God Is Working, Go Take a Nap

God works best when we rest.  He is like a close friend who comes over when things get crazy and says, ‘Hey, go take a nap, you look like you need it, I’ll take it from here.” He is absolutely wonderful!!

The God of the universe is also our closest friend.  Can it get any better than that?!  Just because our attention gets off the subject does not mean that God gets off the subject.


  1. There is nothing wrong in taking a nap lighten up. Lol. That could be a way of your body signaling take a breather. Everything in this world isn’t work work work.

    1. Author

      I totally agree. Sometimes, not taking a rest can be a sign of not being in faith. Faith after all, is God’s rest. Naps are beautiful. God bless. Rex

  2. George, u got it wrong, go take a nap here doesn’t really mean only physical sleep, it means free yourself from worries because God is involved, it also speaks of the peace that is revealed in our hearts when we have faith in God, and just to correct that, God is not angry when you stop fasting or when you sleep, u better be careful so you don’t move from obedience to self righteousness

  3. Go Take a Nap? i dont think God like’s lazy people. somethings i feel like when i stop fasting or sleeping with no job yet ; that God get’s angry so Nap um….i just dont no about that; but one thing i do no is ….Nap is not really my thing..i do rest but i prefair reading the bible or playing praises , talk to God through my heart etc..

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