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The following is a Greek word commentary, taken from Wuest Word Studies – K. S. Wuest, on Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.  Hebrews 11:6

Now the writer lays down an axiomatic truth. He uses the aorist tense in the infinitive “to please.” The statement is universal in its application and timeless. The idea is, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him at all.”

The one who comes to God, must believe two things, first that He exists, and second, that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. The first verb “is” is the translation of estin (¦óôéí) which speaks of existence. The second verb “is” is the translation of ginomai (ãéíïìáé). The idea is not merely that God exists as a rewarder, but that He will prove Himself to be a rewarder of that person who diligently seeks Him. As Vincent puts it: “He who approaches God has, through faith, the assurance that his seeking God will result in good to himself.”

The words “diligently seek” are literally “seek Him out,” the prefixed preposition being local in its force in this translation. But those who seek Him out are diligently seeking Him, and here we have the perfective use of the preposition. Vincent says in this connection: “God’s beneficent will and attitude toward the seeker are not always apparent at the first approach. In such cases there is occasion for faith, in the face of delay, that diligent seeking will find its reward. One is reminded of Jesus’ lessons on importunity in seeking God (Luke 11:5–10, 18:1–8).”

“He hides himself so wondrously
As though there were no God;
He is least seen when all the powers
Of ill are most abroad.
Or He deserts us at the hour
The fight is almost lost.
And seems to leave us to ourselves
Just when we need Him most.
It is not so, but so it looks;
And we lose courage then;
And doubts will come if God hath kept
His promises to men.”

Wuest Translation. But without faith it is impossible to please Him at all. For he who comes to God must of necessity in the nature of the case believe that He exists, and that He becomes a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him out.

Without faith it is impossible to please Him at all.


  1. So tell me if my interpretation is correct of the above passage and interpretation: when things get tough and actually the toughest God tends to disappear and leave it to us it seems the interpretation is . According to the scripture it says that faith is necessary. So when God seems absent is that where we must inject faith which is necessary knowing that he will help us

  2. When I cross referenced this with the link to Luke in the fourth paragraph I understood it much better thanks for including the link

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    1. I believe that God is waiting for us to pray and seek Him. This is a wake-up call to America.
      I do agree that this virus was no accident as they would have us to believe.

  4. Hi, I was trying to print the messages so I can meditate and put into practice , however it only let’s us print the first page. Is it possible to add the print button?
    I would show when we print that the articles are from your website. thank you and bless you.

    1. I am inspired by your emails. I would love to receive a daily bible study if you have one or daily devotional. I need all the help i can get.
      Thank you!

  5. Thank you for reminding me that God is always near, that he hears even when we don’t feel that he has heard our prayers and to keep on seeking him. I have been a christian for a long time and i am always looking for bible studies that will help me to know more about him and to glean new and wonderful nuggets from his word. You do a great job by explaining God’s word in a way that we can understand.
    Keep up the good God work. Praise be to God the Father and my Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ!

    1. Author

      Nell – Thank you so much and God bless you. We love you. Rex

  6. Thanks for this Rex. We always need God’s word – that”renewing” source of food to chew on. There are times when portions of His word speak louder than others. This is a good word for today. For your info – I was born again today in 1973. Yep, it’s my birthday.

    1. Author

      Andrew – Happy God Birthday! You are such a blessing. We love you. Rex

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