Faith Without Coffee Is Dead

worldincoffeecup-300-webby Rex Rouis

Pastor James got it close in his Epistle, but it is faith without coffee that is truly dead. Some say that coffee is bad for you. Don’t listen to them. It’s a lie from Hell. They say that everyone who has ever drank coffee has died, which is true, but I find that it’s precisely the same for carrots.

I drink my coffee extra strong, with about 40% heavy cream (similar to a Cuban ‘cortadito’ but without the sugar). I like the heavily roasted taste of French Roast. Everything else I’ve tasted is weak and wimpy, not weighty and full-bodied like the God we serve.

“…weighty and full-bodied like the God we serve.”

Nothing is better in the morning than to be nestled on my reading couch with my Bible and my massive mug of hot coffee. Well,…I also need my iPad or phone (Olive Tree Bible Software), Moleskine tablet, and favorite Bible writing pencil.

“Give us this day our daily cup.”


  1. I am a juice fasting addict. Why? Because I am also a food addict. So to counteract the food addiction, I fast for weeks on end, to restart my biological system and give my body a vacation . I also do it to discipline myself in the areas of attitudes, but I find that fasting does not really make me act a better person. I am not very good at imitating what God has made me, namely faultless and blameless; but I try anyway, and leave the rest to God to work in me to will and do of His good pleasure

    1. Author

      With the same kind of discipline, put the word of God into your heart. The combination of fasting and feeding your heart the word of God is amazing. He, through His word, will make you a better person. That is God’s desire and goal for mankind. We love you. Rex

  2. Author

    Yes, let’s get back to God and coffee…I’m going out to make a cup right now.

  3. Author

    I assume you mean Artificial Intelligence (AI). I know very little about it from a true scientific perspective, so I will give my opinion from scripture only.

    I Thessalonians 5:23 says, ‘And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We are what is call a triune being, in that humans are made by God with three parts:

    1. Body, to contact the physical world
    2. Soul, to contact each other
    3. Spirit, to contact God

    Animals can have a body and a soul, but only humans can have a spirit. God breathed this spirit into Adam in the Garden, and ‘Adam became a living soul.’ AI can deal only to the level of knowledge and intelligence; it cannot go to the depths of character, wisdom, and God’s love. I have no problem with AI. I do not see it as a threat or a challenge to God’s work.

    It is kind of like my spell checker can check for misspelled words but does not understand if a correctly spelled word is used out of context. Microsoft Word can go further and help with grammar and context, but it cannot write a brilliant novel, but of love and depth and feeling. We were made by God for fellowship, no machine can do that. That takes a heart and a will.

  4. Do you have any religious perspectives on AI? I would like you to comment on

  5. You seem to live very digital and maybe a litte coffee addicted? Anyhow, I’m more of a Coke person.

    1. Author

      Guilty as charged, or charged up and guilty…anyway drugs are drugs


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