Raising the Dead – No Big Deal?

talithacumi-400-webRaising the dead is not a big deal?! That’s the way the Bible seems to present it. The Bible mentions several instances where people were raised from the dead. Each time it is portrayed as if it was an everyday occurrence. Maybe raising the dead, or for that matter a miracle of any kind, was a much more common occurrence than we have thought. In the Gospel of John, it says that if all the things that Jesus did were ever fully written about, the world itself could not contain all the books that it would take. Miracles were common, and were core to the Gospel’s message and intent. The Bible is clear and consistent throughout – if you have faith, nothing is a big deal.

If you have faith, nothing is a big deal. Getting the faith is the big deal.

The following are three recorded instances where Jesus raised someone from the dead:

Jairus’ Daughter – Jairus, a leader of a local Synagogue pleads for Jesus to heal his gravely ill child. On the way to his home they are interrupted by another healing. During this time, they hear that the girl has died. Jesus is not concerned. He calms the father’s fears and continues on. Once at the home, He takes the girl by the hand and wakes her up. For Him it is comfortable and natural, but of course, for those around Him it is astonishing. (See Matthew 9:18 – 26, Mark 5:22 – 43, Luke 8:41 – 56)

Funeral Procession – While entering a neighboring town, Jesus happens to come across a funeral procession for the only son of a local widow. Upon seeing her, He feels compassion and stops the procession. He tells the man to get up, and he does. The text then simply states that, ‘He gave the young man back to his mother’. (See Luke 7:11 – 17)

Lazarus – Jesus loves Lazarus and his family, but after hearing of his illness, He waits two full days before going to his side. By the time He arrives in Bethany, Lazarus has been dead for four days. Apparently, He chose to raise him from the dead instead of healing him. Once at the grave site, He prays publicly to show the people that the Father is His source of authority, and then proceeds to call him out of the grave. (See John 11:1 – 44)

Jesus at times seemed oblivious to the circumstances around Him, but He always paid full attention to what He heard from the Father and what He knew from scripture. He fully submitted to them, and as we submit to them, we can do the same. After His resurrection He commanded His disciples, “To bring the dead back to life” – Matthew 10:8, and Mark 16:17 – 20. This miraculous ability was communicated on to man. The Bible is clear; resurrection power is not confined solely to Jesus, or even to the original Apostles, but it is for all those who can believe and will believe.

See how Paul describes the maximum amount of power available to those who believe:

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, (19) and and what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power, (20) which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places, (21) far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come. Ephesians 1:18-21

Both Peter and Paul raised people from the dead:

Peter Raises Dorcas – Two days after the death of a prominent local woman Peter is summoned. He arrives, prays, and then tells her to get up – simple, short, and to the point. Just like Jesus, no fanfare, just faith released through a command.

Paul in Troas – While Paul (not one of the original twelve Apostles) is teaching late one night a young man falls asleep and then falls from a third story window. He is picked up dead, but once Paul goes to him and embraces him, he declares that, “his life is in him.”

None of these instances were long and drawn out affairs. They simply commanded the people to wake up or get up, and they did. In addition to these instances, both Elijah and Elisha brought people back from the dead.

I’ve heard missionaries say that it is easier to raise the dead in a third world country than raise money, and easier to raise money in the USA than raise the dead. We know missionaries in third-world countries that do it regularly, although it has gotten much hard in the last few years.

You seem to get what you have faith for, and you have faith for that which you are willing to seek Him. It is as simple at that. The big question, and the only question is – Do you have faith; did God speak to you? If you have the faith, nothing is a big deal. Seek and hear from Him. On raising the dead, you must truly hear from God, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

You get what you have faith for, and you have faith for that which you are willing to seek Him.


    1. Hebrews 9:27 – Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment – doesn’t seem to leave open the option of being raised, only to die again later.
      “No big deal”????
      Then why were there only a few (3?) folk raised in the early church.
      1 Thess 4:13-18 implies none of the folk who died were raised – they had to wait until the trumpet
      Note verse 18 – “therefore comfort one another…”
      Who started all this “believe and your loved ones can be raised from the dead, no matter how long they have been dead?
      I am wondering if this is all just a hoax…

  1. i want you all to please help in pray,my son ebubechukwu who died on Nov. 26th 2016.love him with everything in me because he is a loveable baby,he doesn’t disturb.He is such a gentle and a calm baby,he is always smilling.I ‘m missing him so so so much.I’m believing God for his coming back

  2. Help pray with me I lost my baby on 11th mber2016 and I have a strong faith thar he will ressurrect Amen .

  3. I lost My 6month baby on 11th 2016 and have faith that God will ressurrect him

  4. We have the power as his disciples to awake our loved ones from the dead. It is not too late. He is alive, of you believe.

