LangesMigrantMother-300-webThese scriptures on hopelessness will give you hope and will build your faith. Confess and meditate on them to win the fight against hopelessness.  The whole fight is about not losing Hope. Allow the hope of God to flow into you. Remember, there is a real Person (God) behind each and every one of these promises. He promised them to you for a reason – to help you.

Depression is the emotional result of hopelessness. Joy is the emotional result of hope. Peace is the emotional result of faith.

God’s hope encourages, motivates, and keeps you on the road to faith, peace, and victory. Hopelessness breeds and creates the ‘feeling‘ of depression. Fight it with the Word of God. And if you suffer from deep ongoing depression, PLEASE READ THIS – Helping Others Is God’s Prescription for Depression. Send me a comment, we love you  and we want to help you. You are important and you have value. You will get out of this hole.

Anyone who is among the living has hope. Ecclesiastes 9:4
Surely there is a future, And your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18

No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame. (Psalm 25:3)

You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. (Psalm 25:5)

May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you. (Psalm 33:22)

Those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land. (Psalm 37:9)

Why are you downcast, o my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. (Psalm 42:5)

In your name I will hope, for your name is good. (Psalm 52:9)

Find rest, o my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. (Psalm 62:5)

You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas. (Psalm 65:5)

For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth. (Psalm 71:5)

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. (Psalm 71:14)

I have put my hope in your word. (Psalm 119:74)

Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. (Psalm 119:116)

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. (Romans 15:4)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold. (2 Corinthians 3:12)

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. (Ephesians 1:18-19)

There is one body and one Spirit – just as you were called to one hope when you were called– one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Ephesians 4:4-6)

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ form the dead. (1 Peter 1:3)

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  1. Hello my name is Joshua, I have been suffering from severe depression for quite a few years and it has gotten to a point where it feels like it may never get better. I have gone through so many life struggles that it seems neverending; my current situation being a huge struggle due to a multitude of things going on. I live in Washington state and just recently moved over to Tacoma from the Tri-cities due to a very difficult breakup with my girlfriend. This breakup coupled with my cousin’s kicking me out onto the street has been incredibly difficult to deal with. I initially moved to Puyallup Washington to stay with a few of my cousins; thus, I could work and get on my feet while having somewhere to stay. Well a long story short, my cousin’s wife didn’t like the fact that I have to wake up early to be able to get to work on time and was ready to kick me out because of my alarm clock. Well, I tried discussing this with my cousin and instead of working towards a solution he decided to curse me out and yell so I told him he was completely out of line speaking that way to me and I wasn’t going to tolerate it. He told me if I didn’t like it to get the bleep bleep out so I packed my belongings and left. This was the day after I gave him my full first paycheck to help with rent. He explained to me that I wasn’t obligated to pay anything for rent; however, hearing how they were struggling so bad I felt the need to help the best I could. I helped with dishes, cleaned, and did what I could to be helpful and treated them with nothing but love and kindness since I moved in. I had nowhere to go and thanks to the Lord my other cousin’s husband helped get me a motel room for the night. Since this I have been staying at an Air B and B hostel shared living place where there’s bunk beds and it is fairly reasonable price wise. I was laid off after being kicked out of their home but just recently obtained more work. I have just been really struggling and really seek support and encouragement and a good church to attend in my area. Thank you for reading my long story lol. God bless

  2. Hope is a powerful psychological tool that can help humans go beyond their self-imposed limitations. Hope really does work when your self-imposed limitations fall within boundaries imposed by physical and psychological realities. However, when what you hope for lies beyond your absolute physical and psychological boundaries, that kind of hope might be unreasonable. For example, God is not likely to make a short, fat, 50 year old man win an Olympic gold medal for the 100m sprints just because that man hopes for it. All things may be possible with God, but many things are improbable with God. When you honestly and intelligently observe the lives of Christians you know over decades, this is an obvious truth. Your hope needs to be realistic otherwise you will experience repeated disappointment when your expectations in hope fail. Christians need to be honest and pragmatic otherwise we lose credibility when observed by intelligent and perceptive people. It’s easy to fool the young, the simple-minded, and generally unobservant folks; it is another thing altogether to fool an intelligent and perceptive person with many decades of observant analysis.

