P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens


by Rex Rouis

The way to get real-life results in prayer is to seek God with an attitude that says, “No matter how long it takes, or whatever I have to do, I will not be denied.” This is not arrogance, it’s Godly hunger. It is not about pushing God, but about pushing yourself into God. This is not praying for the sake of praying. This is praying to see the hand of God move. This is desperate hungry praying. This is the type of prayer that gets answers.

Faith takes two things, the written scriptures and the spoken personal word of God. The scriptures show us the general will of God and communicate the conditions that must be met to see His hand move. His spoken personal word reveals His will to us, and let’s us know when we have met those conditions. The goal is to hear God confirm His promise and let Him place His witness into our heart. The promise then comes alive and becomes a reality to us. This reality is ‘the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not (yet) seen’ (Hebrews 11:1).

This seeking turns the general promises of God into personal realities. This is when we work the word and the word works in us. Seeking God merges the word of God and the will of God into our lives. We become one with the word. This is what Jesus was referring to when He said, “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, (you shall) ask whatever you will, and it will be done for you.” (John 15:7) This faith process turns desires into Bible hopes, and Bible hopes into real life realities. It is not easy, but it is never impossible. Anybody with enough hunger can make it happen.

The process takes time, and there are no shortcuts. God does not respond to part-time seekers. He is only found by those who seek Him with their whole heart. The Bible says that, ‘You must be diligent so as to realize the full assurance of hope, so that you will receive the promise’ (Hebrews 6:11). Growing faith is hard work, for the Bible goes on to say, ‘Don’t be sluggish but be imitators of those who through faith and patience have inherited the promises’ (Hebrews 6:12).

Pray till you receive an answer from God, for when you do, you will have the victory. You must persevere until you get to a place where you are ‘fully assured that what God has promised, He is able also to perform’ (Romans 4:21). When you hear Him you have the answer, for Paul says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the (spoken) word of God’ (Romans 10:17). The word translated ‘word’ here is the Greek word rhema and it speaks to a personal face-to-face type of communication. He is not talking about a mere reading of the word. This is deeper. This is God making the word on the page come alive in your heart. The word on the page must become the word in your heart before you can have enough faith to receive from God.

Then, and only then, can you speak faith’s victory out of your mouth. That is the only kind of speaking that makes a difference. This kind of speaking will move mountains. Seek Him till you get it. Jesus told us that in prayer we should always pray and not faint. Don’t give up. Seek Him till you hear His voice. Let Him deal with your heart, for as you do, He will speak your answer.

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  1. Hi i need help I’m a born again Christian just need to know how to grow myself close to God,I want to hear Him speaking to me.

  2. Thank you for praying with me; God fought the battle, the mistruths and deceptions were made revealed.
    I continue to pray for protection and guidance. That God wil keep me spiritually, and ethically open to his word and spiritual disciplines.
    I thank God for finding PUSH.
    No this is no duplicate comment.

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  3. Thank you for praying with me; God fought the battle, the mistruths and deceptions were made revealed.
    I continue to pray for protection and guidance. That God wil keep me spiritually, and ethically open to his word and spiritual disciplines.
    I thank God for finding PUSH.

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      Patrick – We agree with you in Jesus Name. We curse the poverty over your life. God to the main page of our website and start reading the articles that jump out at you. And read these pages:

      Faith for Prosperity – Kenneth E. Hagin
      Confession – Prosperity
      Scriptures On Prosperity & Finances

      It is the Holy Spirit speaking to you. Speak His word. Obey His voice to serve God and give to His work. Be led by the voice of the Holy Spirit; He will lead you into truth happiness and true prosperity. We love you. God loves you. Walk in Him, He will give you a good life. Rex

  4. please pray for me day and night the witchcraft and evil spirits attacking my thoughts im not able to read the bible or to hear Gods word or to pray I want to come out from this please pray me.

    1. I will Dorothy, I’m having the same issue for a few years now. I cant look at the cross …I’m very scared. Please pray for us. Thank you.

  5. I need prayers.I’ve been doing a project for eskom n I was never paid n now it’s 3 years without payment.they are arrogant.please pray with me that they pay me.it’s a lot of money.thank you.

  6. I need prayer for my friend tell me true. I feel like I,m way I really care for him . What hurts me most always making excuses when I wanted to see him. But like him saddest part my heart broken. I saw him four months.send then all here excuses sorry I feel my heart is gone prayer for me

  7. Experienced the same thing but you have to Pray Until Something Happen. And as you pray God’s grace is sufficient to help you to PUSH!!!!!! The bible says this kind comes out by fasting and prayer……… the fasting is more so for you (it’s like exercise). It works muscles (strength, patience, faith, peace, etc) that you didn’t knew existed. My husband is closer to God than he has ever been before. We do nothing of our own selves. God wants us to try, attempt, walk by faith and trust that He will do the rest. Right before you get the kids up, on your way to pick them up, before you go to bed…………just pray and watch God move. #PUSH PS. My husband beats me up praying every morning. I never said a word to him only to God!!!

  8. Hi my issue is praying persistently, I find it hard though I have a lot family issues right now. Please pray for my husband to have a close walk with Jesus and to be the husband and father that God wants for us. There are a lot of things that pulled him away from his walk of faith. I would like to be strong as I stand in the gap. I love him but we are not connected in many ways. Thank you for your advice on praying it’s very inspiring and hope building. God bless you as you continue to minister.

  9. I have learned and accepted the fact that you must forgive others, pray for GOD’S FAVOR AND GUIDANCE, and HE will lead your path. GOD has restored those things which were lost. GOD hears your prayers, stay in the Scriptures and you will be BLESSED!

  10. I have been wrongly accused on my job because I won’t do things that are wrong for some employees.
    Pray with me please. I looked up your site and am glad. I will pray for Gods intervention and strength.

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      Vivian – Absolutely not. The ‘Good News’ of the Gospel is the freedom from such things. Start at our front page and read the articles that may jump out at you. God will change your heart and show you the way out of your problems. God through the work of Jesus Christ is Way out of all kinds of poverty and maltreatment. We love you. Rex

  11. I don’ t want the riches of this world , I want to live for JESUS sincerely In Holiness until he be well pleased in me . My health and strength in him .I want the more of him .He has just what I need. My Hope is in him , my faith yet is in him , my prayer Is unto him… He answers my cry. He is my healer , my waymaker etc…even more.His coming is soon & I want to go back with him… Gotta get right.

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  12. Hello
    I have been unhappy with the way I Pray . Lots of time I don’t know What to pray.
    So I keep quit . Also I have Glaucoma four or five years ago it was said I was going blind.
    well I am in one eye. It has got to where I have a hard time reading my bible. just like now
    I’m have a hard time writing this email. I have begin to fill I am lousing my relationship with the lord.
    I don’t wont that. I have to find away to read the Bible and pray.
    please pray for me.

  13. As a born again, I have been praying for a job and my business that collapssed and I know God will grant them at His best time as His time is always best. Help me with prayers for my faith to grow in Him because sometimes challenges in life associated with fear pull us down. Help me pray so that the spirit of fear should move away from me as I wait for my miracles to come.

  14. I ask for Grace and Anointing for Demonstration of POWER in my ministry. Praise Assembly Int’l Church Inc. Here in Lagos, Nigeria.

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  15. It sounds like you have a spirit that has attached itself maybe through a trauma. I would try getting trauma help which could right it and then prayer for deliverance

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