Advancing the Kingdom of Heaven

MabarumaGuyanaCrusade800x600We just returned from a missionary trip to Guyana, South America. This was more of an exploratory first visit but we did have several crusade meetings in and around the town of Mabaruma. The land was beautiful and the people were simply wonderful. We witnessed several healings and much deliverance from demon possession. On the way back, while studying the Gospel miracles of Jesus, I had the following thoughts concerning the advancement process of the Kingdom:

1. An empowered messenger of the Kingdom of Heaven brings the Outward Kingdom benefits to a people helpless and bound by darkness and sin. As many as receive the message receive salvation and deliverance.

An empowered messenger is one who has the knowledge and faith sufficient to demonstrate the miraculous power of God through an effective presentation of the Gospel message. The Outward Kingdom is the working of the miraculous power of God, which accompanies and confirms the word of God. It is demonstrated by salvations, healings, deliverances, and other blessings.

2. The empowered messenger then communicates to those delivered the life-change demands of the new Inward Kingdom. The Inward Kingdom is that inward change of heart and life that is both the demand and product of an inward work. As the people respond, their lives are changed by the Word of God to reflect this new Kingdom.

3. Over time, as the delivered people allow their hearts and lives to be changed and conformed toward the image of the Inward Kingdom, they themselves are transformed into empowered messengers.

5. These new empowered messengers now take Outward Kingdom benefits to other people still bound by darkness and sin.

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