Which Is Better – Jesus Next To Us Or the Holy Spirit Within Us?

DaughterofJairus&Jesus-325-webby Rex Rouis

If we were honest, I think that we would all say, “Jesus standing next to us.” Except, that is not what Jesus said:

However, I am telling you the truth: It’s good for you that I’m going away. If I don’t go away, the Helper won’t come to you. But if I go, I will send Him to you. John 16:7 (swipe or hover to see verse)

How this must have shocked them – Jesus is going away and He will send someone back to help us?! What is He talking about? Who is this Helper? It is difficult for us today to fully relate to their situation because as Christians we all now have this Helper – the Holy Spirit.

Imagine walking side by side with the Son of God for three years, seeing all that He did and hearing all that He said. Imagine being there when He raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead (Mark 5:22-43). Wouldn’t you want to be around a Man like that forever? Sure, but wouldn’t it be better to have that Man inside of you, forever? Of course, and that was His point. Once Jesus paid for our sins on the Cross, and then ascended to the Father, He could send to each of us the Person of the Holy Spirit. It is one thing to have Jesus in the boat during a storm but quite another to have Jesus inside of you during one of life’s storms.

When Jesus walked on this earth, He was limited to His physical body. He could not be with every one all the time, but through the ministry of the Holy Spirit He can. Instead of just one Christ, there were 120 “little Christs” (that is literally what the word “Christian” means) that came out of the Upper Room on the Day of Pentecost. Today there are untold millions of these “little Christs” running around the world. You are one of them, if you believe it.

Jesus taught His disciples as no teacher ever had, but they had very little understanding because they had not yet been born again (I Corinthians 2:14). He tried over and over to show them what they were capable of doing through Him, but they could never fully grasp it. However, after the Holy Spirit came, He could then lead them individually into all truth (John 14:26), and even show them things to come (John 16:13).

The list of advantages of having the Holy Spirit within us, as compared to having Jesus with us, goes on and on. The advantages can be summed up in the fact that Jesus’ power is now complete and open to all believers (Matthew 28:18  and John 14:12) and is no longer confined to one physical body. Now, it is up to us to find out what it really means to be ‘in Him.’ To find out how each of us can allow Jesus to walk, talk, and work through us – through the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit. And Jesus did not mean for this indwelling of the Holy Spirit to last for only a few years. That would not be helpful to all of us. No, the Holy Spirit’s work is still fully available for each and all of us today.

Study the Bible, receive Jesus, receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and learn to walk in Him. Having the Holy Spirit inside of you is better than having Jesus walking beside you. What an honor! What an opportunity! What an adventure!


  1. It is true indeed to have the holy spirit within us than to have Jesus next to us. For when we have the Holy Spirit within us He will:
    1. Convict us of our sins- when Jesus was on earth the bible does not record of the disciples being convicted of their sins, rather it was when the Holy Spirit came.
    2. Lead us into all truth.
    3. Bring us closer to GOD.
    4. Comfort us and be our advocate, helper, mediator, and intescessor.

  2. Am so blessed and enlightened ..whenever I visit this site to study the articles thanks and God bless..

  3. Hallelujah!
    This is powerful to have Christ in me the hope of glory.
    Thank for sharing this powerful script.

  4. Thank you so much for this refreshing exaltation . This is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, that represent Christ in everyone who believe in Him.
    Based on this Jesus said to His deciples , that the works that He has done we shall do and greater works we shall do because He goes to His father ( Jn. 14: 12).Promising to send a comforter in His place, the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for the insight. We be well prepared to receive the Holy Spirit to the measure we can be able to do exploit. The more we make ourselves available by cleaning ourselves the more of the Spirit of God fills us up.

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