Raising the Dead – No Big Deal?

talithacumi-400-webRaising the dead is not a big deal?! That’s the way the Bible seems to present it. The Bible mentions several instances where people were raised from the dead. Each time it is portrayed as if it was an everyday occurrence. Maybe raising the dead, or for that matter a miracle of any kind, was a much more common occurrence than we have thought. In the Gospel of John, it says that if all the things that Jesus did were ever fully written about, the world itself could not contain all the books that it would take. Miracles were common, and were core to the Gospel’s message and intent. The Bible is clear and consistent throughout – if you have faith, nothing is a big deal.

If you have faith, nothing is a big deal. Getting the faith is the big deal.

The following are three recorded instances where Jesus raised someone from the dead:

Jairus’ Daughter – Jairus, a leader of a local Synagogue pleads for Jesus to heal his gravely ill child. On the way to his home they are interrupted by another healing. During this time, they hear that the girl has died. Jesus is not concerned. He calms the father’s fears and continues on. Once at the home, He takes the girl by the hand and wakes her up. For Him it is comfortable and natural, but of course, for those around Him it is astonishing. (See Matthew 9:18 – 26, Mark 5:22 – 43, Luke 8:41 – 56)

Funeral Procession – While entering a neighboring town, Jesus happens to come across a funeral procession for the only son of a local widow. Upon seeing her, He feels compassion and stops the procession. He tells the man to get up, and he does. The text then simply states that, ‘He gave the young man back to his mother’. (See Luke 7:11 – 17)

Lazarus – Jesus loves Lazarus and his family, but after hearing of his illness, He waits two full days before going to his side. By the time He arrives in Bethany, Lazarus has been dead for four days. Apparently, He chose to raise him from the dead instead of healing him. Once at the grave site, He prays publicly to show the people that the Father is His source of authority, and then proceeds to call him out of the grave. (See John 11:1 – 44)

Jesus at times seemed oblivious to the circumstances around Him, but He always paid full attention to what He heard from the Father and what He knew from scripture. He fully submitted to them, and as we submit to them, we can do the same. After His resurrection He commanded His disciples, “To bring the dead back to life” – Matthew 10:8, and Mark 16:17 – 20. This miraculous ability was communicated on to man. The Bible is clear; resurrection power is not confined solely to Jesus, or even to the original Apostles, but it is for all those who can believe and will believe.

See how Paul describes the maximum amount of power available to those who believe:

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, (19) and and what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power, (20) which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places, (21) far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come. Ephesians 1:18-21

Both Peter and Paul raised people from the dead:

Peter Raises Dorcas – Two days after the death of a prominent local woman Peter is summoned. He arrives, prays, and then tells her to get up – simple, short, and to the point. Just like Jesus, no fanfare, just faith released through a command.

Paul in Troas – While Paul (not one of the original twelve Apostles) is teaching late one night a young man falls asleep and then falls from a third story window. He is picked up dead, but once Paul goes to him and embraces him, he declares that, “his life is in him.”

None of these instances were long and drawn out affairs. They simply commanded the people to wake up or get up, and they did. In addition to these instances, both Elijah and Elisha brought people back from the dead.

I’ve heard missionaries say that it is easier to raise the dead in a third world country than raise money, and easier to raise money in the USA than raise the dead. We know missionaries in third-world countries that do it regularly, although it has gotten much hard in the last few years.

You seem to get what you have faith for, and you have faith for that which you are willing to seek Him. It is as simple at that. The big question, and the only question is – Do you have faith; did God speak to you? If you have the faith, nothing is a big deal. Seek and hear from Him. On raising the dead, you must truly hear from God, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

You get what you have faith for, and you have faith for that which you are willing to seek Him.


  1. I will be praying for the resurrection of my good friend Natasha Savelle her life was taken by the enemy when an illness called megntatis B. I was so heart broken to found out she has two daughter a baby she just had recently. I prayed to god last night give me strength and heal my pain.

    I did an resurrection prayer last night. I am gonna do another resurrection prayer until she is resurrected. The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy. Everyone who is still praying for their love ones trust god and know the power of the resurrection and how it works. Our lord Jesus heals the sick, .I will keep my faith strong. I’m also still keeping my faith strong for my lover to be resurrected so he can see his baby girl deliah

  2. Yes God is in control. He is SUPERNATURAL. Don’t you guys here the prophecies that’s going out now.His coming is at hand. Many prophecies go out about this and God gives people visions and dreams. But before His coming there’s gonna be a great revival people gonna see things they’ve never seen before. Signs wonders and miracles gonna happen. Graves gonna open God’s raising them to go into the world to go preach His gospel He wants nobody to go astray. Who better then the ones He’s raising, they have first hands experience. We also prayed to God for our son and He said He heard our prayers and saw our tears He’s gonna give us much more than we asked for. People hold onto your seats great things is about to happen our minds will be to small to comprehend. Those that will see this miracles signs and wonders and still won’t believe and harden their hearts and won’t accept Him as their personal Saviour I don’t know then God can wash His hands in Ponthius Pilates water He is so gracious to give them another chance. Our God is great.

