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  2. I Watchman nee are I have read this 2 days in a row. These words of are unforgettable. I guess that part of what he is saying is that we need more revelation that information, since knowledge puffs up and love builds up.

  3. Does this mean we should remove all questions from our minds concerning what we don’t understand and just read the Bible, how can we be objective without being curious?

  4. While preparing a teaching on how to study the bible, I came across the excerpt below from Watchman Nee.He basically says one of the poor practices of Bible study is being curious.I thought its the other way round.Please read the excerpt and let me know what you think.

    Not Being Curious
    In trying to be accurate, we must not become curious. God’s Word is accurate, but we must never search it with a curious mind. If we search God’s Word with a curious mind, we will miss the spiritual worth of the book. The Bible is a spiritual book, and we must exercise our spirit before we can understand this book.
    If the purpose of achieving accuracy is the satisfaction of our curiosity, not the satisfaction of our spiritual needs, we are on the wrong track. It is unfortunate that many people read the Bible with the goal of digging out strange things.
    But if our premise is not a pursuit of spiritual things, we will be on the wrong track. Some people like to take the pathway of curiosity. Their study of prophecies is driven by curiosity. They study prophecies not for the sake of waiting for the Lord’s return, but because they want to know about the future. There is a big difference between being spiritual and not being spiritual. If we are a curious person, all spiritual and valuable things will become non-spiritual and dead when they fall into our hands.
    “One iota or one serif shall by no means pass away from the law” (Matt. 5:18). But He also said that there are “weightier matters of the law” (23:23). But there are also weightier things in the law. Curious ones constantly pick up lighter things and study them. If they keep taking the lighter things, they will end up being lighter persons. As the Lord Jesus said, they are straining out the gnat and swallowing the camel (v. 24). They strain out the tiniest things and swallow the biggest things. This kind of reading is altogether wrong. This error comes from one’s disposition for curiosity.
    The above-mentioned traits—subjectivity, carelessness, and curiosity—are common flaws among men. We must try to overcome these flaws before the Lord. We must be objective, accurate, and no inquisitive. An objective, accurate, and non-inquisitive character will not come to us in one or two days; we must discipline ourselves to develop such a habit. As soon as we pick up the Bible, we should read it objectively, accurately, and non-inquisitively.

    1. Hello Babs, I’m not in Watchman Nee’s head but this sentence, “It is unfortunate that many people read the Bible with the goal of digging out strange things”, immediately jumped out at me. I feel like he was referring to curiosity as digging out strange things as compared to reading the Bible to be renewed by God.
      I hope this helps. God bless you.

  5. Romans 10: 17
    So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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