    I’ve thought much about hope and God. I’ve had much poverty, loneliness, adversity and pain in my life. I’m 55 now and despite trying hard to make a success of my life, everything I’ve done has failed (usually because of my poor health and my dependent relatives). I’ve shown mercy and compassion to the weak and sick, and I’ve tried hard to be a good and moral person. God has certainly not prospered me. In the past I’ve had great faith in God to help me in a practical and “blessed” manner, as most fundamentalist Christians believe. As the years have rolled by my expectations of faith have been mostly unmet. I’ve come to the point where I think God is less concerned about our physical comfort and prosperity. What is left? Well, purely from a psychological perspective, hope in some form or another is going to be beneficial for our state of mind. The absence of hope brings despair, which ruins us. So no matter how bad things get, we all need hope, but a fantasy world of unrealistic hope is difficult for an honest and intelligent person to maintain. There must be some middle ground! If I was a fundamentalist Christian, at this point I’d say “all things are possible with God and trust in Jesus”. Well, I’ve studied way too much science and experienced way too much hardship to be able to call myself a fundamentalist Christian. So what is left to do; I guess we have to do our best to foster acceptance, inner peace and the realization that this earthly life will not last and that there is something better coming. Optimistic and realistic hope will do us no harm. Unrealistic hope will swing us up and down, ending in much instability. No hope will lead to despair. We must choose realistic, pragmatic hope that can change us on the inside. Fundamentalist Christianity doesn’t do much for real adversity, whereas practical Christianity helps us navigate adversity better. Adversity is never nice, but we don’t have much choice other than to have sensible hope.

  3. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for the kind words you have posted. I feel like it was meant for me. I am going through a hard time in my life.
    I am a single mom to a beautiful 9 year old daughter she is what motivates me. My daughter and I have been living with my sister and her family. I had back surgery for my scoliosis and I am a polio survivor. I have been in a wheelchair for 4 months not being able to take care of myself physically. My sister have to get me in and out of bed and dress me. All of this has taken a toll on me. And I may not be able to walk again. I have accepted this. Please pray for my recovery. I worry about my financ, where will i live how will I take care of myself and my daughter. It is all very overwhelming. I have thought of doing a gofundme so I can buy an accessible van as they are expensive, this will give me back my independence I use to have I can go back to work when I get better. But I don’t even know how to begin or start a gofundme and I always think I don’t know anyone or enough people that would help or give. Would you be willing to help or guide me. I would truly appreciate it, you are god sent I pray that you be truly blessed for your kindness.

    1. You will walk again. You are walking now in the spirit. You will walk again in the physical NOW!!! Declare this over yourself every day.

    2. Have faith my sister. Matthew 6:25-34
      I understand your situation. I have severe juvenile arthritis at age 20 and I need help, I need a wheelchair because I can walk very little at this point, I need support, I have so many questions about my future and how I will be taken care of and heal. I just have to trust in the Lord.
      God knows just what you need right now Maria, and He has His plans to provide for you. If you still feel led to start the go fund me, trust Him that He will bring people to your page and show them to give . All money is God’s, all resources are God’s, and He will provide. He knows just what you need. Trust in Him.
      Some verses that comfort me- Philippians 4:6-7, Matthew 7:7-11, 2 Corinthians 12:9
      Another verse that comforts me when I am worried about my provisions, is 1 Kings 17:6. I have faith if God sent a bird with food to Elijah, if He had to He would send me a bird with food. (More likely He will send one of His servants. 🙂 ) And I think of that in all cases of provisions. One day He will send me my bird with a wheelchair 🙂 Then I will be able to go outside again.
      Keep praying and filling up with the Word to encourage your spirit and give you understanding. Seek out fellowship, it can be really comforting. And praying and praise music. Ask Him to help you praise through this Keep seeking Him, trusting in Jesus Christ. Some day you will rejoice even in your difficult situation. God is strong when we are weak. Same goes for anyone else reading this. I love you brothers and sisters, God will lead us through

