aajesushealingthelunatic-300-webFrom “The God of Miracles Lives Today” by Velmer Gardner – 1950

Mark 13:34: “For the Son of Man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.” He gave AUTHORITY to his servants and to every man his work. Authority means the right to command obedience, the right to enforce obedience, and the right to act officially. Christ had authority over sickness and the devil. He had the right to command the sickness to leave and the devil had to obey. He had the right to enforce obedience, and He had the right to act in the official capacity as the Son of God.

The centurion came to Christ, and said, “My servant is sick at home and I want you to heal him.” Jesus said, “I will go.” The centurion said, “Jesus, you don’t need to go and heal him, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but speak the Word and my servant will be healed.” He said, “I am a man of authority. The ones over me tell me what to do and I have to obey. I have authority over a hundred men. I will tell them to do this or do that and they do what I command them to do.” And he said, “Now Christ, you have authority. You don’t need to come to my home, all you have to do is say the Word and that sickness will have to leave because you have authority over it.” And Jesus marveled and said, “I have not found such great faith, not in all Israel.” (Paraphrased from Luke 7:3-9).

The thing that brought healing to that centurion’s servant was his faith in the authority there was in the Name of Jesus over sickness. And dear friend, today, if you have faith in the authority of the Name of Jesus over sickness you will be healed. The very moment that you appropriate that faith you will be healed. Healing comes as you recognize that Jesus has authority over sickness–all He has to do is speak the Word and it shall come to pass.

Now Christ gave His disciples this same authority. In Luke 9:1 it says, “He called His twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.” He said they were to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. He gave them authority. Christ did not need this authority, He already had it. He gave this authority to His followers.

In Matthew 10:8 Jesus told His disciples, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” Some people say we shouldn’t preach on healing. Jesus preached and practiced healing. The disciples preached and practiced healing. The Word of God preaches healing, and I’m going to preach healing because God is a God of healing. He gave His disciples this authority. They went forth, and He went with them.

“Behold I give you authority over all the power of the enemy–over all the powers of the devil–over all the powers of hell–over every diabolical spirit or demon.” (Paraphrased from Matthew 10:1 and Luke 9:1-2)

Jesus has given that very same authority to us as His servants today. Christ has gone to heaven to prepare a glorious place for us, and what a place it must be. He has been there for nearly two thousand years getting it ready. He said, “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also,” John 14:2-3.

He is preparing a place where there will be no more sickness. There will be no more heartache. There will be no more funerals. There will be no more separations—no more poverty—no more weakness or tiredness. What a wonderful place! It will be reserved for the children of God. But listen, friends, while He is gone, He has not left His church down here to face the ravages of hell alone. Jesus said He was going to build His church upon a rock. It is going to take something to keep that church going while He is gone. He has given authority to His servants to carry on His work until He returns. He didn’t give us the power to heal, but He gave us the authority to use His power, “In His Name.”

There is not a businessman in America that would leave his business without someone in authority. He would have someone become the President of the firm while he was gone. He would have someone to be the custodian, someone to write the checks, someone to hire, and someone to take care of the bookkeeping. Every man would have his place, and that man would have authority over that certain position.

My dear friends, Jesus has gone away, and while He is gone He has given authority to His servants to carry on His work until He returns. I believe today, there are many people who are sick because they have not recognized the authority God has given His servants. They do not treat God’s servants with the respect they are due.

Saul was a man that God blessed, anointed, and used in a tremendous way. Saul backslid, sinned, rejected God, and became a murderer and a terrible character. He even became demon possessed and died by suicide. The people told David to kill him, but David said, “Thou shalt not lay thine hands against God’s anointed.” (Paraphrased from 1 Samuel 24:6). David would not even lift his hand against this man that he had seen God use in such a tremendous way. He was afraid that the wrath of God might come upon him. So respect the servant of God. Respect your pastor, respect the evangelist, respect the missionaries, and respect the ones that have authority over you under God.

In James 5:14 it says, “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” That friends, is exercising POWER OF ATTORNEY. Christ has absolutely given us the legal right to use His name. He has given us authority to face the devil in the power of His name. He is not here, but He has given us authority to carry on His work until He comes. We can go forth using that power of attorney—using His name.

