You Are the Best Person To Pray For You

you-should-pray-for-you-300-webby Rex Rouis

Others can pray for you but you must also pray for yourself. Why? Because God wants you involved in the process. Christianity is a partnership, a partnership between God and Man (or Woman). God can do it all Himself but He has chosen to work ‘through’ others to bring about His ways.

On many past occasions and in many different ways, God spoke to our fathers through the prophets. But in these last days, He has spoken to us through His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, and through whom He made the universe. Hebrews 1:1, 2

God speaks through others and works through others, including His own Son. The Bible is filled with stories of how He has worked miracles through obedient individuals. God wants your miracle to happen in the same way. Yes, He can work through others, but the person He really wants to work through is you. And sometimes God will only work for you through you. But He will help you all along the way.

There is a reason God doesn’t do everything for us. If He did we wouldn’t do anything – no obedience and no faith. We would let Him do everything and that is not His way. He expects faith and not just anybody’s faith. He wants to see your faith. He wants each of us to grow in Him and He wants each of us to grow in faith. He answers the prayer that is filled with faith. Outside of His mercy, He only accepts faith.

Therefore, I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

Believing is our responsibility. Answering the believer is His responsibility. If we believe, He will answer. It is the way of the Bible. Our ‘work” the Bible says is to believe. If we do not know how then we need to be hungry enough to find out how. He expects us to have enough motivation to seek out how to believe. He will help us if we will just start. Not doing our part is actually disrespectful. We should be willing to do everything expected of us to help Him help us. It shows respect and appreciation. Go to Him and He will respond. He will come to you. He wants to help you.

No one can please God without faith. Whoever goes to God must believe that God exists and that He will reward those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6

Sometimes God will only work for you through you.
And having faith is more than merely saying that we are believing for something. Anybody can say anything but really having the faith to believe that we will actually receive what we ask for is quite another thing. Having faith, the God kind of faith requires knowing that the thing we desire is God’s will and that we have met the requirements associated with that will. For example, God will not give us great sums of money if we are not good stewards of what He has already given us. Faith comes when we hear Him confirm His will. Seek Him and He will speak to you.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the (spoken) word of Christ. Romans 10:17

We must do our best to get to this place of believing. We do this by planting the scriptures inside of us. That is exactly what this website is all about – providing the tools and knowledge for people to believe and pray for themselves. However, most people come to this site and only get a quick glimpse of what God has for them. They receive hope and they feel better, but hope is not enough. Hope will comfort us and it will motivate us to keep going but it is faith that moves the hand of God. Unfortunately, most don’t stay long enough to get the word of God in their hearts sufficient to get the answer. They will ask someone to pray for them and quickly move on. It is not a casual hearing of the word of God that will set us free. It is the word that we ‘know’ that will set us free. The individuals that stay in the word are the ones that get their answers.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you really are My disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth (that you know) will set you free. John 8:31, 32

This ‘knowing’ is more than a mere glimpse of God’s character and will. This kind of ‘knowing’ takes time. It is like people who take the time to get to know one another and they become trusted friends. Only once we get to know someone can we ask them for help and know that they will do it. Yes, He is our God but He also wants to be our closest friend. It is amazing but true. And Jesus knows what you are going through. He went through it all, except without sin. He truly knows.

Other people cannot seek God for us, and because of that other people cannot fully believe for us. God wants our involvement not because He needs it but because He wants it. He wants us involved in His desires, and He wants us involved in our desires. If we don’t desire that kind of relationship with Him then He won’t get involved. God’s love is unconditional but His involvement is conditional. You have to do the things only you can do. He does the rest.

But ye, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, Jude 1:20

Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! II Corinthians 13:5a

Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving; Colossians 4:2

But prove yourselves doers of the word and not merely hearers who delude themselves. James 1:22

The above are some of the things that only we can do for ourselves. Praying in faith for ourselves is the best way to receive something for ourselves. We can’t do everything for you but we can help. We can pray for you and we can show you the scriptures. This will grow your faith and show you how to pray. The rest is up to you. Start at our front page and read the articles that jump out at you. Let God speak to you and let faith arise in your heart. Faith, the Bible says, comes from hearing and hearing by the (spoken) word of Christ.

You do not have to know everything. God does not want people who think they are experts. Just come to Him in sincerity. Come as you are and start where you are. He will love you and deal with you personally out of His mercy. Call out to Him, not in fear or in begging, but in expectation, knowing that He really does care for you. He will help you and be with you every step of the way.

Now, get started on this journey of faith; do something. You will grow and you will be changed. And if you stay at it, you will get your answers. The Bible calls this process – salvation.

So, forget about your doubts and your failures and your feelings. God is real and He really loves you. Besides, who else cares for you like you should care for you? God also cares for you and this is the way He communicates His care and power.

Sometimes God will only work through you for you. He wants to do it with you.


  1. No truer words were ever spoken. I am happy to pray for others when asked, but they must also do their part.

    No one can express to God, in words and the feelings in your heart (through the Holy Spirit) your prayer requests better than you.