  3. Also praying for my loved one to come back…Thabiso Edwin Zulu who died mysteriously a month ago.

    1. Jehovah Elohim is the supreme God and there’s nothing too hard for Him, He made the dry bones live again and became a great army. Christ Jesus said we should ask anything of our Father in heaven in His name and it will be granted to us. Ask- believe- receive. He rewards those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6) and He has promised us that we won’t cast our young

  4. Hullo I lost my partner we have a one year old baby and was pregnant to our second 😭😭lost him month of July 9th and I gave birth on the 19 almost lost her too..he never got to see his second child ..we both trusted God so much till his last breath ..it was the toughest moment ever in my life ..till today he was sick but we both prayed daily and had so much faith in God that his going to be heal to tetisty the good news of God..He told his family and also to the Doctors that he won’t die to proclaim the Goodness of God ..he had so much hope and faith..which I too still believe that one day will go to his tomb and will call him out and he will stand up transform fully to share the Goodness of God psam 118.17 his favorite verse won’t give ..we miss him so much ❤️❤️😭 want him back ..we need power to raise the dead faith and believe in order to get that read his word daily and pray more and more than it will come to life..will shocked the world ..never give up on prayer and read his word and fast will quicker..don’t give up ..miss him so much..with our two little angels

  5. I have faith and I believe just as Lazarus and Tabitha was raised from the dead, my lover too can be raised. He came around for his dad funeral, had an accident and died too 2weeks ago. August 27th 2020.. He left me lifeless.. I need a miracle cos I believe in God.

    1. Hello, Jesinta

      After reading your story, it reminds me the pain I recieved May, 5 2019 my lover, future husband was murderd and taken away from me and his 3 year old daughter Delilah. It broke me inside, I cried for days until I was red in the face, I felt empty he was my everything, he really loved me so much
      I had people tell me move on, he in a better place. He was only 24 years old, and the devil stole his life away from me. I went through a long grief, period where every time I see his face in a video and photo I would cry so much. I started reading Micheal king raise the dead books, I learned about all the miracles our lord Jesus Christ did to raise all the dead, I learned about the Resurrection prayer, I prayed it for a year to bring my lover back.

      I found his mother cremated him, at first I felt like I was stabbed by a knife, I taught god couldn’t raise a cremated body back to life. After reading Micheal king second book about raising the dead, it mentioned god is a god who could do all things, he knows how restore a cremated body bring it life, a body that missing parts, that been buried, embalmed. He could do all things, that’s why I’m keeping my faith strong and I am not giving up I know god will answer my prayer and bring him back.

      Sending you love, the Resurrection is our hope for our loved ones, I know our go will answer our prayers, and bring back our loved ones from the enemy who stole their lives. Jesus said I come to give you life, the devil comes to kill steal and destroy.

        1. Hello, Don

          On Amazon he could look like him on youtube he talks about the ressurection.

      1. I praise God for all who look to Jesus who is the RESSURECTION.
        May God reveal Himself to you in your growing faith. NOTHING is too hard for God. Jesus encourages us many times to believe and have faith.
        I pray with all of you and join in your prayers and seek God with you in these matters.
        God bless you all for not being timid but rather trusting Christ immeasurable power.

  6. My sister was diagnosed of fibroid
    I know she’s not dead she’s back in Jesus name amen

    1. Adesina that’s great news thank you for your success story. God is a healer he proved us In Matthew 10:8. I’m looking forward to having my love my life back here. God promise us the hope of the resurrection, for our loved ones.

        1. Hello, Tinyiko I havent had time I’m doing my bachelors degree online. I still believe god will bring my love back. God can do all things, there is no time limit for raising the dead. He not angry with me for not praying. He knows what I been praying for.

          1. Hi our son was shot about 2 months ago because of jealousy we miss him so much it hurts. We’ve been praying and fasting to ask God for a miracle. He’s able we still are. God is great. Let’s pray for each other. God already told us through prophecies that joy is coming to this family and something good is coming. He said He gonna give us a double blessing more then we prayed for. Let pray for each other.