  5. My brother Olufunminiyi Rominiyi suddenly slumped this morning. We are currently in the hospital and i believe God will raise him from the dead and bring him back to life. Help me.pray for God’s mighty power to raise him as he raised the deads in the past

  6. My brother feel asleep and didn’t wake up he is only 24 yrs old his name is Joshua Slayton the date was Dec 4th 2016 he is a police officer rescue squad and a former fire fighter I’m asking that y’all stand with me I believe with all my heart he is coming back..

  7. Who is teaching such unscriptural false-hope doctrine to people?
    Raising the dead is NOT an everyday (or everyweek) occurrence.
    God’s word makes this clear.
    The raising of Lazarus was to prove that Jesus is the resurrection and the life
    Jesus raised three people from the dead during his earthly ministries: Lazarus, the daughter of Jairus and the son of the widow at Nain. If He raised any more, it has not been recorded.
    The resurrections of Old Testament saints/believers in Matthew 27:52 also seem to be validation of our future resurrection ..
    Paul’s revival of Eutychus was the only other raising recorded.
    The absence of any more should make it clear that resurrection were not, and are not the norm.
    Just believing (Hebrews 11 and James 1:6-7) or, trying very hard to believe, doesn’t mean the faith is well-founded, no matter how sincere. Just like believing God will return tenfold whatever you place in the offering bag in a health/wealth/prosperity church.

    1. To have a miracle ypu have to have faith. I have faith that my son will be resurrected and I will pray for all those on this website who believe too!

  8. My son was born on the 24th of October, 2016. He died on the 21st of November. He is to be buried today, 19th of December,2016. I believe he will wake up from the coffin, please pray with me. His name is Kosidinma Ehimen Alim.

  9. my wife died on november 7th 2016 after childbirth…..please help me in prayer i want her to come back to life

  10. Hi,
    My name is DaMali Phillip and
    I’d like you all to pray that God raise my mother Hillary Prescod for the dead.
    According to His word in Matthew 9:18-26; 10:8,
    Mark 5:22-43; 16;17-20,
    Luke 7:11-17; 8:41-56; 18:1-8
    John 11:1-44; 14:12-14k
    Ephesians 1:18-21

    2 chronicles 16:9
    Isaiah 64:4
    Psalms 103:20

    He said in His word that I should not fear,believe and if I believe I would see His glory also what I ask in the name of Christ it will be done for me.

    Looking forward to a praise report.
    Thank you and Blessings!!!

  11. Hi. I just lost my fiance and the father of my child, i am 8months pregnant now. I lost him last september 29. I think I’m the only one who believes God will resurrect him. I have faith. I hope all of us have our miracles and prayers come true… In his name. Please add me on facebook Jerrica Escasinas. I’d love to listen to others as I am still in grief and it still does hurt.

    1. Hi jerrica
      I lost my son 14 months ago and like you I believe that he will be resurrected. I have a private group on facebook of others who are also praying for their loved one. I will send you a friend request so I can add you to our group. I will add your fiance to my prayers!

  12. With all due respect to those praying for their loved ones to come back to life…
    what about Hebrews 9:27?
    and Luke 16:19-31
    and VERY few resurrections occur in the Bible

    1. destined once to die then judgement well the very few resurrections they died more than once lazurus and the others died twice so that verse does not coincide with those resurections either

      1. Author

        The article notes several that were raised from the dead in scripture and we know current individuals that have raised people from the dead. As in all things of faith, one must first hear from God to have the faith to raise someone from the dead. This is not something you just ‘choose’ to believe. Faith ‘comes’ by hearing and hearing by the (spoken) word of Christ – Romans 10:17.

        I have never heard of anybody (scripture included) that has been raised from the dead that has been dead for a prolonged period of time. All the instances are immediate or within a day or so of the time of death. Smith Wigglesworth raised an individual who was in the funeral home. That is the longest time period that I know of. Rex

        1. if you are going to believe in the bible you have to believe all of it lazarus was dead 4 days and already began to smell from decomposistion elisha ezekiel Jesus peter paul raised the dead and it does not say they heard from God first never Jesus commanded the disciples to “raise the dead” in matthew 10:8 we are now the disciples He did not say after 1 hour immediately after only 4 days He just said to do it i have been trying to find someone who is able to do this in modern times david hogan says hes raised 500 but he cannot be reached ive tried and there are others tyler johnson from the drt team said “sorry for your loss” heidi baker her team says basically to get over it the severe tragedy that happened to my only child is something no mother could ever get over so i pray every day mostly alone although some have been kind enough to pray agree and believe for my son but most say no if anyone knows of anybody who can help please ive spent so much money though money does not matter after this and time though time is nothing but pain and agony knowing the trauma my boy suffered and yet no results not yet anyways i have searched non stop for true believers that have the power of the Holy Spirit gift to do this much needed miracle for my son and i please help thank you from Eric’s mom lisa savage

  13. I am praying for God to raise my Mother from death, after several battle with diabetes , I lost my Mum, Mrs Serah Uzoamaka Okechukwu(Nee Ofodueze). My sibling have anounced a date for her burial but I am looking up to God for a miracle .

