Crazy God-Faith

david-and-goliath-titian-300-webby Rex Rouis

Running to a Goliath is not an academic exercise. Don’t try it at home on your own. Either you’re in crazy God-Faith or you’re not, and you better know which.

Aggressive God-Faith is not for academics. They are too passive and indifferent for that. For them the things of God are an intellectual exercise – just something else to put down on paper. Paul says that the ‘merely intellectual person’ cannot know the things of the Spirit of God, for they are spiritually discerned. God is a spirit, and He put His Spirit into us so that we would have the power to overcome the world. This faith, works by love, which is passionate, fiery, and at times, a little crazy.

I love Bible doctrine, but most theology is all talk and no action. Faith is relational and active. Faith takes a stand and does something. Okay, so you can quote a bunch of obscure Old Testament verses, and you can throw out some pithy Bible statements. Great, but can you cast out demons? Can you heal the sick? Will you go to the dangerous hard places? Does your heart burn to turn the world right side up? Does any of that even make sense to you?

If not, please stick to safe academic Bible issues, and do not attempt mountain moving, world-changing, salvation spreading, do or die crazy God-Faith. This kind doesn’t trust and try. It trusts and does. The God kind of faith doesn’t just try the things of God; it walks out in the open with nothing but the things of God. Those who trusted their God staked everything on Him. They were all in!

Faith begins where the will of God is known. You have to know before you can go, and you have to know before you can do. If you don’t, you won’t go anywhere and you won’t do anything. You have to know Him, and you have to know exactly what He is saying. Crazy God-Faith is built upon crazy God-Hearing.

And besides, “There’s no crying in baseball.”


  1. I just discovered this site today. Having gone through some of the messages, it has been a blessings to me. Thanks. God bless you

  2. I Just discovered this sight today. Having gone some of the messages, it has been a blessing to me. More grace, God bless you

  3. This site has really awakened me with the exposure of another ream of exercising faith. This article is not for ‘baby christian’. I pray that God ‘ll use the situation am passing through now to graduate me into a crazy God faith . Remain blessed.

  4. Thank you gentlemen for this site. This article is very impacting and has stirred me. God bless you and keep the word flowing!

  5. The woman with the issue of blood, didn’t know the will of Jesus, she only knew her will, if I touch his clothes I shall be Whole, she didn’t wish to see him, speak to him, nor hear anything from him, only to receive from him, yet it didn’t move him it stopped him, YOUR FAITH, IS THE SUPERNATURAL MATERIALIZATION (CREATION/SUBSTANCE) OF YOUR DESIRE, as you order it, If she had desired to look into his eyes even from a distance and she did it, same results, she would have been made whole ,because that’s the order she placed for her faith to produce , wow TAT, Jairus’s was come and lay your hand (Jesus CAME AND TOOK HER HAND, the centurion’s was speak the word only (Jesus said wow he knows faith as his SPIRITUAL SERVANT, will carryout his order,no need to be present,

    1. Author

      Endy – Hello back to you. A million thanks for coming and commenting. God bless you. This article is one of my favorites. Rex

  6. I love this site. It is the very thing I need to keep me on track very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing. May The Lord Bless you all. Mark D

  7. This website is a blessing to me. It has changed my life. Thank you Sir’s

    1. Author

      Thando – Thank you for your gracious comment. We are so glad it has helped. We love you. Keep reading about faith in God. Rex

  8. Author

    Pastor – A belated thank you for your comment. God bless

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