And my friends hear me now. THE DEVIL HAS TO RECOGNIZE US WHEN WE USE THE POWER of Jesus’ Name, just as though Jesus Christ Himself were standing before the devil and the devil would have to obey Him. We know that every time Jesus met the devil He defeated him. The devil was always defeated. Why? Because of the power and the authority Christ had. Christ has given us authority through the power of His name. Friends, He has not left us alone. He has given power and authority to His servants to carry on His work until He returns.

There is a difference between power and authority. No one has the power to heal, but we do have the power to exercise His authority. We have the authority to use His power. Then that power will bring healing—the Apostle Peter said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk,” Acts 3:6. It was the first apostolic miracle performed. He recognized the authority there was in that Name, and he used that Name by faith. It did the work, and brother/sister, it will do it again today. There is power in the Name of Jesus, and we have authority to use that power, to use that Name. It’s not the power of man. It’s not the power of a church, but the power of Jesus’ Name that brings healing today.

Now we have not the power to heal, but we have the authority to use His name. A policeman can stand down here at an intersection; a little hundred and twenty-five pound policeman. He holds out his hand, and the big logging truck stops. A big two hundred and twenty-five pound logger is in the truck. He says, “Hurry up policeman, I’m in a rush.” And the policeman says, “You’ll go when I tell you to go.” You’ll never move until I tell you you can move. Then the logger glares at him, and says to himself, “I could get out there and with one hand I could whip you. You haven’t the power to stop me.” It’s true, he doesn’t. The policeman knows he doesn’t have the power, and the logger knows he doesn’t have the power. But THE POLICEMAN DOESN’T NEED THE POWER. He has been given the authority under the law to carry on and to fulfill the works of the law of the land. And there is only one reason that logger stays there—he doesn’t stay there because he’s afraid of the power that this man has, because he knows the man hasn’t the power to stop him. He knows that policeman has authority entrusted to him. If he violates that position of authority, and he runs past and resists the signals of that officer, he’s going to have the whole city, the whole county, the whole state, and the whole United States after him. That policeman has been entrusted as an officer of the law and given authority to carry on the work of the law.

It is exactly the same thing in regard to God. God has not given any man the power to heal. There is not a man in the world who can heal anybody of anything, but God has given men the authority to use the power of Jesus’ Name. Every man that God has called and ordained to preach the Gospel is a servant of God, and to that servant God has given authority to carry on His works until He returns. Every man will not have the same authority. Every man will not have the same talent-the same gift, but all of us have authority to carry on the works of Jesus until He returns. We can use the Name of Jesus with authority and it’s going to produce works—it’s going to produce the same works that Jesus produced when He was here. Jesus said, “The works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father,” John 14:12.

Oh, friends, the power is in the Name of Jesus. The devil trembles when he hears the Name of Jesus. We have authority to use that Name, to exercise it legally. Resist the devil. The devil has no claim upon a child of God. You can break every attack of the devil by the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus, exercise the authority that God has given, and God will drive the devil’s power back.

Jesus said, “I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work,” John 9:4. In these dark closing days of time, as darkness is coming down upon the world, we must go forth and use the authority that God has given us. God has given us authority today over all the powers of sickness and over all the powers of the devil. When we pray for you, we demand in the Name of Jesus that the devil release his hand from you. All sickness is the result of the devil. If there had never been a devil there would never have been any sickness.

Jesus has given us the authority to demand the devil to release his hand from you and the devil has to obey us. Friends, the devil has to obey us as His servants just as much as he would obey Jesus Christ. I say that reverently. I say that because I know it’s the Word of God. In the Name of Jesus we can become bold. In the Name of Jesus we can make the devil fear us. There is power in the Name of Jesus, and we dare by faith to exercise that divine authority He has entrusted us with. All the power of hell has to flee. The powers of the enemy are defeated forever by the authority of Jesus Christ.

