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“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.”  John 15:7

The words, “you shall ask,” are in the imperative mood, which makes them a command, and are to be taken in the sense of “I command you to ask.”

“Abide” implies fellowship with the Lord, “nothing between myself and my Savior,” and dependence upon Him. To those who thus abide, God issues the gracious command, “ask what you desire.” It is more than a command. It is a challenge. It is as if God said, “You meet the conditions, and I challenge you to ask, and then see how faithful and able I am to answer your prayer.”

The word “desire” implies a desire that proceeds, not from deliberate forethought, but from inclination. This is a perfectly safe command and promise, because when we live in close fellowship with Jesus, our desires and our inclinations are His desires and His inclinations. The word “ask” is in the middle voice which speaks of the subject of the verb acting in its own interest. Therefore we translate, “ask for yourselves.” But as we live in intimate fellowship with Jesus, those things which we ask for ourselves, we ask, not for the purpose of gratifying a selfish desire, but for the purpose of glorifying Him. Prayers of that kind are answered.

The word “done” is not from the Greek word which means to do something in the sense of making something. That would imply taking something in existence and fashioning it to suit our needs. The word is from the Greek word meaning “to become, to come into existence.” God will if necessary bring into existence that for which we asked. The word “ask” is in the aorist tense which when used in a command means, “do at once what is commanded.” Thus as we are abiding in Jesus, we are commanded not to hesitate, but to ask at once.

The translation reads:

“If ye abide in Me, and my words abide in you, I command you to ask at once and for yourselves whatever ye desire, and it shall be yours.”

My added personal note – The Scripture goes on further to say in verse eight, “In this my Father is glorified, namely, that you are bearing much fruit.  So shall you become my disciples.”

“Whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the kingdom” Charles Spurgeon


  1. Thank you so much for this teaching. I have been struggling with untruths formed against me and my character. God brought me here. God is Good and my direction is now clear. I will stay in God’s Peace.
    God Bless, Michelle

  2. Thanks for the words of God and the teaching it helps me to be blessed.

    1. Dear ,

      Am desperately looking for this set of Books 4 volumes! Unfortunately no one want to ship this set to Mauritius.

      Please Help

      1. Steve,

        Look at the above scripture, John 15:7.
        Rex put it there for a reason.Jesus is speaking to you personally.Ask him,
        and he will see that this need is supplied to you.He will miraculously get them to you.
        Rely on him alone.I remember a while back I had a need for more customers.I literally relied on Jesus’s words only.I didn’t ask man for help.In a few weeks I had more customers in a single day then I have ever had previous.He knows what you want before you ask.
        He will do the same for your needs.

        Also, go to awmi.net

        and listen to “A Better Way To Pray” under “Audio Teachings”.
        I will help you tremendously.


      2. Author

        Steve – I don’t use the physical 4-volumn book set. I use the phone app – Olive Tree Bible Software. The app is free and comes with many free Bible translations and resources. There are of course, resources that cost money as the Wuest ones do. There are two (I think you need both), the Wuest Word Studies – includes articles for $15US and the Wuest – The New Testament: An Expanded Translation for $10US. This is better than the actual books because you can be at a verse and quickly go to another translation or commentary for that verse by selecting another resource in the app. I USE IT EVERY DAY, and have for years.

        I also love Vincent’s Word Studies but it looks like they no longer carry it. I have about 25 Bible versions, a dozen or so commentaries, and countless other things from them. I have an old phone with a keypad that I turned the phone part off and use it all the time. A.T. Robertson is good too but you have to watch his comments. He is totally against the things of faith and the working of the Holy Spirit. I hope this helps. Rex

  3. Thanks for the words of God and the teaching it helps me to know what God and be blessed.

  4. Thank you for your teaching it is blessful to learn more about God and his plans where it concern us. Do you have an email address because I need a good christian mentor that knows God’s word and bless God that he has chosen you to bless us with the Word of God that we can get a deeper understanding.

    Thanks, Jacquelyn

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