Why Loved Ones Die After Standing In Faith

Grief-300-webby Joshua and Heather Boyd, Faith Courage Ministries, LLC

When we face a circumstance like this, where you stand on the Word, say the healing Scriptures over someone, but they die, we easily start to question: What happened?

Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ (The WORD) is the same yesterday, today and for ever. Isaiah 55:11 says “So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

So God is the same, His Word never changes. How can these things happen then if I was standing on the Word? That answer comes from another Scripture. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus touched the eyes of the blind men and said: “According to your faith be it unto you.” Now before you get offended and say “but I did have faith” let me explain the word I am emphasizing: ‘your’. When we stand in faith for a loved one we have limited authority over their life in the spirit realm. The key person whose faith really counts is the one who is sick. And believe me, I am talking as the “loved one” of my wife whose faith I had to boost by constant encouragement and prayer that her spiritual eyes be opened. Because I knew that I could pray until I turned blue but it was her faith that counted for her healing.

The only exceptions to that in the Bible are for parents of young children. You can see multiple times in Jesus’ ministry that a parent brought their child to Jesus or came to Jesus and asked for healing for the child, and the child was healed. But for all adults, the adult had to have the faith.

Now look at the man sick of the palsy in Mark 2. He was an adult because Jesus spoke directly to him. But his friends carried him and lowered him through the roof to Jesus. That is our part: take our loved ones to the Word!

One more thing. When a person is fighting a life-threatening disease, they are already weak and down. Unless they already had a really strong spirit before the sickness, getting someone to fight in that state is difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. The body is telling them that it is over and that it is easier to quit. And in fact, it is easier.

I have never done boxing with anyone (fighting). If I suddenly found myself in a boxing ring with a champion fighter, it is really not the best time to learn to fight. It is the same with faith. The Bible tells us to LIVE by faith. We should be exercising our faith for small, medium and large things all the time. “Lord, I’m asking for the $50 I need for this bill.” or “Lord, thank you for my healing for this headache.”

I have seen God move in my life with healing many times but my wife grew up in a church that told you that this sickness might be from God to teach you something. That doctrine will kill you, literally. So I knew I had to get the Word in her from the beginning of her diagnosis. What you see on www.HealedofCancer.com (the original article) is her revelation of how much God wants to heal her — a revelation that is still increasing daily.

God, through the broken body of Jesus on the cross, has already done the work for our healing. He carried our sicknesses on His body so we don’t have to carry them. But just like salvation, which Jesus completed the work for with His blood poured out on the cross, we have to receive it. I can’t receive salvation for anyone else but me. But I can lead someone else to the altar.

We love you, and so does God. You didn’t fail. God didn’t fail. And you will see your loved one again, in heaven for eternity.  Be blessed,  Joshua and Heather Boyd

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  1. I am 56 year old woman whom God bless me with 3 sons and a daughter. Sons youngest to the oldest 35, 39 and 40 and my daughter is 36. I lost my first child he was 39 years old my 2nd born on July -22-2023. I am a delivered, spritual filled, praying warrior … I was speechless when did first happened for a while and I am still that way sone what till this day. I use to not have a voice a long time ago but God started speaking to me when my oldest son was about 6 years old and that’s when my life started to shift, and now today what I realize is that God was getting me prepared for such a time as this. My son’s life was taken from him, he was murdered and the person (woman) left him to die, and this killing wasn’t even for him, it was really directed towards my 35 year old son and my 2nd born was just there to aid him in a situation that was at hand. What I realize is that we can’t fight other people’s battles they belong to the Lord, and sometimes we try to play God instead of moving out of the way and let him do what he can only do. God gives us warnings, and signs and to be honest I seen them and I heard them from the mouth of my 39 year old sons mouth way before his death… Sometimes I still question it a bit and I don’t think it was his plan but his will because He knew that a man would fail… I prayed for this son, I felt everything about him, I tried to save him through his, thoughts , faults , words etc, and there were times when I over step my boundaries as a mom and I repented but I also advised my adult children to do the same. We can lead a horse to the water but it’s up to them to drink it. I felt that shift before my 39 year old son died, and just from that I knew it was in God’s will, not because of my lack of faith are this even being in His plan but because of our words and thoughts, I didn’t know the heart of my precious Gem but God did, and God gives us warnings before destruction and I now wonder how many did he give my son and was he listening to the little still voice? I believe he was, because in the end he started eating better and he was a lot more humbled, his ways shifted, he became more loving, this is why I know that it was His will. During his passing there was no weeping nor wailing, he had lots of people that appreciated his presence. He lived the life of 2 marriages and had a girl friend that he took care of wholeheartedly and he left a lineage of 3 sons one 18 and in his way to college a 16 and a 10 year old. I am complete in knowing that my son done a great work while he was here and now he is doing extraordinary works in the Kingdom of the most high… I will be eternally broken but I know that God always have a greater way of loving us…