Every child of God has the legal right to use that name. Perhaps your child is epileptic. When one of those epileptic convulsions come upon it, God has given you power and authority to use that Name and command the epileptic demon of hell to leave that body and go back to hell where it belongs. It will have to obey you just as though Jesus Christ Himself were there because He is there. He’s there in the power of His name. So when we pray for you friends, we exercise this authority. Through the Name of Jesus we come before the devil. We command the devil to release his power and the devil has to do it. God has not given us authority to heal, but He has given us authority to believe that He has already done it. You are already healed. Two thousand years ago Jesus healed every one of you just as much as He saved all of you. Believe Him now, and you’ll be healed. Have faith in the authority of the name of Jesus like the centurion did. You don’t have to beg and ask God for it, just believe Him. Take it by faith and stand upon God’s Word, and God is going to honor it.

As servants of God we are His ambassadors. An ambassador has no power, but he has authority to act in official capacities, and every nation recognizes the authority of an ambassador. If they don’t treat that ambassador right, it won’t be just the ambassador that they will have to contend with but the whole country, the whole government that is behind that ambassador. We are ambassadors of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We meet the devil and say, “Devil, take your hand off that body. Take your satanic influence away–take your oppressing hand from that body.” And the devil says, “You haven’t the power to make me do it. You haven’t the power to cast me out.” Sometimes the devil speaks forth boldly.

It’s true, we tell the devil. We admit we don’t have the power. We have no power. We are weak human beings with no power in ourselves, but we are not depending upon our power. We are ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have the authority to command that the devil obey us. We have the right to enforce the devil to obey us because God has given us authority in the Name of Jesus to demand the devil to do it. When we boldly take that stand, the devil is going to flee. He will flee from you. The Bible says so.

If the devil can bluff us and cause us to fear and tremble at his presence and power he will defeat us. But when we boldly meet the devil with, “Thus saith the Word of God,” we claim our throne rights, and we claim our legal capacity in the Name of the Lord. When we say, “Devil, I stand as an ambassador of the kingdom of Heaven, and you are defeated in the Name of Jesus–I command you to listen to me–I command you to obey me–I command you to leave–I command you to take your hands from my body,” then the healing power of Jesus will begin to flow because God recognizes that “power of attorney.”

You exercise legal faith as you appropriate the power of Jesus Christ, and everything that Christ had or did is yours right then, through the power of His Name. Oh, let’s believe Him friends. God has given authority to His servants, so let’s have faith in God, and God will heal you. God wants to heal every one of you friends, and God will, if you will believe. So, when you are prayed for, have faith in this authority.

When you call for your pastor to pray for you and he lays hands on you, anoints you with oil, and prays the prayer of faith . . . right then friends, forget the man’s hands. By faith, appropriate the nail scarred hands of Jesus–that’s what it means: “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up,” James 5:15. They can receive because they have come legally and claimed healing through the Name of Jesus.


  1. Your writing sounds like you listen to Andrew Wommack lol…you’re very good and what I believe to be spot on. Twice the Holy Spirit told me my sickness is spiritual. I know what you’ve written is correct, we don’t need to ask Jesus to heal us because it’s already decreed. Though I know in his mercy he often does supernaturally heal, as he has done with me in the past when I was ignorant of the authority He’s already given me. I’ve commanded this thing to leave so many times but it’s as stubborn as hell. What’s your thoughts?

  2. My question: how does your theology and implications fit with the world of the New Testament and the world today? How did the first christians (once they received the Holy Spirit) experience the Christian life?

    Why does Paul say this in Philippiens:
    “Phil. 2:25   I have thought it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier, and your messenger and minister to my need, 26 for he has been longing for you all and has been distressed because you heard that he was ill. 27 Indeed HE WAS ILL, near to death. But God HAD MERCY ON HIM, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow. 28 I am the more eager to send him, therefore, that you may rejoice at seeing him again, and that I may be less anxious. ”

    In other words, Paul is far from having the same boastful attitude of victory over disease, but rather, through prayer and supplication, the Father healed Him.