  4. I feel for many of you. Your pain is my pain because I do not want any person to suffer and I pray light love and my own personal angels to be with you in person to give you encouragement and extra strength to carry on. I pray that anyone who reads this may their physical pain be healed, may your finances improve in unexpected ways, may you get new connections by joining new supportive groups and meet the right supportive people by divine synchronization. Remember strength is made perfect in weakness, perfect! It is refining you to make you an even more beautiful soul than you already are.

    Let us keep supporting each other when the world can be so cruel

    I am where you all are. It hurts my heart that you all suffer because I hurt similarly.

    We all love you and support you.

    If you make a gofundme page please post it on here so I and others can donate

    Dont forget your souls value is ABSOLUTE and nothing can change that!

  5. I may be of help. Tell me your phone number and well talk and if i can help you some financially.

  6. All of you! Do not give up. The enemy only wishes to use all of these occurances and these situations that are going on including those who are close to you to try to drain every ounce of hope out of you. So that you will be depressed. These are only tests. There is a far greater life ahead of you than this one. The enemy has already lost. Don’t allow him to get you to think that through any and all trails that he has won. It is a lie. Even when he uses everything around you to drive a sword through your heart. He has still not won. No matter what the enemy takes away or hurts close to us that maybe hurting you. He still has not won. Jesus defeated him. He tries to fabricate and control situations to get us to fall before him and give up hope. It is just a lie and a scheme. He wants us to believe in lies. He may hurt, destroy, and steal. But, he does so because he is angry that he did not win. Look to Jesus no matter what happens. He can take you farther and so fight for what is left.

  7. Please know hon, we all get to this place in our lives. I am so sorry for your losses and pain, but be of good cheer help is on the way! I will be praying for you. God lives you

  8. Telling someone that their situation is better than someone elses only makes things worse. How is that going to help someone? And no, helping othets doesn’t cure depression. I’d be the happiest person in the world if it did. You know nothing about mental illness and are doing more harm than good.

    1. Hey, Monica……..If they havnt been there, they have no concept of depression…….I understand you…….

    2. telling someone to pray for deliverance and then describe the fight to stay delivered thru scripture,prayer,faith ,hope, etc….well …give me cement shoes and tell me to swim………

      1. Author

        No Jim, there is a way out. There is hope. What you are saying is that there is no way out, and to stay out. Scripture,prayer,faith ,hope, etc., does work but it takes work. You must work through the hopeless feelings to consistently put those scriptures deep into you heart, when everything screams, “Stop, it won’t work, you are wasting our time.”

        I know you feel like you have cement shoes. I get it, but use any means possible – medication, counseling, etc. – to get your head above water enough so you can breath. Then do everything possible in God to get a long-term solution. Yes, it is hard to think and ‘see’ long-term when you are under water and fighting for your next breath. God will put stones under your feet to walk out. Not seeing the way out, or even the possibility of a way out is a big part of the problem. We actually DO understand. We love you. Rex

    3. Author

      Monica – It is not about telling someone that they or their situation is better. It is all about showing a way out of the darkness. It is like saying, “Hey, come this way; follow me, this is the way out.” I do know your pain but there is an answer and putting the scriptures into your heart is a start. It will rebuild your hope which is what you need. I know you are hurting. Don’t lash out at the one’s trying to help. We love you. Rex

