Faith is . . . the evidence of things not seen – A.B. Simpson

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True faith drops its letter in the post office box and lets it go. Distrust holds onto a corner of it and wonders why the answer never comes. In my desk are some letters that I wrote weeks ago. But there was some slight uncertainty about the address or the contents so they are yet unmailed. As yet they have not done me or anyone else any good. They will never accomplish anything until I let them go out of my hands and trust them to the postal system. This is the case with true faith. it hands its case over to God and then He works. There is an appropriate verse in Psalm 37:5 – Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he [worketh]. But He never works until we commit. Faith is a receiving-or still better-a taking of God’s proffered gifts. We may believe and come and commit and rest, but we will not fully realize all our blessing until we begin to receive and come into the attitude of abiding and taking.


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