Faith Gives Substance To Hope – John Osteen

By Rev. John Osteen (Father of Joel Osteen and Founder of Lakewood Church)

There is no limit to what the Spirit-filled Christian can do for God, no matter where he is, if he will learn the fundamentals of Faith, dare to believe God, and just act on His Word.

We are going to study a scripture passage that I believe will be a great help to you as you learn a basic faith. Begin by reading from the letter to the Hebrews:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Those first words tell you what faith is. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for….” Have you ever hoped for something? Hope is important. If you lose hope, you have lost a lot.

Hope is a vital link to workable faith. I mix faith with hope. If you have no hope, faith alone will not produce results. Faith gives substance to hope. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Hope is the climate in which faith works. If you SEE something, you do not need faith. It is there already. Faith is the evidence of things not seen….”


  1. I make sure that I know that GOD is GOD. For His way is over our way of thinking. Our purpose in this life is to fulfill the purpose of GOD. Which means we keep our eyes on Him and the same with our thoughts. We are in this world but not of it. This not our home. We don’t need to undrstand or try and figure out everything that happens in life. GOD is in controll. Have faith in GOD!!

    1. I have had the blessing to be part of Lakewood, as a student at the Academy, and to take part in the weekly children’s church. It will never be forgotten, it was a time of blessing and joy, to sit under a man who was formed by The Holy Spirit, to create new workers to the mission feel.

      You are in my prayers Lakewood, soon we will meet again John.

      1. Author


        I lived in Tulsa for a long time, and John Osteen, a wonderful man of God, would come to our church regularly.


  2. “Does anyone else struggle this?”

    Yes. Anyone who stands in real life, facing real problems, being hurt by the real falleness of this world, fighting a real devil.

    But, we stand. Above all He is faithful, sometimes we just have to say: The Lord is Good and His Mercy endures forever”.

    Check out my last couple of posts. The Lord loves you. We have to learn to be comfortable, and yes it is sooo hard saying: “I dont know why?”

    I seems that those with genuine faith struggle with this more than those with not so genuine faith. I mean if you have real faith in God and His Word, and something happens contrary to His Word, it should trouble your heart a bit. But if you were a wishy washy Christian, that didn’t really believe that God’s word means what it says..Then when bad things happen, you are not troubled or dissapointed that The Word and The Manifestation of healing didn’t come together….

    The mightiest heros of Faith have BIG ISSUES..AND MAJOR PROBLEMS.

  3. Ok, what I understand what this comment is saying you need hope in order for faith to work. I struggle with this. Cause when my Mom was in the hospital I felt totally lost. I prayed and was hoping for God to heal her. After her surgery she was in the hospital and nursing home for 7 months and then came home. Almost a year from the day she had the surgery she ended back in the hospital and Dr said he didn’t feel surgery would help her. A few days after she was admitted Mommy went into a comma, but before she went into this comma she accepted the Lord. Then the Dr came in and wanted to do surgery now. I took him out in the hall and asked him if this surgery would make my Mother well and he said no. I then told the Dr not to operate on her let her be. I went home that night and prayed to God asking him to make my mother well, but if it wasn’t His will, to please take her home and end her suffering. 3:00 in the morning I was awakened and told my Mother had passed away and all I said was Thank You Jesus. I do believe God answered my prayer that time. How is it we are to pray when our loved ones are laying in the hospital dying. The year before my hope was that Mommy would be made well from all her illnesses and come home, but it didn’t happen. I feel when hard things really hit close to home it’s difficult in knowing how to pray. I feel it is in those times, that you need others to pray your prayers for you.
    So, I feel the hope that I had for God to make Mommy well, didn’t help my faith. Does anyone else struggle this?

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