Interesting New Testament Word Occurrences


by Rex Rouis

The following is a non-scientific word count for a number of New Testament words found in the New American Standard Bible and the King James Bible (with minor differences). Some of the words with multiple suffixes are grouped together.

The list shows what God talks about the most. Not surprisingly, He is the central issue of the Bible, and after that, it is faith. Words about faith are some of the most used words in the New Testament.

bishops-bible-300-webEnglish Words


God – 1,153 Occurrences
Jesus – 949 Occurrences
Lord – 606 Occurrences
Faith / Believe – 501 Occurrences
Spirit / spirit – 385 Occurrences
Love – 230 Occurrences
(Our) Father – 229 Occurrences
Heaven – 213 Occurrences
Sin – 213 Occurrences
Word – 195 Occurrences
Grace – 114 Occurrences
Save / Saved/ Healed / Whole – 103 Occurrences
Holy Spirit – 93 Occurrences
Light – 72 Occurrences
Hope – 72 Occurrences
Mercy – 54 Occurrences
Salvation – 43 Occurrences
Doubt / Unbelief – 38 Occurrences
Obey / Obedience – 37 Occurrences
Savior – 24 Occurrences

I am not saying that faith is more important than the Spirit of God, love, or holiness, but the Bible itself is saying something. Faith must be central to God’s purpose and His methods. Let’s find out why.

Words associated with faith (501 total occurrences – 486 total verses) are: faith, faithful, faithfulness, faithless, believe(s), (un)believer(s), (un)believing, believed, doubt, doubted, and unbelief. Words associated with sin are: sin(s), sinning, and sinner(s). See New Testament verses on faith and believing for all references.

Of course, there are words with a higher use rate. The more general the use of the word the more occasions that are possible. I think the words listed above strike a good balance on the major themes represented in the New Testament. Two other words of interest are ‘if’ with 574 occurrences and ‘know’ with 503 occurrences (all forms of the word). The word ‘if’ is very interesting; Jesus used it all the time. Almost half of the occurrences in the New Testament are in the four Gospels. Concerning our relationship with God, Jesus always put the ‘if’ on man’s side and never on God’s side. More to come on this issue.

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      The actual word ‘salvation’ (Greek soteria) occurs 43 times in the King James New Testament (it varies depending on the translation). It comes from the base word for ‘Savior’ (Greek Soter), which occurs 24 times. That word comes from the word ‘to save’ (Greek Sozo or Souzou) which occurs another 103 times. It is translated variously as – save, saved, healed, and whole.

      Great question. They should have been on the list. I added them. God bless

  1. I am looking for the number of times the word Pharisee or its plural is present in the New testament. Blog Response: “Pharisee(s)” occurs 100 times in 95 verses in ‘The New Testament’ of the KJV

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