    I so enjoy this website. P.S. I am speaking the confessions you have written over my cancer.

    Thank you.

    1. Author


      Thank you. You are healed in Jesus Name. It is an evil enemy that will be defeated, with or without the help of doctors. It was God’s path for doctors to help me. It’s still a walk of faith. Love you. Rex

  2. Everything I read on your site was so informative. Praying for your self and building your relationship and faith in God. Thank you.

  3. This article is spot on. Oftentimes, believers are too dependent on other believers/prayer partners to “get a prayer through.” But the best intercessor for you is YOU! It’s called building a personal relationship with Him. Your prayer partner is only human with their own issues, problems, limitations, and is not always available. But the only One who can deliver us is always available and eager to help.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Of course, I totally agree. I believe in receiving ‘things’ from God. It is all over the New Testament. But the most important thing is growing in God. They both work together in the process of faith. Thanks again. We love you. Rex

  4. Gracious God. We love you. You are the center of our joy and the strength of our lives. We pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,idolatry, sexual immorality,sorcery,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred,wars, pestilences, famine,divination and violence. We pray that the spirit of darkness be lifted from America and the scales would be lifted from peoples eyes that they may see the truth and be set free. Your word says in I Corinthians 6:9-11Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. We pray for a return of your people to the fear of the lord and that the ancient foundations of American be not removed and that you would bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins. We ask that you give President Trump,his family and administration the mind of Jesus Christ and fill them with your holy spirit. Let no weapon formed against them prosper. Protect them from the coronavirus and surround him with Godly council and that all elected officials and world leaders will have wise counsel and have a heart for God. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. We pray that your will be done in the Presidential Election of the USA and any corruption be exposed. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the coronavirus. Lord in your loving kindness and tender mercies hear our prayers and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We give you glory for moving by your spirit and answering our prayers. In Jesus name Amen.

  5. Quintaurius Us Eric Beamer you are an overcomer, no weapons formed aginst you shall prosper. Everything thing you prayed in your prayer is answered. God loves you, you are wonderfully and beautifully made, I hope you believe and trust in him. God is good and answers prayers. If nobody has told you, I love you, God loves you so much, help is on the way. Keep your up. You’re a good boy.

    I pray the kids are not worried, I pray my childrem are not worried. God provides, he’s come to our rescue a thousand times.

  6. I have this friend he is a good person but he just keep on lying to me and he have this lust spirits that every time he see a woman he likes or look beautiful to him he have to have that woman is name is Leisa Ramiro he stay next door please lest come together and pray for him that this lust spirits can leave from him in Jesus blooding name. Amen

  7. My name is Quintaurius Eric Beamer I’m in high school need you to pray for me for protection, I need prayer for people can stop making fun of me and I need prayer for my adopted father Eric Beamer and me can have a good relationship with each other so we can get along with one another.

    1. I know how hard it is to be made fun of or be the subject of jokes or ridicule, or, almost worse, to be ignored. Try to just smile and walk away if you can because that is the way to make it stop, When you react it just goads the jerks on to do more. So many great and successful persons have gone through just what you are going through. Remember that God made you, you are a wonderful, unique, talented, bright person who can do whatever you want to do. Try picturing the jerks being the same ten years from now as they are today, still stupid and immature, while you are reaching your goals. As for your father, I have two adopted children and one has little use for me, I’ve come to realize that’s just the way she is. The other and I seem to work together to get along and support each other even though we often disagree; we are not mean to each other. That you and your dad love each other is the important thing, don’t let little things get in the way. You can disagree but bottom line is respect, honor and love each other. Blessings

    2. Author

      Quintaurius – I speak a blessing on you and all your relationships in Jesus Name. We love you. Rex

  8. My name is Troyon Tristian Stewart and I would like for you to pray for me to stop acting up in school,at home and on the bus a lot of people want s me to do wrong things so my grandmother can get mad with me or send me and my sister back to then we want me in school or having good things. I just wanted to do good in school and at home.

  9. My name is ZA’kiyah Stewart I would like for you to pray for me I have these evil spirits trying to take over my life and control my mind by telling me to do evil things at school and at home to people’s and to my family. I need God to help me to over come that evil person and become a righteous person and do good in school and at home

  10. Can I give birth again to my dead baby is it possible to re born him again?

    1. If you believe in reincarnation, it would be possible, otherwise no, but your love for him could live on in another baby, whether your birth baby or one out there alone who needs you. I am so sorry for your terrible loss.

    2. Author

      I am sorry, no. That is not allowed in the Bible. I am sorry but only one life and one death. Rex

    3. Even if he is reborn thousands of time it will still be a natural birth. This preacher is talking about Spiritual birth which does not come through natural wisdom. The wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. You talk like Nicodemus in the Bible who though was very religious did not understand spiritual things. Ps Paul Silway

  11. Thank you Rex, may God continue to bless you with wisdom and understanding of His Word in Jesus Name.

  12. Nice one Denzel, thanks. God bless and give you more wisdom and understanding of His Word in Jesus Name.

  13. Thank you so much for this site. I am being blessed and encouraged.

    Everything is for a reason and God will work all things out for the good to those who love Him.

