He That Gives To the Poor Shall Not Lack – Rees Howells

by Rees Howells (1879 – 1950)

The first big test on giving came with a man in very poor circumstances, the lowest of the low before he was converted. One morning the Lord laid a burden on me for him and told me to pray for him because he was in difficulties. The devil was attacking him and I saw that a contest was going on for his soul. It was a very keen spiritual fight. I told the Lord, “I will give all I have to save him.” That evening the man came to see me, and when I asked if he was in trouble he said that he was two years behind with his rent. “Oh,” I said, “I will help you with half of what you need and I am sure my friend will give you the other half.” On my way upstairs to fetch the money the Lord spoke to me, “What did you say to him? I thought you said this morning that you would give all you had.” I turned back and told the man I would give him all he needed. Then I walked back with him to his home. When I left him it seemed that all the joy of heaven came down on me. It came over in waves, and I could not contain it. That night I changed in the root of my nature. I changed towards the world, towards lost souls and towards giving. From that time I could not help but give to everyone in need. I lived to give.

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