  9. I’m 62, moved to Seattle area about four years ago to work in
    Aviation biz. Company I work for is failing through severe horrible mismanagement. 30% of staff in my department quit in last 16 months. City of Seattle assaulting me in Selective discrimination traffic enforcement. Am being treated for severe high blood pressure, heart disease and bi polar depression. Engaged to be married next year but I am scared out of my mind it will all be destroyed in a heartbeat ( literally) Where us God in this, nowhere? Tom

  10. I am 31 years old, my life is just chaotic because of the things I did in my life I believe. I did too many wicked things. I recently accepted Christ in my life and just got baptized. But I still feel sort of empty. I don’t have any real friends who I can lean on. Everyone keeps mocking me because they know everything that I did in the past. My husband is in another country working and I have not seen him for over a year now. I feel less attention and love from him. We hardly talk on the phone, nothing is the same. I love him, but I don’t feel connection we once had before, I feel like calling it quits on this marriage. He even once told me to leave his home and that he don’t care what I do anymore. I can’t have fun without thinking of my problems, I don’t go anywhere anymore. Also I keep wondering if I am truly save and if I am one of the wicked people who God rejects. Nothing is working out for me. I work in a workplace where no one wants to be my friend or interact with me. I love Jesus and God and I really hope that they love me too. I keep telling myself that if I am alive that there must be hope for me. I can’t smile around people and I feel so sad when I see others smile and I can’t. I am also on depression tablets. I just wanna know can it get better for me or is this my punishment for disobeying God. I am even afraid to die, scared that I have messed up so bad, that I won’t make it to Heaven. I keep telling myself that I believe God has forgiven me and that he don’t want no one to perish, but the negativity keeps coming on my mind.

    1. I feel the same way as you. My husband and I have been divorced since August 2017 and he did everything for me but I could never be truly happy because I was never happy with myself. I am in another relationship and I found out I have a high risk HPV strain which could lead to cervical cancer. I feel I am being punished because of what I did to my ex husband not appreciating him and my kids because I suffer from bipolar and was not taking my medicine and I made some bad choices. I just need Gods forgiveness. I hate being so negative about everything when God has given me so much to be thankful for.

  11. I recently divorced after 11 years then lost a close friend to drug overdose my father to cancer my uncle to murder my grandfather and mother to cancer. Shortly before my mother passing I lost my children after an injury needing time to recover I feel like I’ve lost everything I’ve loved I struggle with my grieving and physical recovery U find myself in a relationship that seems to be biased on lies and infidelity. I feel like I’ve lost my way and have my faith being tested The pain of the past 2 years is becoming to much for me to deal with anymore. I’m in desperate need of guidance

    1. I believe that things will get better for you. Remember that Jesus said in this world we will have many troubles but to take courage for he has overcome the world. Dear one read and listen to the Psalms King David has great insight because he had many enemies and was in grief over his own son turning against him. The Lord God is faithful and will always keep you in the palm of his hand. Do not fear for he is with you he is a refuge for us. Blessings and the Peace of Christ be with you.

  12. I am 70. Hurt at work. Fired for being off from work. Lost my home. Lost my church. Lost all my life savings.
    There must be a reason, I just don’t know what. I am trying…
    And I am trying to find hope, but at 70, as everyone tells me, I don’t have much of a future

    1. Bro DJ.

      Can Anything come good out of Nazareth this was told referring to Jesus by a Man in the bible. As Long as you are with Jesus there is always hope, at the age of 80 Moses lead the exodus, at 70 plus age Winston Churchill was heading a state or a Country, you never know this must be your fresh start. People may say can anything good may come out of you, you must say come and see that’s what Jesus said “come and See”, Jesus came out of Nazareth which was considered as one of the failed town of that era. Jesus is in control and he hasn’t given up on you.

