Only One Cause for Failure in Prayer

Finis Dake

There is only one cause for failure in prayer. Jesus taught that it was “Because of your unbelief.”

Some argue that this cannot be the trouble in their case, but the fact remains that this is the sole reason, providing one is a qualified son of God. Suppose we search the Scriptures for some other reason and see if it can be found. . . Suppose we become honest enough to investigate what God says and give Him the benefit of any doubt. If we would answer ourselves with the Bible, we would find a number of Scriptures that plainly prove this.


  1. please Lord lift me and my family from this depression in our lives, allow me to pray and have peace in my heart, clear my mind from all anxiety and lift my mind and my spirit to follow you, help my husband, children and grandchildren with the dissappointments in life. gather us all encompass us with strength. thank you

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