    1. Thank you for sharing Ms. Verlinda, your words and strong faith through what you have experienced give me great hope in the most high Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you to everyone who has left comments with examples of faith-filled people who passed. It helps me process the death of my precious brother who was only 42. 💔

    We were all praying and believing he would live. My parents were praying Psalm 91 over him in the hospital, and sometimes I question, “Why did our faith not heal him? How could this have happened when my parents and I have SO much faith?! Did we do something wrong? Why didn’t I realize sooner how sick my brother was? I would have done nearly anything to keep him safe. Why wasn’t I able to save him?” These are of course all normal questions that nearly everyone asks who loses someone they love.

    I truly believe God knows the number of our days, and while our prayers can thwart a bad outcome that is “too early,” when it’s their time, it’s their time. For whatever reason, it was my brother’s time. He packed 2 lives into his short half-life, and he gave SO much love to others while here.

    But I want to say that God has been SO good through this, and I asked for signs of confirmation that my brother was with him, and over the next 6 months, God gave the most beautiful, amazing signs to confirm my brother was with Him. My sadness was replaced with JOY for knowing where my brother is and because I felt God Himself was confirming this for me! 🙌 Wow!! The Bible says those who mourn shall be comforted, and it’s so true. God does not leave or forsake us. He knew I would need these comforting signs, and He answered my prayers and gave them. 💗

    It was only at the one-year anniversary of his passing that I started the questioning again, but coming here has helped so much, and it reminds me I need to fully trust God in knowing it really was my brother’s time. I’m reminding myself of all the signs God gave me, and I’m rejoicing for my brother! He’s home! It may sound silly, but I feel like my brother may have been needed in Heaven, and I’ve gotten confirmation on that too, but that’s another story!

    On another note, God supernaturally saved me from a car wreck just months after I had a vision that I’d be killed in one. I prayed against that and kept praying daily and asked God to spare my life for the sake of my loved ones. I prayed until I had a peace that I’d be okay. In this case, I still had work to do here, so God answered my prayer and spared my life in a way that the laws of physics cannot explain. The evil one tried to take my life, but it wasn’t my time, so God warned me and answered my faith-filled prayers.

    Yes, our faith-filled prayers CAN do miracles–but ONLY according to God’s will! His will is Sovereign, and we have to accept that and take comfort in that too.

    No matter what y’all, just keep trusting God 100%. I know that I know He’s there!! 🙌 He loves us so much! And HE knows best!!

    Much love & hugs to everyone here who is grieving. 💗

  3. I do not agree when you say a person didn’t have enough faith. My sister was a solid Christian standing on the word of God!! She never ceased praying and had all the faith that God would heal her. But she passed away & I am heartbroken 😭

    1. Yeah I don’t agree with this at all, I strongly believe in Jesus word but this article is so apathetic when it says a person died because they didn’t have faith…that’s cold.

  4. My husband died of cancer 2 months ago. He was a preacher and had a healing ministry. He believed and preached that its God’s will to heal. “By His stripes we ARE healed” We stood on the Word. I spoke life over him and read healing scriptures over him everyday. The elders of the church anointed him with oil and laid hands on him and prayed for him. We worshipped through his illness. We claimed healing and were both surrendered to the Lord in every area of our lives and marriage. We did everythingvthe Word says for us to do and yet he died. I’m struggling as to why the Lord would ask us in His Word to have faith and you shall receive what you ask for but he didn’t get healed. I know he’s healed now..he’s with the Lord but there was so much he had yet to do.

    1. I asked God everyday to heal my daughter since she had heart defects. I was so happy she was doing so well an just thriving as a child who didn’t have heart defects she was just so energetic, happy, sassy and I was just happy she was happy an I believed God would heal her until I really didn’t have any worries about it especially since she was thriving everyday. Come 3 weeks ago she just passed. We were fine the day before even the night of an come early morning an then later in the morning she just couldn’t breathe. I prayed Lord Please but she passed that day. She was suppose to eventually have her surgery soon but never made it to it. I just wonder if I pushed her surgery would she still be here or if its your time then it just your time no matter what. I just keep wondering the what ifs or if I worried more like some parents.

  5. What about those that live and breathe God’s Word. My friend preached healing, clothed the naked, fed the hungry. She kept things in her trunk to give to the homeless. She gave so much. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she still ministered and spoke life over herself. She walked out Faith. She just passed away at age 61. Perhaps it was just her time to go, but she believed in healing and stood on it . If we talked about cancer , she would say , “ I am healed.”
    She believed it! She prayed for others . She died! I don’t understand , but I still believe!

