus, is given to every man in Christ. The eternal Word throbs with the glorious truth that the Holy Ghost can be to you and to me all that He was to Jesus! In other words, the Master has no resources which He has not made available to every one of us. But, instead of reaching out after them, and possessing them by the grace of our Eternal God, we have been complacently satisfied with the “kindergarten,” experience of life. We have been satisfied also, to live on the surface of things which fulfilled their initial purpose for the day in which they were given.

When we actually accept the nature of Christ; when we grow into spiritual maturity, there will be three things manifested in experience and in life. First: Oneness of nature with Jesus will manifest itself in the fellowship of His sympathy and His suffering. Second: There will be divine cooperation in service and in the manifestation of the power of God. Third: There will be a correspondence in character with Him toward the maturity of which we shall grow as surely as children grow from babyhood to manhood. This is the eternal purpose of our God. It is the call for this hour, the program for this day. Redeemed of the Lord, break the bands which have bound you! Smash the chains and shackles that have fettered your souls. Reach out into the Eternal Infinity of our God and drink from the Life-giving Stream that flows from the throne of God.

You cannot attain unto this Life of which I have spoken. You cannot reach up and take it in yourself, but you can make yourself available to Christ, for He is the Life! There are things which you can and are privileged to do. You can resolve in Him to walk the paths of a perfect and a complete obedience; you can throw open the gates of your mind to the Word of the Lord; you can walk in obedience to the call Divine, and give your Heavenly Father the opportunity to speak to your listening ear.

When you completely surrender the right to the right of yourself unto God, and quietly wait in the holiness of His divine Presence; it will not be long before you will feel the moving of the waters and the surging of the Spirit of God through your heart and life. When this food divine is assimilated by you, and you become a partaker of the divine nature, you will lose your appetite for the things which are of this world. You will be pure, even as He is pure. You will be holy, for He is holy; and you will dwell in love, for God Himself is love. Around you will be an impenetrable armor-plate through which the darts of the devil, the rocks of criticism, and the cruelties of hatred will never pierce. You will be amenable to your surroundings; but you will never be the slave of environment or circumstance! You will then know of a certainty that your citizenship is in Heaven. This is our privilege!


  1. Profoundly blessed words of encouragement, admonishment, and more so truth. This was great work, to dig deep into the intricate nature of the nature of Christ, and the Holiness of God.

  2. Iam so greatfull for the wonderfull works the lord has used you to accomplish in my life may the good lord bless you.thanks be to God for every thing good.

  3. Iam so greatfull for the wonderfull works the lord has used you to accomplish in my life may the good lord bless you.

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