  14. @Daniel , again I am not Pastor Rex. Plus I rarely do this – the commenting , many a time I prefer to shut up. The Word in James talks about we being slow in our speech. One thing is ; the fact that you know a person’s solution to a problem doesn’t mean you ought to answer or say it ( You ought to be led by the Lord ).

    You know revelation knowledge is progress , woke up this morning and this scripture jumped within me.

    Matthew 6:7 NLT -“When you pray, don’t babble on and on as people of other religions do. They think their prayers are answered merely by repeating their words again and again”.
    Verse 8 – ” Therefore do not be like them ….”

    And in Matthew 7:7 – He says , Ask and it shall be given.

    Ecclesiastes 5:2
    Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few.

    Expecting this to also help , give you a clearer image.( Join yesterday’s comment and today’s comment and see the better picture .)

  15. @Daniel , again I am also not Pastor Rex. My eyes sort of passed over your comment. Expecting this to help.

    Jesus said in Mark 11:24 – whatsoever you desire when you pray , believe that you have receive and you shall have them.
    John 14:14 – Ask anything in my name and I will do it. ( These are Words of the Master ).

    Let me use this simple analogy ; Let’s say a child asks his dad for an ice cream , and the child receives the ice cream . Does the child ask the dad for ice cream again after it has been given and he has received it ?

    If you have believed that you have received , YOU WILL STOP ASKING. If you believe that your prayer has been answered , you will not bother yourself asking. But rather anytime your mind comes on the answer – you will give thanks.

    Like the child who received the ice cream , anytime he sees his father he thanks him for the ice cream.

    Let me use a testimony also illustrate this truth ; some days ago I had some weird sensation in both my legs but I remembered the words of Jesus (Mark 11:24 , John 14:14 ) . So I asked for healing in the Name of Jesus and received it. Anytime my mind came on the legs , instead of asking God again , I thanked Him for the healing and confessed my faith , I believe I have received and it wasn’t long before the manifestation came and my legs felt normal.

    So Daniel if you have asked , simply believe that you have receive and when your mind comes on it – Thank God for the answer ( express your faith in God through thanksgiving ).

  16. Pastor Rex, I want to ask this question should man be continuously repeating prayers that’s he has been prayed already before it’s been answering or when he mentions it’s once it shouldn’t be mention again, I hope my question will be giving consideration from God. Does the challenges am facing now.

  17. Yes. God spoke to me of this same issue a few months back. He doesn’t do everything for us, but He calls us to work together with Him as Paul wrote to the Corinthian Church, “…we are co-labourers together with God…” For this reason, we must WORK OUT what God is WORKING IN us.

    The red Sea parted when the children of Israel set foot in it. When we “set out and set our feet” In obedience, God will part the sea ahead of us. This is the kind of faith that God rewards – obedient faith. Joyfully, it is also the kind of faith that builds us up into the measure of the stature of Jesus Christ, Himself.

  18. Would you speak to your climate in your area to stop disaster now. This mountain must fall. These roots must be plucked up by unbelieving dull Christians today. Say; no Go in Jesus’ Name. Peace be still Here and now. No! Go! Now! Restore!

    1. You see Weedwacker, GOD wants us to pray according to His will and purpose for the particular situation in which we have problem on, because GOD answers prayers that are prayed according to his will effectively. It may be that the natural disaster you are talking about is not what GOD wants you to pray about, it may be that he wants you to trust him in that situation. For Jesus also said that disasters and war will fall upon us. So before you pray about the natural disaster you should pray about it in other to know whether it is his will or not.

  19. Rex,
    Your writing was very gd, u didn’t need to be soft, the Bible rarely is!
    I like that you are approaching things in a biblical sense. I’m so sick of these word of faith, The Secret, buy you a blessing, prosperity types!!
    I’m still learning to give thanksgiving and praise in every prayer. The Bible has wonderful prayers too. YouTube actually has lots of good information, too! Some of it very enlightening. Most excellent pastors who even have Bible studies on line along with their books and study Bibles.

  20. I love your site it has such libraries of faith leaders and inspiration, thank you

  21. You say it so clearly, we can get some comfort and support from what others say here (and I do like to hear follow-up how someone is doing) but the real reason to come here is to get direction to the words of God, personally read the scriptures and get guidance on how to live them. Thank you, Rex.

    1. Author

      Kay – Thank you so much. I think I softened the language a little since you read it. In an article like this I must walk a fine line between honestly and forcefully spelling out God’s requirement of faith, yet not going out too legalistic and hard nosed. Everything is a balance. God responds to faith and not need, but His mercy can cover a multitude of mistakes. Thank you so much. We love you. Rex

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