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Speak Your Future To Your Future

We may have inherited much of our past but we can create most of our future. We start in a world created by others, but we can change that world into one of our own creation. Overcome life’s adversity through faith in God and by the words of your mouth. Read more…

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Making Miracles Happen in Your Life

Most of this volume has been a testimony of some of the miracles from God which I have experienced in my life. When the Word of God is declared without compromise God confirms that word with signs and wonders. In Jesus Christ miracles are NOW! Read more…

Faith Is an Act – Hagin

It’s one thing to believe. It’s another to believe and act on that belief!When you act upon what God’s Word says results are forthcoming. That is faith in action!

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Word of Faith

Word of Faith is normally associated with what is called “the faith movement.” The term is taken from Romans 10:8-10

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The Faith of God (God-kind of Faith)

by Peter Smythe – Used by permission “And Jesus answering, saith to them, “Have the faith of God.” (Worrell). “And Jesus answering, saith to them, “Exete pistin theou” (Phonetic Greek). …