The Nothing of Not Receiving

In the Gospels, the people who had faith received. The ones who did not have faith did not receive.  When you receive, something occurs. It is an event, a happening, a moment of personal joy.

When you do not receive, there is nothing. Nothing happens, no fanfare, no explanation, just nothing.  Life as you know it, with no change. You don’t even know the exact moment you did not receive.

You don’t even know the exact moment you did not receive.


  1. the devil has really been eating away at me …and I know it. I’ve been sitting here allowing this when I know who to call on…my faith rite now is so week ….I’ve been having medical conditions some not so bad but the thought of things the Dr say scares me I cry and go to a deep depression…and tell my self there’s no hope for you like I said the devil had me….I’ve been a believer of god since I can remember whats wrong with me ??? I know God can see me through my storms I know because he wakes me up …and I’d think he brought me this far for nothing …I’m just thanking him I need him so bad ….

  2. This is an amazing site, I found it looking for something else and I can’t stay off of it, I’ve told my friends and they are checking it out as well, Thank God for this site. I absolutely Looooovvvvveeee it….Thank You and I will definitely be planting seeds into this ministry.

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