  3. This is powerful. The bible says my people die from lack of knowledge. Which means even believers can stay defeated and sick if they fail to speak words of healing in their life. That it Is why it is so important to read and study the word of god. God left the bible here for his children, so that we are equipped to defeat the devil and break curses of sickness, poverty, etc.
    Thank you lord for your word, and that all your children will have the strength to defeat the devil and receive the healing that we rightly deserve in Jesus name, amen

  4. Have lost two babies boys in my womb, and i was left so empty and downhearted i prayed and some times i lost hope ,but after reading this article i believe one day God will give me a baby ,people always talk about me but am strong in christ because no more death will ever happen in my womb again in Jesus Name, amen

  5. So I have a question, a couple actually. Question one, “Is Satan everywhere at once like God?” Question 2, “Why isn’t anyone using God’s Word to resist the Devil?” Question three, “Is anyone here an original apostle or disciple that was directly apointed by Christ?” Question 5, “Why is that we see Jesus rebuking Satan and Jesus giving his selected disciples that power yet we only see this in the gosples? Why do we not see Paul commanding it in his epistles or Peter in his epistles?”

    Folks these are some serious questions that need to be answered. What so am seeing is a lack of understanding of what God’s word says. It says in James 4:7 “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” How does one get rebuke from resist. What about Ephesians 6 where Paul says we are to put on the full armor of God? Even the archangel Michael deferred to the Lord I James when battling over the body of Moses and in Zechariah 3:2 the Lord himself only rebuked Satan.

    It is so important that we dog into God’s Word and search the scriptures like the Bereans did in Acts 17:11. What I am see here in the article and some of the comments is a complete disregard for scripture and a focus on man and what they think they can do.

    God bless.

    1. Your can have a PHD in the word like the Pharisees and Sudeecees but not understand. You need the Holy Spirit.

  6. I have read this before but this time it was different, it was clear and changed my understanding of the absolute POWER and AUTHORITY we have over satan and his demonic strongholds over our life, health, and finances. I want Christ to say to me , ” I have not found so great faith in all the land”, I need to grow- up spiritually and act and live like the Bible is true. God has proven himself faithful to me more than I have been to Him. Father, I repent, and I am sorry for my lack of faith and trust in your never changing Word. I love you so much Jesus…my King, “what a wonderful name it is, nothing compares to it”!

    1. Author

      Davin – Keep putting the word into your heart. Read the Gospel of John chapters 14-17 and Ephesians chapters 1-3 with your above thoughts in mind. Read them over and over until they get inside your gut deep and good. Find verses that jump out at you and speak them over and over. He will say that to you someday… Rex

  7. What a wonderful read and testimony of the Love of the Lord Jesus!! Beautiful encouraging words of the God given authority we have.. through Faith all things are possible. Thank you..

  8. Thank you. That is so true. And the reason why so many christians dont see results when praying for people. If you let the worldly ways have emminence in your life the effectiveness of the holy spirit is restricted. A lifestyle that is wholly in line with God being obediant opens the gateway for the Holy Spirit to work.

  9. The most important thing as a Chriatians in order to have this authority is 1.Be genuinely saved from the heart 2.You need to have a relationship with Jesus3.Be filled with the Holy Spirit 4.Let the Spirit lead you 5. Lead a pure life before God by life of confession 6.Don’t compromise your standing in the Lord 7.Obey God’s Word and his Will 8. We must have the Word of God planted in us richly in all wisdom. 9.We must be fasting Christians often times. 10. We must be prayerful spending more time seeking God’s presence. 11.We should be alert and on guard by watching what music we listen to as Chrsiatians,movies we watch-Remember eyes,ears,hands,Mind,heart etc are GATES so be careful who or what you open your doors to.Knows your weaknesses and depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us always through the power of the name of Jesus Christianity. You can have the authority but you need the necessary power that Jesus annoints us with to demonstrate his works.We must be anointed by Christ Jesus-Not every Christian carries the anointing unless in total obedience of God’s word and will.God bless

  10. I Proclaim my Authority in Jesus Christ of nazareth’s name. By the power and authority of Jesus Christ I heal my marriage of codependency and of depression and anything that is not at the light .
    anything diabolical that oppresses us, any witchcraft against me and my wife or anything unclean! I Cast you OUT by the power the authority of not me but the power of the word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! BY THE POWER AND AUTHORITY THAT HE FREELY PROMISED US AND GAVE US SO WHAT IS IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

  11. I have prayed often and pleaded the blood over my sons for God to protect and guide them. I have stood on promises of God. My son, Douglas, has been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. He loves the Lord much, that if his illness brings others to Christ, so be it. He says he knows he would go to heaven, but is concerned about my other son, Brian. This son got shocked a few weeks ago and has had issues with chest. I am a Mother, who has prayed for her children and have claimed Jesus word, but I am hurting for my children. .

