“All Things Are Possible” – Really, What Things?

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A father was questioning Jesus’ ability to cast a demon out of his child when Jesus responded with the following statement:

And Jesus said to him, “If you can?! All things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23

What is meant by the words, ‘All things are possible’? What exactly are included in the ‘all things’?

God’s ‘All things’ – God Has No Limitations

And looking at {them} Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

And He was saying, “Abba! Father! All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what You will.” Mark 14:36

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Man’s ‘All things’ – Are Determined By What We Can Believe

Each time ‘all things’ is mentioned concerning man, a qualifier of belief is added.

And, all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. Matthew 21:22

“…. All things are possible to him who believes. Mark 9:23

The ‘all things’ is limited to only those items that can be believed. Jesus is saying, “If you can believe it, then it is possible.” The limitation is on our believing. Over-and-over again, the Gospels communicate a simple concept – ‘There are no limitations with God, and the limitations that man received in the Great Fall are neutralized by his faith in God.’ In effect, faith in the ‘God of no limitations’ takes away the limitations of man. This is not elevating man, it is elevating the blessing of God upon man. The source of the power is not man but rather faith in God – “If you can believe it, it will happen.” God is saying, “I have no limitations, if you can believe in me, I can do it.” That is what is meant by walking in God’s authority. Authority is the authorized use of someone else’s power. In this case, it is us walking in God’s power (Ephesians 1:19, 20).

What ‘Things’ Can We Believe?

This begs the question – For what can we believe? Can we believe for ‘all things?’ No, for if we could, then we would be like God. We would be able to have ‘all things.’ Jesus did not say, “It is possible to believe for all things,” but rather, He said, “All things that are believed are possible.” There is a huge difference between the two wordings. The inclusiveness is determined not by a definition of ‘all things,’ but rather on the extent of our possible faith. This makes sense if you understand that faith in God is based solely on items granted to us by His word. The ‘all things’ are determined by the ‘things’ promised in His word.

We Can Believe Only What the Word Says We Can Believe

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, I Corinthians 2:12

So, for man, ‘all things’ equals – God’s promises that are believed. The difficulty then is not with God, but it is with us, our getting to a place of faith. Faith is the God sanctioned ability for man to trust what God can and will do. It is trusting His faithfulness and His character.

..and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. Romans 4:21

Search the Word and find out for yourself what is available for you to trust in and believe for. His promises are His will. Find them out, meet their conditions, hear His voice, and glorify His name.

Let me say this again – Search the scriptures, meet their conditions, hear His voice, act in faith, and glorify His name. All things written therein are possible for him who believes.

The ‘all things’ = God’s promises that are believed.


  1. for whoever read this it’s very important that we all come to a place of trusting the word of God . read it daily take God at His word.. always remember ” His will nothing more , nothing less, nothing else.BL

    1. @Robert Lewis
      Dear Father,

      I know and I have infinite FAITH and belief in almighty Jesus name.
      Nothing is impossible for God, Jesus is only God .He can do everything which I ask to him in prayers.
      That’s why I am waiting eagerly every moment for my sister Arachna and my friends hubby Jason.
      I lost to my loving sister Arachna last 28 August 20 unfortunately suddenly
      Please father join me in prayers for resurrection to my sister.

      I hv read lots of testomines who came back after buried and 1 or 2 years later them dead.

      He ressurested them and answers gave them who prayed for them resurrection.
      So I believe He will definitely surely soon give me answer of my pyayers mireculiously.

      Pls join me in your prayers and please do ressurestion pray for her till then she ressurested and return back to home alive immediately.

      I hope he will soon ressurested all our loved ones who are on the wall .

      I pray for every one pls pray for my sister Arachna’s resurrection. Amen

      In Jesus Almighty name 🙏

  2. I don’t know how I really came across this but I’ve enjoyed several of your posts. Especially people not understanding your faith. It helped me. I am struggling with severe depression and anxiety, and then condemnation for it because anxiety is a sin.

    1. The Lord Bless you and keep you! The Lord make His face to shine upon you. The Lord lift up His countenance and give you peace…

      Isaiah 61:3 Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

      Be anxious for nothing but in all things by prayer and supplication let you requests be made known unto God and the God of peace will keep your heart and mind as you trust in Christ Jesus..