            2. Hello, Juanita

              Yes I know your pain but know our god who heals the sick is the same god who raises the dead back to life. I would recommend begin reading bible versus on the resurrection, god doesnt need a specfic person to raise the dead. Only have faith and know that god could do anything. Then do an resurection prayer for your loved one.

              For about 15 to 20 mins your loved one name, rebuke spirit of death, spirit of infrimity, rebuke demonic power. Command life back in his body, soul In name of jesus. Command the holy spirit to give him life in name of Jesus. Command god angels to give him back life in the name of jesus. Over keep commanding life and praying. I pray for a year to have my love back his mom made arrangements for his body. Im not giving up and im still believing good for the unthinkable. I know god hasnt forget about me and my prayer. My faith is strong enough know god will bring him back. God bless you and your family.

            3. Don Hogan don’t let your faith in God waver. God is the same yesterday today and forever. You impatient our time isn’t God’s time. He may be four days late but He’s always on time. Faith is very important if u have faith the size of a mustard seed you will be able to move mountains. God isn’t A God that would lie. Trust Him God already revealed to us through prophecies.

  7. Hello Jalaya

    I’m also not giving up, I’m praying to God everyday to give me strength.I really want my husband back to life.

      1. Tinyiko that’s make both of us, in not giving up either. My love Birthday was December 30. I was little sick, I told god I won’t let the enemy cause destruction. Yes our lord will bring our loved ones back. I’m going ask god when is my love returning on what date?. I read an article god saved a 70 year old women who was able to be Creamated. It was posted on October 25 2019

        1. My husband’s birthday is on the 15th this month. I’m still asking for God’s miracle.

          1. Way to go Tinyiko, keep praying god is going answer both of our prayers. To have both of our men back in our lives.

      1. Hello, Tinyiko

        That’s the way go god is a miracle worker, the one who brings the dead to life. I know through faith through god power of ressurection. God will bring back our love ones and make them whole again.

    1. Hello, Tinyiko

      Yes I’m still praying for the love of my life body to be restored, and have life back on this earth. I still pray the resurrection prayer for 10- 20 minutes. Sometimes I pray to god outside look at the sky, to have a deeper connection.

      You could pray anywhere, My faith is strong he will bring my love Jonathan Nahrstedt back to me. He visit me in my dreams, and make communication through electricity flickering lights. It also helped me understand god can do anything, I encourage other people don’t give up.

      The enemy always busy but god gives us life. We had some many plans together, we had a coffee date schedule this year. I tell god everyday I’m looking forward for his return back In my life and back on this earth. My advice is don’t give up no matter how hard it may be tell god about it.

      God raises all the dead the resurrection is our hope to have our loved ones back with us.

      1. Hello Jalaya

        I’m also not giving up, I’m praying to God everyday to give me strength.I really want my husband back to life.

        1. Keep your faith strong, god will bring back your husband, and god will bring back my boyfriend. That’s why I keep praying for the resurrection, God has shown us he has the power to raise the dead because he is god.

          Do you have any photos of your husband?. The reason I asked my boyfriend family kept his social media profile open. I have his photos in my phone, I watch viedos of him on his social media. Of him enjoying life and being happy. Never give up on someone you love. My best friend told me that? He said if you really care about him like he loved you. Keep praying untill it he back here.

  8. I don’t know how many days I have been trapped inside this dream but I don’t like it. I’m sorry for not following god how I should have but I believe he knows I believe. I beg so much for a chance to have my baby back. I live in hope every second that when I wake up all of my children are with me and this has all been a dream. I will remember every second and I will not tell. I will show my children the right way, I just need the chance to be there for them all. I am nothing without what I have been given the foundations have been broken and I cannot fix the building without them in place. I pray that you can bring him home to me and that my granddaughter can have her daddy. I hope what I’m feeling is a dream and not my reality, that it’s a wake up call and not another test. This is a change I cannot accept and I will do anything I’m needed to do to bring my baby home.

    1. Hello, Leonie

      Keep praying an trusting god, he will bring him back. I can relate to you my love was shot 4 time in May 4, his mom cremated him. He was only 24, has a beautiful baby girl birthday he missed in June. I pray god everyday untill god answers me.

      I want the same just to have my love my future husband back. Never give up god can do anything.

      Plus my love Birthday next month I tell god everyday I pray for his return so me and his baby girl can have him back. I agree your baby needs her dad back. God is the god who can raise all of the dead you can do it, I can do it. Have faith god doesn’t need a special person to raise the dead.

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