Faith Is Infallible

Faith is either an absolute or it is nothing. There can be no in-between. If faith cannot be fully trusted, it is then not faith. Faith is not meant to get one ‘in the door’ for God to then decide whether to answer or not. If God had not already decided to grant the request, He would not have granted the faith. Faith is not turning it over to the will of God; faith knows the will of God. Turning it over to God is what we call submission. Yes, we are to have a heart of submission, but we are expected to walk in the knowing of faith. Sure, we can have a general trust for our future in the still as yet unknown will of God, but even that is based upon a knowing and a peace in the heart. And by a knowing, I don’t mean that you would know everything, which would not require faith, but you know enough to keep moving toward the prize.

We are to plant the promises of the word in our heart. We then nurture them and grow them by tending to the quality and depth of the soil of our heart, but it is God alone who decides when and if that harvest will occur. Paul stated, “(Paul) planted, Apollos watered, but it was God who granted the growth,” and, the final harvest occurs when the conditions of the promise and the will of God have been met and satisfied. It is then etched in stone just as the Ten Commandments were. The writer of Hebrews calls faith, “the evidence of things not (yet) seen.” Faith is infallible because it comes from God and God is infallible.

The saying, “God answers all believing, some yes and some no,” is a gross misunderstanding of the concept of Bible faith. The ‘yes and no’ is resolved before obtaining real Bible faith and then praying the prayer of faith.

Faith is not dependent upon the outcome. The outcome is dependent upon faith. How would one know of a surety to stand firm against the lies of the devil if there was even a hint of a chance that the answer would be a no? The possibility of a no answer would produce doubt, and that doubt would tear at the very foundation of faith.

The way to faith is filled with if’s and doubts, but once they are resolved, there lay ahead only a solid road of knowing. Faith knows that the doubts and if’s lay behind and only the answer lays ahead. God doesn’t stand in the way of faith; He is the One supporting it. Seek faith at all cost; it is the evidence of the answer of God.

Seek faith at all cost; it is the evidence of the answer of God.

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