  3. With God all things are possible
    I know
    That why am praying for him to bring my dead aunty back to me
    I have that believe he can do it
    Pls everyone help me pray
    She mean alot to me she can’t die like that pls everyone help ur sister

    1. @Miracle Richard. Joining you in prayer regarding your aunt. I too am praying for my spouse to come back in Jesus name. All things are possible with God. Ephesians 3:20

    2. I have that believe too. I believe God can bring back my fiancé. He passed away in October. And I keep having this feeling. I have faith that nothing is impossible for God

    1. Y’all Got to be being sarcastic , according to the promises of God according to His Word and that’s not a part of it, let’s just hope and pray that your aunt was saved God is not a joke

  4. God bless you for your word,they are my strength and its boots my faith,pls remember me in your prayers I need grace to be hot and burning for God,and also for me to be successful in my business.God bless you

  5. My son has been looking for a job desperately. He attended Regent University and has the equivalent of a doctorate and is in his 40’s. The company he was working for had people in it using drugs, selling prescription pills, etc. He became interested in a young lady who had worked for the company several years longer than he has. Later he found out she was a user at work as well as out and told her he was going to report it. He was up for a promotion. She told him she was not going to recommend him for the promotion and he would never get the job and wished him luck on getting another job. He had been contacted by three of the executives relative to the position and they seemed very excited that he was interested in it. He and the young lady have not spoken since then and, apparently whatever was said or done…..all of a sudden they were no longer interested in him for the position and let him go. Gave him a whopping 5 min. notice, literally. Will you please help us pray that he finds a job. He went on a 10 day fast and attends church and prayer meetings regularly. But nothing has happened. We have been praying that God would open the door to a good job that no man can close. On top of that I have leukemia and I’m believing for God’s healing. Please pray with us. It has been so difficult to have faith when so much is happening but we are continuing to pray and ask God for guidance and wisdom. Please help us pray. Both of us read sections of your articles every day for encouragement. Thank you so much for all of the words of wisdom and testimonies. We are praying for you. Blessings upon you all.


      1. Believe God K.C. I’m standing on Romans 8:28., for the last 10 months. I was in a car accident in March I lost my dad in June, I had to put my mom in a nursing home in Aug. I lost my uncle my dads brother in Sept. Now my sister has been diagnosed with brain cancer in Oct all in 2020. Money is funny my change is strange light bill due and cable too. However, my God shall supple all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. He never sees the righteous forsaken or His seed beg for bread. He has more then enough jobs, money, food and resources for His children. I just believe God. I SAID GOD I SURRENDER & CAST ALL MY BURDENS ON YOU CAUSE YOU CARE FOR ME. AND I FELT THE RELEASE. I TAKE DEEP BREATHS WHEN I START FEELING OVERWHELMED WITH ANY SORT OF FEAR. I say believe God over and over. Heaven and earth is going to pass away but Gods word will remain faithful. Remember Hes a promise keeper. He’s always with/near you.

    2. In the name of Jesus Christ, I decree complete freedom for you and your family now.

    1. Your son will get a job, the door that closed, will open a better door with better surroundings, God is good. Thank You Heavenly for a good job for her son and the healing of her leukemia. In the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen!!

    2. I am praying now for my Dad to wake up after passed away for 18 days.
      I am trully in the Holly week before Easter 04/04/2021, my Dad will wake up.and healthy going home.
      In God We Trust…
      Please pray for Andrew whom is the good person, good teacher, is harming by the devils.
      In God We Trust…

  6. In my teens I spent time learning the sport of boxing. It was a dream that fell by the wayside. I continued to follow it for many years. One day i was led to my church and eventually realized tnat God did not design us to hurt each otner and that boxing was a sport created by corrupt and misguided men.

    A fighter named Evander Holyfield stepped into the ring to face Iron Mike Tyson. On the back of Evander’s robe it read, Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Now I’m not questioning his faith but I would highly question whether all things would include making the choice to get into a boxing ring to compete in this brutal sport. I doubt this choice would be supported by God.

  7. Romans 10 : 17 So then faith cometh by hearing by the word of God. Thank you.

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