    Though my faith is failing me , I pray that God will help my unbelief, strengthen me and bring my Mum back to life, IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

    1. I will add your mom to my prayers. There is a group of us all praying for the resurrection of our loved ones. I pray that we all receive or miracles soon!

  14. I just lost a friend, he was drugged and his car involved in an accident that claimed his life. He is in a morgue right now. When I heard the sad news I lifted my voice and wept and cried out to the Lord for His resurrection. No news yet he is still lying there but I still have faith in the Lord that says nothing is difficult for Him. Whatever we ask we shall receive it in His name. His name is Dr. Michael Ohene Tawia Akonor I know he is just sleeping . Please pray for him. He has done it before and He will do it again. Thank you

  15. Bill I read the rest of your comments. My son has been gone 9 months. I am praying for his resurrection and I know it will happen. I have a private facebook page where several of us are praying in the name of Jesus for our miracles. We all pray together at 7pm eastern time everynight. If you would like to join the Facebook group send me a friend request. My name is Cindy booz then I can add you to the group. Stay strong and faithful! Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Cindy, I do not use Facebook, but I have no objections to praying
      with your group. My contact information is in my post below.
      God bless you.

  16. I’m in greif as my fiancee just passed away unexpectedly ,and been studying plus begging God for her life even if it costs me mine tho that would seem to defeat the purpose but it’s what a dedicated husband does, I’m believeing by faith which is the only way to please God Hebrews 11:6 {AKJV 1611} Of course the fear of God not answering because of the ultimate fate we all share which is death Hebrews 9:27 {AKJV 1611} Satan can use to his advantage to encourage doubt and we by that question God we easily accept things and leaves us heartbroken and discouraged which is what Satan want’s because a person will lose what faith in God they did have,I’m believeing God with all that’s in me without doubt in faith that my Love will rise from the dead,in spite of what would discourage me because of weather it be our appointmented time etc, God wouldn’t put it in his word to do these things with faith that pleases him for nothing or else God is a lier and that certainly isn’t the case,limited faith is why Christ wept John 11:35 {AKJV 1611} he wanted to see unlimited faith as he saw with the centurion in Matt.8: 8-13 {AKJV 1611}, it’s Faith that moves God I am praying believeing the best I can and not giving up just like that. I pray this at encourages someone. Let us all have faith together for the same purpose.i feel and pray God answers your prayers as well as mine.

    1. This is wonderful, I am experiencing exactly the same thing as you, My fiancée Lesa K. Dietz passed away last week Wednesday July 29th 2016. But she did not pass unexpectedly. In March 12, 2015 she began having stomach pains. She thought it was indigestion. The doctors took her gall bladder out. At this time she weighed about 138 lbs. It turned out not to be her gall bladder. They didn’t know what was wrong. They starved her in the hospital, only on I.V. for 2 months doing test, with no conclusive results. So the cut her open to do exploratory surgery to find a section of dead intestine. She was sown up then sent home 2 weeks later. In Sept 2015 it happened again, then Dec 2015 again, but this time the took all but 12 inches of her small intestine out. This meant that she had what is called short gut syndrome. The small intestines are responsible for absorbing nutrients vitamins and minerals. From the on she was to live a life of having these nutrients through I.V. 24 hours a day for the rest of her life. At this point she weighed only 78 lbs.. On top of all that she had severe rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, atherosclerosis, and congestive heart failure. The atherosclerosis finely was determined as the cause for her dead intestines. Two arteries that fed life blood to her intestines collapsed causing the intestines to die. While in the hospital she got numerous infections and needed many blood transfusions. Her family recently placed her into hospice against her will and mine. They had no faith for her to survive or to be healed. I contacted every ministry I could find who would pray for me for her complete healing. Despite all the 1000’s of prayers nothing changed. I said God where are you? Where is the power from your word. I had faith to believe for a miracle, but still nothing. Then in hospice last Wednesday she died. So I said Jesus you are the resurrection and the life, I prayed for the Holy spirit of resurrection, and healing to raise her up as a witness and testimony to Gods love, mercy, grace and saving power. It has been 5 days now. She is in he city morgue on ice until this coming Sunday, then she will be cremated. So there is still hope, even after that there is still hope. I have cried out to God, how can anything good come from this? She cannot praise you from the grave or give you glory for this awful suffering for a year and a half. But God if you raised her, ho wonderful this would be. All who doubted will see that you are real, a loving God, a merciful God, a God of miracles signs and wonders, and she would be a living witness and testimony of all this, and this message would travel like wild fire around the world to bring you honor and glory, and for hope to others. So understand completely where you are. If you would like to talk with me, please contact me. Not many people in this boat who actually believe. Sincerely, Bill. 5 oh one- six zero 6- 6 8 eight eight. bb m c e l w 0 1 at aol . c om God bless you.

