FaithMechanic-300-webWelcome, this site is all about Faith, Bible Faith, Faith in God, growing Faith, and using Faith. Plant Hope, harvest Faith, and then release it in Prayer – The Mechanics of Faith. There is nothing more important.

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If you are new to HopeFaithPrayer Blog, you might want to start with our most popular posts, which are listed in the column to the right (or at the bottom of a phone). We are not here to merely motivate you. We are here to impart knowledge in the Word of God. That will empower you, and only it can fully and eternally motivate you!

Humanity is in desperate shape. People are hurting. Evil and fear are on the upswing. We must learn the principles of how obedience to the Word of God can turn the promises of God into real faith. Taking this faith, we can then create new realities for our lives and for the lives of those around us. Forget religious jargon or fake spiritual motivation, this site is intended to contain only real usable information – content.

The same orderly God who created the heavens, with their structured principles and laws, also created the things of the spirit. His creation is precise, and His Word is precise; just like in the physical realm. I believe the things of the spirit are structured, orderly, and, in some way known only to God, measurable. The faith walk is not formula-driven but it is predictable. When you respond to the Word in a certain way, you will get a certain response from God. God is sovereign and this is how He pre-determined it to be.

The more we exercise our free will in obedience to God’s stated will, the more He will act sovereignly on our behalf. This is how the Bible is written, and this is how faith works.

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  1. I share encouragement to build others up in their Faith. You articles will assist me and keep me built up. I like what I saw and will receive the Truth by Faith in Jesus Christ. May the Lord richly Bless your ministry.

  2. Just starting reading on this site. What a blessing❤️ Will pass this site to my friends.
    God bless you

  3. Please pray for my healing of anxiety. My father has always had a lot of anxiety and now that I am in my mid 50s I am experiencing the same thing. Both of my parents have had heart issues in their 50s and 60s and it has me tied up in knots. My heart races and I just can’t seem to stay focused on scripture. The enemy is really messing with me. I need some peace from this.

  4. I would love to purchase 2 copies of your book 222 prayers in the Bible. Please tell me how I can get them.

    Thank you in advance.
    Alpha Johnson

  5. Sir, I want to thank you all so very much. For all the time I have studied the scriptures, for all the prayers that I have prayed in my life and to find that I never understood faith as I see it this day. I have a promise from Yahwah Father to stand upon now in seeking His faith for the healing and restoration of my relationship with my wife and for her healing. Your words have been a tremendous blessing to me. If He had not led me to your works I would be in a state of torment utter panic, and absolute desperation. I now thank Him in confidence that I have received the very requests of my heart. Praise Yahwah Father , our High King and Priest Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for Their faithfulness and wondrous works. My the Father richly bless and keep you always. Christopher

  6. Sir, would you be so kind to remove my post/ confession/ on your page. I did not mean to draw a derogatory response for my honest statement. I am thankful for your site , as it has been a blessing to me. Christopher

    1. Author

      Chris – I will but do not worry about the response. God bless you. Rex

  7. Thank you for sharing these healing scriptures.

    Please pray for my healing from a concussion, which occurred in 2015. This has affected my life, relationships, work and health, thus finances. Please pray for my complete healing and total recovery from this and other traumatic (family) events which have occurred and for restoration of blessing, health and prosperity in my life. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Thank you God for your healing and help.

    1. Author

      If you signed up on our email list you will receive them. God bless. Rex

  8. My husband is in Beaumont federal prison and is wanting to get a Bible of James Moffitt sent to him. I pray that there’s a way to have one sent to him there.

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