Christ’s Dominion

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Every Student of the primitive church discerns at once a distinction between the soul of the primitive Christian and the soul of the modern Christian. It lies in the spirit of Christ’s Dominion.

The Holy Spirit came into the primitive Christian soul to elevate his consciousness in Christ, to make him a master. He smote sin and it disappeared. He cast out devils (demons); a divine flash from his nature over powered and cast out the demon. He laid hands on the sick, and the mighty Spirit of Jesus Christ flamed into the body and the disease was annihilated. He was commanded to rebuke the devil, and the devil would flee from him. His was a reigning over reigning, not shrinking to the rear, but overcoming by faith.

It lies in the spirit of Christ’s Dominion.

It is this spirit of DOMINATION when restored to the Church of Christ, that will bring again the glory triumph to the church of God throughout the world, and lift her in the place, where, instead of being the obedient servant of the world, and the flesh, and the devil, she will become the divine instrument of Salvation, in healing the sick in the casting out of devils (demons), and in the carrying out of the whole program of Jesus’ ministry, as the early Church did.


  1. I see. We are not in the position Jesus have made for us that we can rool over what HE concerd on calvary.

  2. Thank you Jesus for overcoming the devil and how demons . Thank you for giving salvation, In Jesus mighty name.

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