    1. Author

      Mary – I hear you and I fully understand. But you can’t plead and pray in fear. You must trust and expect when you pray. Praying is not begging. Relax and trust the faithfulness of God. Read the articles on this site about faith that may jump out at you. Start at the front page and move back or pick from the list (on the right hand side on a desktop, at the bottom on a phone). Let the peace of God and faith in God seep into your soul.

      Talk to God, not as someone Who must be talked into loving your children, but rather, as someone Who loves your children much more than you do. He does not need to be convinced to move on your behalf but He does require faith to act. Let His faithfulness fill your heart and then you will KNOW that He is at work in their lives. Then worship Him in appreciation. We love you and your sons. Rex

  12. Jasmin—I’m praying for you…now….I’m sorry to hear about your pain….

    Jesus is Lord. Thank you God Father for this encouraging read. In Jesus’ Name, Let us not be lovers of pleasure/the world/having a form of godliness & denying its power. I pray that we embrace the whole message of your Word…and know clearly what your will is Father & to just do it! May we surround ourselves with God-fearing, God-loving people who know their identity, authority & power in Christ, as iron sharpens iron. Thank you God Father that you have not left us empty-handed…but full of resources to live this life on earth….let us use your resources, such as Jesus’ Name, Holy Spirit….ministering angels/prayer as outlined in scripture/Your Word–the sword of the Spirit/Praying in Tongues…etc to accomplish your purpose. But above all may our hearts be set on You God Father..may we love you with all our hearts, minds, souls…& walk with you daily in intimate fellowship. Thank you Lord Father that you so love us and want to spend eternity with us…that you sent Jesus the Mediator to reconcile us to You. You made it happen–what a gift! Wow, it’s amazing that you God Creator of the Universe want to spend eternity with me….You want to be in relationship with me for all eternity. Wow….this makes me want to go out and lay hands on the sick, love the brethren, raise the dead, preach the gospel, care for the poor, etc. Thank You God Father. Bless the authors of this website in Jesus’ Name.

  13. I have gone into warfare in the name of JESUS Christ Of Nazareth & also cover myself & family with his holy precious healing blood . Repented & forgiven . There are people who call themselves Christian s that have told me I must move house ( due to envy ) , That I can’t cope ( I’m a widow ) & if I keep working hard I will get a bad back . Now I can hardly walk too much or sit up right or lie flat . It is excruciating . I beak bind loosen & listen to so many Christian prayers & scriptures . I still pray for others who no longer have cancer . Muslim youth & lots of youth have been healed from CHRISTS love in me . ( I’m 57! & suffered too much to mention ) . I can now walk around the park & water my garden . I live on pain relief , strong anti inflammatories & muscle relaxants . I am repentant forgiving & adore my JESUS . I can’t go to church as I must lie down on a sofa & do exercises often to get the nerve loosened & away from my lower spine. I can’t take any more & most Christians have forsaken me . I have 2 older ladies & an older man that care but they are very old .pstors don’t visit & I fight depression & suicidal thoughts often . I want to serve JESUS & would never wish this affliction on any one . I am an orphan & my son works away & blames me for many things . My dear daughter tries to help but she has no time due to work & domestic violence in her fathers 2nd marriage . Both children had back skid den seeing my old bad behaviour & that of other Christians when we were really struggling . I want to be healed . 2 men wh o were drunk told me about 2 years ago that I. Would be dead in 2 years . One said he told his granny & she died when he said she would . They looked like they had demons in them . The pain & isolation does affect me but I try so hard to go into warfare ..I need a miracle!! I’m in Adelaide , South AUSTRALIA . I’m an intercessor , worked with aboriginals & street kids & youth with my dogs until I got sick &!also was used to uncover demonic act ivi ties in churches &!christian groups . A whole church was in total ungodliness & was on the news , the pastor found dead in his car after the anglican diocese closed it down . another group had adultary DV , paedophilia & 1 lad is now in prison . A youth from India told me I would hurt my back ( Jezebel spirit) ? I honestly hate seeing all this & I want to live as my life has been one tragedy after another . Please help me Jesus Amen ?? & Amen ??

