How To Agree In Prayer – Charles Finney

Jesus told us to learn to “agree” in prayer (Matthew 18:19)–as the apostles learned to do (Acts 1:14). Below are excerpts from Charles Finney’s instructions about group prayer, taken from his Lectures on Revivals of Religion.

Avoid Long Prayers

“The prayers should always be short. When individuals suffer themselves to pray long, they forget where they are, that they are only the mouth of the congregation, and that the congregation cannot be expected to go along and feel united in prayer if they are long and tedious, and go all around the world and pray for everything they can think of. Commonly those who pray long in meeting do it not because they have the spirit of prayer, but because they have it not.”

No Lectures or Sermons, Please

“Some pray out a whole system of divinity. Some preach, some exhort the people, till everybody wishes they would stop. They should keep to the point, and pray for what they came to pray for, and not pray all over the universe.”

Focus on One Thing at a Time

“Each one should pray for some one object. It is well for every individual to have one object for prayer. Two or more may pray for the same thing. When one leads and the others do not follow, but are thinking of something else, prayer is hindered. Their hearts do not unite, do not say Amen.

Follow the Holy Spirit’s Leadings

“Great pains should be taken both by the leader and others, to watch carefully the motions of the Spirit of God. Let them not pray without the Spirit, but follow His leadings. Be sure not to quench the Spirit for the sake of praying according to the regular custom. Avoid everything calculated to divert attention away from the object.”


    1. Author

      I believe that God will speak to you concerning what you have to do. Look up the scriptures on this site over prosperity and finances. Read them and let God speak. Listen and obey. If you have to repent then do it. Ask for His mercy for your situation. He will help you. He will give you a path out of your situation. We love you. Rex

  1. I agree with the comments on prayer. And the steps on agreeing prayer in a group setting. When one gives them self over to prayer. Their confidence and boldness will arise to a new level because you begin to know that you have the Holy One inside you as your helper in prayer. No excuses to be shy and timid in your prayer life. When you have the revelation of who and how the Holy Spirit will use you in prayer and intercessory prayer.

  2. I always felt that when praying with a group, if you are not truly in one accord, your prayers will be hindered. Now I know it. I have been apprehensive when praying with a group of people I do not know. I always mention we need to agree for each other with- out envy, or praying opposite of what we each ask for. Charles Finney, brought this truth out. I will make copies, give to church or prayer group.

  3. I quite agree on focusing on one thing at a time when we pray. It’s really effective. I also agree that long prayers in the church should be avoided, but for individual who is seeking the face of God in prayer long prayer should be encouraged. Jesus prayed prayed all night several times. He also prayed earnestly that his sweat was like a drop of blood (Luke 22:44).

    1. I agree Joseph, somehow we lose focus when the prayer is too long. Or when people does not agree with the heart. Stay encouraged.

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