1. Lost a good friend and having fincial difficulties plus pain in the knees and back.

  2. Thank God for this site. I don’t believe in taking meds for the “spirit” of heaviness. Thank God for the scriptures, etc., you have posted.
    Kingdom Writer(Facebook)

  3. Hi, my name is Nyjah. I am 23 years old and I suffer with Depression and Anxiety. I have always been a believer, full of joy and life. Through all I have suffer with. I was always the strong one, having to smile through the pain and show others there is Hope, but the last year til now I have went through far more than I can handle and even the strong has a breaking point. I haven’t giving up yet, but there are days I want too. I am a mother of two amazing miracles and it hurts me to have them see me going through this. I have no family support, but my fiance and to be strong for him and the kids. It’s hard on him to try and make me see when I am deep within the depression and it hurts me each time to put him through it. We both have been through so much and he says to me that it’s his turn to help me because I give up on him. I try telling myself God don’t put you in situations where He don’t think you can make it through. I will always look up at the sky and say I’m watching God.
    I just can’t do this alone anymore because the depression has made me lose some Hope and I don’t know what to say to Our Father because I feel I had fail Him. So when my fiance and I pray, he does it until I am ready and I am ready to get back in His arms.

  4. Author

    Cynthia – We are with you and praying. Please read as many of the articles and scripture lists as possible. We love you. rex

  5. Would like help on these things plz I’m all alone and sometimes I feel myself falling short

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