  14. Basically a good article. But there is one thing which I must dispute. You say we have no power, but that is contrary to Scripture. Luke 9:1 says “Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.” Acts 1:8 says “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Acording the Word of God, I DO have power AND authority over the devil. It is wrong to water down what Jesus said because it doesn’t agree with our doctrines. I choose to believe what He said. I just believe we have to teach the whole counsel of God. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Gwen – I think you are being a little persnickety. Sure we have power – through the power of God and through the Name of Jesus. The article says – ‘You exercise legal faith as you appropriate the power of Jesus Christ, and everything that Christ had or did is yours right then, through the power of His Name.’

      And – ‘When we say, “Devil, I stand as an ambassador of the kingdom of Heaven, and you are defeated in the Name of Jesus–I command you to listen to me–I command you to obey me–I command you to leave–I command you to take your hands from my body,” then the healing power of Jesus will begin to flow because God recognizes that “power of attorney.” ‘

      We love you. Rex

  15. This is an eye opener to me. My children and I have suffered from severe sicknesses but it is all over now because I now know how to speak the words of healing over us in the Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Praise the living Jesus.

  16. This is totally true. God has placed every authority against principalities and power in our tongues, the head of all power is Christ and at the mentuon of the name Jesus Christ the devil loses his grounds of accusations and afflictions on us. Si knesses flee! Demons flee! and theres restoration. All we need to do is to be “born again” and ensure we abide by Gods commandments and then his spirit automatically dwells in us! ALL authority is ours in the name of Jesus

  17. Amen, Yes we have the authority to declare the Blood of Jesus over us and our families. As we speak the word, and the Name of Jesus the enemy flees. There is power in the Name of Jesus. There is healing in the Name of Jesus. All we need to do is have faith and trust Him, He is our hope and our refuge. Yes we will have victory in Jesus Name Amen. I experienced the power from the 20th of October 2016. I saw God’s hand heal my daughter, I cried out to Him and He answered me in Jesus Name according to Romans 8:11 Amen . All glory and honor to our Father God in Jesus Name Amen

  18. That is why scriptures call Jesus the other Adam. First Adam lost all power and authority over the whole world. God gave Adam dominion over everything but he lost it when he sinned. But the other Adam Jesus took dominion over everything Adam lost for us. Jesus is call our elder brother as. When He became fresh die and resurrected He took from Satan that dominion and restored us back to the original position. As sons of God we can overcome anything the devil have against us including sickness and trails. Faith conquer all. That’s the most powerful weapon. God bless.

  19. There is power in His name. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you Pastor

  20. What AWESOME reading this was. I felt the power when reading it. God just wants us to have the faith of a mustard seed. We as His children better start standing our ground & fight with ALL THE AUTHORITY in us. The only way to win is thru Him! He overcome, so can we. After all we are His children(heirs to the throne). He loves us, & cares for His own. I enjoyed every word, so inspiring & true. Thank you.

  21. I read all witness above, n is touched by the Holy Spirit n understood how to pray with authority, as my husband is facing problem at work with his senior bosses. Thanks you so much Jesus, for sending Angeles on my path, thanks for this site may the might Lord bless you n your ministry n may it grow more n more.

  22. Today I declare I have the power, which is in the blood of CHRIST, to HEAL MYSELF, FAMILY. ITS TIME

  23. Thank God for saving my life and calling me into the kingdom business
    I am a proud member of Church Of Divine Love

  24. God has the ability to overcome any problem you find yourself in. so it is up to to have faith and believe in him that he is able to do all things things. All help you to find victory in any situation you find yourself. Amen

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