      1. if you didn’t have faith to raise him/her up when he died then there’s no need praying and believing God for it on someday because there it becomes umbilical or you gonna waste your time and effort praying all ur life in vain. follow biblical example, when your love one dies you either activate you faith to raise him to life like Paul did or look for the man fill with the Holy Spirit to raise him to life like they called for Peter to raise Dorcas .faith of raising the dead is an instant thing not believing he gonna be raised someday, No! the people laughed at Jesus when he said she’s not dead but the result was instant,Lazarus’s result was instant when Christ arrived,if really you have faith then walk into the cemetery or ask they take her out of the mog or if still in the hospital then make sure he/she is not placed in the mog and then put your faith to work right there to raise him/her from the dead and I tell you,Christ can prove himself in Faith in Action! biblical examples is best for a better result,Blessings….

    2. This is Bill, I accidently typed July 29th instead of July 20th.
      July 20th 2016 is the day Lesa died.

      1. I am faithfully praying for the resurrection of my son Josh. I will add your loved one to my prayers for our miracle. What is her name!

      2. I am faithfully praying for the resurrection of my son Josh. I have a private facebook page which several of us belong to that our praying for the resurrection miracles of our loved ones. If anyone would like to join send me a friend request and I can add you to our group! My facebook is under Cindy Booz. Hope you hear from you soon!

  17. I want prayer for my cat Meow Meow a calico cat to be resurrected from the dead.It has been 2 years. She died from kidney failure. I believe she can come back to the living. In Jesus name amen.

  18. yes i would like to see proof and i would like to see the proof for my only child my precious son Eric Shawn Savage who belongs here if anyone could help thank you

  19. But we have still not found any such example in today’s world. Give example of such in today’s life

    1. and i cannot find many who will pray for a much needed miracle for that most say they believe God can do that but He wont do that and i have contacted many christian organizations and most say no to that prayer a few have prayed i have not given up yet but most are dead ends even tried many times to call and contact david hogan the man who wrote that but he never returns me letters calls or messages sometimes i think its all just a fraud and my faith is so low that maybe there really isnt any supernatural miracles anymore and i dont just mean someone getting the job they wanted or the car or the wife things they can do on their own i mean getting their only child back alive and well safely that only God can do

  20. Please god send back my husband he was very loving and fought for one month with brain infection i have one son of sixteen years my husband did not vwant to die he was a wonderful man

    1. I will be praying for your husband to return. Please pray for my son Josh to resurreptitiously as well. Be strong and faithful.!

    2. I will pray for your husband. I am praying for my son to raise too. Please add my son to your prays. What is your husbands name?

  21. Lisa, I am so sorry that I just saw your comments about talking and paying together for our sons. There was another website that I have been going on a lot and had not been on this one. There are several of us praying for the resurrection of our loved ones. I will add your son to my prayers. I also just did a friend request on his Facebook page like you asked. I hope you and your family are staying strong in your faith. I know God hears us and will answer our prayers soon!

    1. please cindy help if you can i have a facebook Eric Shawn Savage all about my precious son you can send me private messages there and i will give you my phone number we can exchange all the knowledge we have for the help we need thank you Eric’s mom lisa savage

    2. thank you cindy right this second cant be soon enough pray without ceasing i have found not many who will believe for such a miracle but i promised to never give up on my only child i wont fail him again we can help each other my phone number is (518)488-9911 i live in albany ny

      1. I will resend the friend request my Facebook is under Cindy Booz. I would definitely like to talk to you too. I am in Georgia my number is 7708628502. I will give you a call tomorrow. I feel the same way. My son died from an overdose and I will not give up praying for his resurrection. So many scriptures say how our miracles should come true. Your right no one else in my family believes but there are a group of people on another website that are also praying for the resurrection of their lover ones. I will give you the information tomorrow. The site had not been working too well so they are trying to get together a private facebook page. May God bless you and I am looking forward to talking to you tomorrow. I will include your son Eric in my prayers tonight!

        1. ok good thank you and i appreciate your prayers more than you know from Eric’s mom lisa

    3. cindy, i never got the friend request im sorry hope you can send it now

      1. Lisa just resent the friend request. If you b do not get it try sending one to mine Cindy Booz.

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