How to Face an Impossible Situation – By Faith

by Rex Rouis

How are we to face impossible situations, ignore them and hope they go away, or face them with an overcoming faith in God? We need to know because only a correct response will bring success. The Bible tells us to respond with faith, because with Him nothing is impossible.

Jesus said, “The things that are impossible for people to do are possible for God to do.” Luke 18:27 God’s Word Translation

And Jesus, having turned His eyes upon them and having considered them, said to them, In the presence of men, as men look at this, it is impossible. But in the presence of God, as He looks at this, all things are possible. Matt 19:26 Wuest Expanded Translation

Only faith is able to grasp the reality of the possible in the face of the impossible. Only faith has the power to move seemingly impossible mountains. Only faith has the ability to look directly at an impossible situation and know that it will change.

Abraham had a clear understanding of how impossible his situation was. Both he and Sarah were way past the age of bearing a child, but God had promised that they would. In Abraham’s heart, the reality of God’s promise was more real that the facts about their situation. He did not ignore the facts, but rather he considered the facts as temporary and God’s promise as permanent and real.

Only a heart filled with faith can face the impossible and still know that God can change it. Read how Abraham had sufficient faith to look directly at the impossible and yet be fully persuaded that God was able to perform what He had promised.

(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they were. Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be. And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara’s womb: He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. Romans 4:17-21

Faith is not ignoring the problem. Faith is the tangible knowing that God is bigger than the problem, and that He is willing and able to help. Acknowledging the problem is the first step in obtaining faith. Faith has the courage to look at what currently is and still know what will be.

Faith ‘calls those things which be not as though they were’. This is the creative power of faith. It brings the power and presence of God into any situation. Denial, on the other hand, ‘calls those things which be as though they are not’. This is not creatively running to the issue with the power of God. This is running from the issue with the weakness of man. Run to the roar with the faith of God. He can change any situation.

How then do you receive this faith? By running to the Word of God, and by seeking Him till you get the answer. When faith comes, so comes the answer and the victory. The Bible says that, ‘Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the (spoken personal) word of God’. Seek Him till you hear Him. You are literally one hearing away from victory in any seemingly impossible situation.

Faith is the tangible knowing that God is bigger than the problem, and that He is willing and able to help.


  1. my name is Funmilola i’m a Nigerian schooling in Ghana. I am in a situation in school that is making me doubt my faith but please i will really appreciate it if you can also assist me in prayers. The situation right now seem so impossible but i want God to do the impossible for me and i will be grateful for the rest of my life. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to have faith let me not lose my faith in time of disparities or uncertainties help to resolve. Making the impossible possible. Amen

  3. Please please pray with me. I have been admitted to University of Nairobi to pursue bachelor of arts but am not passionate of that.. I want to course transfer to bachelor of education(arts) even though i have 3 points less.. But i really need this i know God of Abraham is going to help me in this.. My course transfer is going to be successful in JESUS name!

  4. Felt so hopeful againand strong after reading this.Thank you for uplifting my hope and guiding me .. I am in a critical problem..of hopeless circumstances.. Thank you so much

  5. First of all, I thank Lord for the countless blessing He poured on me and my family. We are going through one of the hardest times of our lives. My son Daniel (4 yrs) was diagnosed with autism recently. Daniel is non-verbal and is behind in cognitive abilities. I and husband started praying Rosary and the Divine Mercy Rosary for him and we see a lot of improvement. He started saying simple words and improving his communication skills. Praise the Lord!!
    We want to ask your prayers that Daniel will recover from autism soon and grow into a God-loving and righteous young man.
    Also, my job will end in Dec, 2016 due to unexpected loss of project funding to my university from the govt. I applied for many jobs and the interviews I attended were not fruitful. I have applied for three jobs and preparing hard in anticipation of the interview calls from them.
    Only two more months left and I need a job as soon as possible. A jobless situation is horrific and unimaginable as it not only affect our living but also will interrupt my son’s autism therapy.

    I ask you to join us in the request to our Lord to pour His mercy, and Mother Mary to pray for my family that I can get a good job immediately to support my family and those around me in need.

    Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all,

    1. Good Morning Mary Jacob
      With prayers and strong faith everything is possible, believe that.
      Your son definitely need to keep up on the therapy, you will need a job that doesn’t interrupts his therapy. I am praying for you to get what you desire. Kids with autism always turn out to be the smartest, look at Bill Gates . I wish you and your family the best

  6. I am needing extremely strong prayer that I do not go to court or Jail! I need extremely strong prayer for forgiveness, harassment and addictions because the devil controlled me in harassing a person, I need prayer and forgiveness from this person (Roberta Lynn Fontaine) and for healing and breaking addictions and for me not to go to court or jail, I am poor and cannot afford it, please forgive me, help me, save me and do not let me go to court or jail, I humbly beg and pray crying on the inside!

    1. Christopher
      First of all Remember God Forgives You. I know God is going to help you. Read Psalms 50:15 Call upon me on the day of trouble, I will deliver you and you should Glorify Me. I know you regret what you did but if you really want God to Deliver you, You gots to STOP that addiction Right away. You need to say no to the Devil when he offers it to you. Pray Throughout the day, and God will Help you, I am also going to pray for you. Remember God Loves You.

  7. I need pray for my boss to cancel the case of absconding they give to me i am poor and they very rich. i need back my passport so i could work again and remove the ban to me, to sustain my family needs and to see them. i want to start again wit god guidance.

    1. Don’t worry God will help, first of all you need to believe anything is possible with God and his son Jesus. Praying Throughout the day and night shows God how much you need him. I will pray for you too. Please Take with you the Bible and read it, atleast 1 page everyday. You will feel the relief, If its in Gods Will, I promise it will be granted. God Loves You So Much That He Gave His Beloved Son For Us To Live.

  8. God will be in that court room , and miracles will be done, Keep Praying none stop till the court hearing is over, Stay Faith Strong and God should proceed.

  9. Am praying that my fiance get immigration papers to come back home.For 15 years he has never been home but we met 2 years ago. I really miss him alot but I have alot of faith he will come back home this year no matter what. No matter how hard situations can be there is a God who will never leave those who seek them.Some believe in their money, others in their powers and iinvestments, What about us who believe in God? Surely he will not leave us.pray with me please.

    1. As I reply I am praying for GOD can help you and your husband to be together don’t worry , GOD is big and he ain’t never leaving us alone. He only knows the time you will be together again with your husband, the more you pray the sooner it will be, GOD promises . GOD said what ever you need, ask and it will be given.

  10. I need prayers for my boyfriend who has a really big court hearing on Friday. I pray that God gives him divine favor to over come this situation in Jesus name

  11. I am praying and giving thanks to God. I am thanking God for today. Last year I thought I was going to prison. God has spared me. Now I need God to send my declination letter very soon. I am also praying that God send me back to work soon. I’m praying that God give me favor and victory on October 12. I have a court date. My ex husband divorced me and didn’t tell me. He then pretended to be married to me for 30 days and obtain a default divorce. God was watching the whole time. For this I want and am thanking God for my victory and vindication. God thank you for hearing my and everyone else’s prayers on this site. We all hurt. Sometimes our hurt seems impossible.God, I am praying for my declination letter soon, my job to be restored soon, me to have a home,justice from the wrong-doing by my ex husband, thank God for giving me my son… the biggest blessing in my life…

  12. I have faith and I trust God. I am praying that I will have a fruitful womb and that I won’t be barren anymore. I pray that my husband sperm analysis will be high enough. I am also praying that my husband would have more faith. Pease pray for us.

  13. Well I just wanted u to know that by what u said to me made me lose a lil hope and made me question gods love for me. But I have regained my hope and faith in god. And how do u know god said no. And do u think that god never forgives us? He is god all mighty and he can change any path. If your heart follows him.

  14. I am about to lose this job that I work so hard to get. Because I can’t seem to pass one of their tests. I prayed for this job and God has answered, I know he didn’t bring me this far just to fail. I am really sacred about tomorrow, because of I don’t get it this time they’ll terminate me and I’ll be unemployed and I don’t know how to provide for my family with out this job. Just please pray for me, so I can keep the job I been working so hard to get.

    1. Just give it god and treat everyone with kindness and god will answer your prays. Maybe god says no, or not now, or yes. But I believe in my father and he will give u what your heart needs. And there are people who with twist your faith. But god is always there.

  15. I am praying everyday for my lord, my father to hear my prayers. I am in love with a man. Who has asked me to be in his life several times. Then pushes out of his life to go back to the other woman. I have loved him and respected him all this time. And have been faithful to him. I pray for god to bring him back into my life as a good respectful man. I know god my father is at my side . I just dont hear the answers . I have faith in my father ( lord). And know that he hears me. Please pray for me. Many replys welcomed on helping me understand this.

