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  1. I got inspired by Ps Nash’s prayers that undergirded the anointed ministry of Finney from HOW TO PRAY CORRECTLY by Dr Theo Wolmarans. Praying that the Lord raise me several Nashes.

    1. Daniel Nash would go into a venue where Charles Finney was going to hold a revival service and would get a room at an room and board facility and then get two or three local church members willing to take the time for prayer and fasting and they would go into the room, close the door and get on their faces before the Lord and pray for the salvation of the lost who would be coming to the revival meetings. On one occasion the men had been praying for three days not having stopped to eat. The lady who ran the room and board went to the room to see if the men were O.K. On cracking the door open all she could hear was goaning coming from the floor. When Finney arrived at that location the lady told him what she had heard in the room. Charles Finney told her not to bother them because they were getting ahold of heaven.
      On one occasion there were some men, one of which was a tavern owner, who vowed to disrupt the services. The Lord spoke to Daniel about these men and he went to address them about their intent. What he said to them was that if they carried out their vow that by the following day their lives would be taken from them. The men came to the service and got under conviction so instead of disrupting the service they went to the mourners bench and gave their lives to Christ. People would come to the town where the revivals were taking place and were not in the place of worship when they would get under the power of the Holy Spirit and would fall on the ground and seek forgiveness for their sins.
      Their is very little written about Daniel Nash but it was said of him that he prayed himself to death. After Daniel’s death the evangelical ministry of Charles Finney lost its power so he discontinued his outreach and returned to become the pastor of a church.
      Daniel Nash’s burial place is in a remote cemetery in northern New York near the Canadian boarder and it is written on the tombstone, Daniel Nash a man of prayer.
      That is as much as I know about Daniel Nash since he was a man who never sought notoriety.
      You will only find snippets of information about the man but for sure he knew how to touch heaven in his prayer life.
      It was stated about him that he would go to the woods for personal times of devotion and people could hear him pray miles away. Sorry, I almost forgot to mention that fact.

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