Abihud – Who Was He? Just a Normal Person Like You and Me

352px-Michelangelo,_lunetta,_Zerubbabel_-_Abiud_-_Eliakim_01by Rex Rouis

Zerubbabel was the father of Abihud, Abihud the father of Eliakim, and Eliakim, the father of Azor. Matthew 1:13

Have you ever heard of a person named Abihud? No. Don’t worry, not many people have. He is mentioned only once in the New Testament, in the genealogy of Christ, as the son of Zerubbabel and the father of Eliakim. There are a lot of people like Abihud in the Bible, normal folk like you and me.

Abihud probably lived a normal life doing normal things, nothing spectacular. But it was spectacular because he served a spectacular God. How could he foresee, while living that normal ordinary life, that someday his name would be included in the legal genealogy of Christ? Someday, just like Abihud, you and I will have our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, another book that will last forever.

Each one of us is unique and valuable, just like everybody else. In this current world, being unique and valuable means that in some way we are more important or more talented than another person. In God’s new Kingdom, His divine love makes everyone equally important. In God’s Kingdom, everyone is spectacular, unique, and valuable. This is the new normal.

Relax, do your work, live your life, and receive a glorious eternity as a common citizen of the Kingdom of God. There can be nothing better. Anything more than this is pride and vanity. There is only one real superstar in this new Kingdom – Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory. And with that, we are more than satisfied. See also – The Glory of Plodding by Kevin DeYoung


  1. for the past 24 hrs i have been communing with God downloading different articles from this blog. Indeed this is a great innovation. God bless u for bringing up this for the edification, exhortation and growth of the saints. MORE GRACE

  2. I really enjoy this website, the crazy amount of resources that are here has been a great help for me in my walk with God thank you so much for this blog and all that you guys are doing through this site

  3. I stumbled on hopefaithprayer and I am hooked. I thank every one of the hosts for this.

  4. By the way, I think you have one of the best Christian blogs out there. Thanks for the good work. Just wanted to balance my last post.

    1. Author

      Scott – No worries, but thank you very much for the gracious comment. It really blessed me.

  5. I read the glory of plodding. The problem with this is there is no reason to get up at 1 AM and pray. People need to be doing things that if God doesn’t come through they will fail. Just plodding, just punching a clock, just marking off your Bible reading list, will cause a person to dry up and cease believing God. A life of faith doesn’t run on cruse control.

    1. Author

      Scott – I agree with your concerns on Plodding. I was not suggesting that we all just ‘hangout till Jesus comes’ but I can see how that can be interpreted from their article. We do need to be ‘all in’ with God and take the risks associated with walking in obedience and faith. What I liked about the article was the point that Christians shouldn’t judge themselves against so-called superstar Christians. Sometimes strong faith is faithfully working the night shift for 30 years to take care of your family. I respect that person and I honor that person. Each one of us is special without having to be better than the other. But, again, I do believe in crazy, supernatural, all-in, nobody there but you and God faith – Bible faith. God bless See – Crazy God Faith

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