    1. Author

      Annette – I believe that the reason that God is not speaking now is that God has spoken to you already and you do not like what He has said. You need to leave and give up on this unfaithful man as soon as possible. If he is unfaithful now he will be unfaithful when you are married. You know what to do, not you just need to do it. We love you. Rex

    2. Annette, Don’t fool yourself with this man. Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us God’s thoughts and His ways are not ours thinking and our ways. They are so much higher. Your thinking is not in line with his Word. Your allowing your emotions to get in the way from hearing the Lord. James 1:17, Every good gift and every perfect gift is from the above… I don’t see any good in this relationship. God is speaking very loud to you but you are not hearing. Just because God is silent does not mean he is not speaking. Take some time and set this aside and really spend time asking the Lord for His direction. Read your Bible and especially in Proverbs. Be faithful with it and you will hear Him. God Bless and I hope to hear from you soon that you have chosen God’s way. Opal

      1. I dont know if I can. This man doesnt speak to me anymore. But my heart is so heavy. Giving up , feels like giving up hope.

  16. I need prayers for my parents-in-law. They are and years old and my father in law is unfaithful with a much younger woman. He is making my mother in law’s life torture. He is also physically abusing her and saying very disrespectful things to her in front of all their children and grandchildren. I mean very disrespectful. The police has gotten involved a few times. He wants to fight with his kids for the sake of this other woman. He wants my mother in law to leave so he could bring the woman into the house. I have been praying for them with my kids, and my mother in law who is not Christian has started reading the Bible.

    1. Cintra, it seems the wise thing to do is for your mother in law seek a place of safety and get some much needed counseling. Living with an abusive man is not wise. Your continue prayers for them is much needed but encourage her to get help soon.

  17. Please Prey For Me.
    I Need Change In My Life. I Drink Too Much Alcohol, Please Everybody Prey For I Can Change My Life. Thank You So Much

  18. I have prayed for you all
    Please I know this may sound stupid but please pray that I’m that special one who makes up and doesn’t remember the last three years of her life in Jesus name amen I’m at the point where I feel like everything is scaring me and everyone’s thoughts and from the Internet and back flashes are in my head please pray and thanks a bunch

    1. Author

      Kristina – We will pray for you but you have to do some things too. Start at the beginning page on our site and read anything that jumps out at you. You need to get more of God and God’s word on the inside of you. Other people praying will only do so much. You have to do the rest.

      Get off the internet and get into God’s word. That is your help and it is really your only help. We love you and we truly want the best for you. This is the way out. He can help you get on top of your thoughts and feelings but you have to give Him something to work with. Read this article and confess this over yourself everyday – I Am Filled With the Fullness of God – It is all from the prayers of Paul for his churches. Read this article on God’s mercy – Mercy – Bending the Rules of God. God can do it if you partner with Him to do it. He can turn your life around and He had do it in a hurry, if you will give it your all. It just won’t happen. We do love you. Rex

  19. I’m praying that God answers every pray request on this board. May He give each of you peace and wisdom. Cry out to God! Psalms 3:4, Psalms 50:15, Isaiah 55:6. Sing Praises to God! Psalms 42:5, Psalms 66:17 – 20 and Know He is Working in You and on You! Psalms 119:71-72, Romans 8:28.
    Pray this prayer “Praise God, who has NOT rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me” – Psalms 66:20. Our heavenly Father will answer your prayers, sometime in a way you didn’t ask, but His plan works for your good.

  20. Hi I am struggling with an unpaid debt from years ago I don’t have the money to pay it and may go to jail because of this I have asked god to give me direction amen

  21. plis pray with me,i made a wrong decision and married a non believer,i have gone through terrible problems including unrepentant infidelity,i wish God gives me a second chance

  22. Please pray with me i have a chain of problems mostly many unpaid debts and also i once messed up am 26 but i have around 3 kids out of wedlock as aint married each kid with a diff mum yet am very poor indeed finished my university education i havent get job am losing my money every time and i dont know what to do now as am bankrupt i have never been responsible to my children as am really broke
    Am john baptist mudibo from Kenya i need yo prayers today

  23. I need prayers. A friend took a loan from me and promised to repay. Months went by and he didn’t repay so I summed courage to ask him and he told me he is saving to buy a house and he will repay agter he closes on his house. Even when I told him I had an urgent need he told me to wait until he buys his house.
    I pray that God should torment him until he repays. I loaned him the money on good faith because he was in need

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