  6. To say that someone died because they didn’t have “enough faith” is just as legalistic as believing that God sends illness to teach you something. It takes the faith of a mustard seed. God says so. He makes up for our faith and He stands in the gap for us. Your post is toxic and harmful to Christians who are trying to “have enough faith” through their own will and works – which no one will ever be able to do. I think you should re examine your heart surrounding this issue because I think it is to many peoples detriment reading this looking for real hope and only finding more legalism and inconsistent formulas.

    1. Thank you so much, I just lost my dad in August, he was only 64, and me 29, I’m beyond broken and devastated, and what I just read in this article made me feel like I didn’t try and pray hard enough. Thank you for your comment, I needed to read that to ease the brokenness I felt in my heart. God bless you.

      1. Nicole, I am very sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. My Mom also died this August at age 94. So many of us feel we need to pray more or we didn’t pray like you said “hard enough” God hears and honors each of our prayers, and they do get answered. But not always in the timing that we expect. God is always at work behind the scenes and comes through at the midnight hour. It’s our job to pray, trust and obey, and God’s job to work in the hearts of our family.

    2. Exactly! This post should be taken down because it’s literally the first post that pops up when you look up “ why do people die even after they have faith to overcome an illness.”

  7. I lost a very dear friend last week. She was a life long Christian, stood in faith like I have never seen, declared the word over herself and believed to the end she would be healed. We as a church constantly went to see her and pray over her, anointed her with oil, fully believing the next time we heard from her there would be good news.

    When you pray in faith and when the person who is sick prays in faith, lives faith and stands on faith why would she still die? I am so heart broken.

    1. I have the same questions, my precious sister Antoinette died at 43, she believes to the end she would live, she kept saying amen just a matter of time please keep praying, I know this will go away, but instead she passed away, we are shattered I’m heart broken.

  8. I have seen people healed who said they 100% do NOT believe God would heal them.
    I have seen people healed when I did not believe God would heal them.
    There is no one formula to follow.
    This is more about Jesus and less about us.

    1. Thank you Joshua, this article is right on. I grew up in a church like your wife’s, as did my parents and in-laws. Now my dad & father-in-law are in heaven because they just waited on God to heal them.

      I am forever greatful that God delivered me from that cold, harsh, legalistic past. Now we’re in a good church where miracles happen and our sons are raising their families in powerful Holy Spirit filled churches where miracles are happening regularly.

      Thank you,
      Dennis Botz

      1. hi Dennis,pls help me with the name of that church,I seriously need help

        1. I recently had a young friend (40) die of COVID. He was a devoted Christian with a very strong faith. He is not the only one. I had a friend a few years past who died suddenly of a heart attack at 63 who was one of the most faithful man I ever knew as well as extremely healthy and active and another who died of pneumonia who was also very faithful so excuse me for saying so but your article makes no sense whatsoever.

    2. Well said.
      Unfortunately I lost someone dear to me, person believed they would get healed, despite me calling every day to pray for the person, even seeing a good result.
      Unfortunately person still died.

      Healing is there for people whose time are not up! Same for raising the dead, when someone’s time is not yet, then you can raise the dead.

      But when your time in earth is up, northing we can do.

      1. Per 2 Kings 20:1-7, Hezekiah’s time was “up.” So GOD sent Prophet Isaiah to him to tell him that your time is “up”—that is, GOD says that you, Hezekiah, are going to die. BUT Hezekiah prayed to God about this, and GOD adds 15 years to his life, thus healing him. Therefore per this Biblical example with Romans 15:4, I conclude that GOD can and, undoubtedly, God does heal people who are dying, as He does Hezekiah. Consequently, we must cling to this Biblical example and know that God can (and does) do what we cannot do! Praise God!

  9. This is soooo timely! I just lost my grandmother two days ago, and though I had the faith to believe in her healing, maybe according to her faith she didn’t have enough. I don’t know, but I do know that she is with Jesus, and I am at peace with that. Thank you for the encouraging read.

    1. Author

      Dee – I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you. He is currently blessing your grandmother in more ways than you can know. Read/download this wonderful free book – Intra Muros by Rebecca Ruter Springer.

      It is a wonderful book, written sometime after the Civil War. This book has stood the test of time and has a wide mainstream following. Many churches give this book to grieving family members, and Billy Graham wrote an introduction to one of the editions.

  10. We have authority over all sickness and disease. Even for someone else. Why? Because Jesus lives in fullness in us. Look up Curry Blake on YouTube. He will teach you everything you need to know. I have ministered healing to hundreds of people. Healing goes into them from your hands and words. Whether they keep it is up to them and if they start to renew their minds. Go to awmi.net and watch all the healing testimonies. They will set you free.

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