The Tree In the Garden, Why So Serious?

DragonBloodTree-300-webWhat was it about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that made it so important, and the offense of eating of it so serious? Who on earth knows? One thing is for sure, God told them not to eat of it, and that should have been good enough. Sadly, it was not. So, now we are like God – able to know both good and evil. We may know good and evil but we don’t understand good and evil. Where did good come from? Where did evil come from? Why am I asking this? I don’t know but it’s my blog and it interests me.

You must believe that when God says something He has a reason, even if you do not understand it. After all, He is God.


  1. It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Which means that evil existed. Adam and Eve had no knowledge of evil. Once they gained knowledge of the spiritual battle they were thrust into the middle of it. For the first time they felt shame and could be manipulated by the devil.

  2. Well i think God intended to try our ‘free will’ whether we’ll believe His will or the deceiver.

    1. Author

      I agree; life is a test. We will all stand before Him someday and receive His appraisal of the things done, and the things that we should have done, in this life. See – The Vast Universe – Two Perspectives

      Thanks for the comment. God Bless

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