      Keep looking up your best is yet to come

  13. I am a 59 year old man I lost my job of 19years 3 years ago with my job went my home of 19yrs, all my savings, my pets 3 parrots that I had for a decade and loved dearly my medical coverage and Dr. That I had for19yrs I am single no children, a brother that is very successful and won’t have a relationship with me because of the way we were raised and I have tried for many years to build a relationship with him to no avail , I am employed but barely meeting my responsibility I am very depressed and the thoughts of living the rest of my life like this is pushing to thoughts of suicide, I have no one in my life that loves me and I can love back have not had a relationship with a women in years I am barely hanging on and I do talk to God on a constant basis and have begged him to set me on the right path, depression is my constant companion even in my dreams it tells me what a loser I am.

    1. Author

      Wayne – You are not a loser. I know the devil will beat you with that thought. It is just not true. Hard things come to us in life. I am 63 and doing well now but 8 years ago I almost lost everything and had to work at Home Depot for 4 years. You actually are younger than your think and feel.

      You do need to get serious about talking to God and seeking Him, but that does not mean begging. Start reading the Gospel of John and the articles on this website. Let the hope of God and the possibility of a good life seep back into your soul.

      Depression is the feeling of hopelessness. To get rid of depression means getting hope back in your soul and life. God can do that but it takes putting His Word of hope into you on a consistent basis. Do it. You won’t ‘feel’ anything for a good while, keep at it. The good feelings will come in due time. Feelings don’t drive the bus, your heart does. The feelings are just louder. I will pray for you. Rex

      PS I miss my parrot also. I had to give him up years ago when I had my first child. He didn’t like sharing his time with her.

    2. Wayne, Please don’t give up. I am at a similar point – barely making ends meet with no family support (emotional or otherwise). I decided today to go looking for scriptures that fight depression and instill hope because I know God wants more for me than this. And he wants more for your too. I hope you read this and I hope you are able to find strength in the Lord!

  14. I’m feeling without hope. My daughter is facing a long prison time. She has a dark past but has tried so hard to live right. Charges came up which she was innocent but her past makes her look guilty. She has 2 young children. How can there be hope? My life is over.

  15. It’s even heard for me to talk about my situation because I feel I’m complaining and there is always worse. So here goes. I am 51, diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder, have 3 children who were taken more care of by there Dads. Alot of guilt there. My husband of 10 years passed away in March. We were separated and he died of a sudden heart attack which was brought on by alcoholism. I am on a very limited income from SSI and need to move. I’m overwhelmed by his death, finding a place to live, no transportation etc……I love the lord and he keeps me hanging on. I would love to try Celebrate Recovery but transportation is a constant challenge for me to even ask for help. I have been in therapy, outpatient for addiction (on and off for 10 yrs.) with a few years sobriety along the way. I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 27 at a Billy Graham crusade. I do read the Bible and try to study scripture. I desperately need support outside my isolation. I am so discouraged by my challenges, trauma, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I hold on to hope and GOD. I know it’s the adversary and I am especially vulnerable now. I had a visitation the week Jeffrey passed and not real sure what it is all about but I wasn’t scared just kinda shocked but at peace after. And other different unusual things happened. I was lead to your site just by looking up scripture about “hopelessness”. Thank-you for listening and please pray for me.

    1. May you continue to seek God’s presence. Praying for you and everyone who is experiencing challenges in life. Keep on being open for possibilities. God bless you!

    2. Teri, You aren’t complaining, venting is good! I’m so tired of being where I am in life and can see no way up or out but today decided to do something about it. I know it won’t happen overnight. I pray God gives you a regular source of transportation, even a friend through church who can commit to helping. I’d be lost without my car. God Bless you!

  16. I’m a 46 year old female who’s been battling severe depression for 30 years. I have hopelessness, despair, & suicidal thoughts.
    I went to a hospital to “try” to help myself, only to have doctors to don’t know me give me drugs that make me worse.
    I have very bad luck & don’t understand why I keep getting “tested”.
    My mom has been bed ridden for about 15 years, is nearly blind, has cancer & I’m the only one out of 5 kids to help her…because I love her & she’s my whole life. I can’t bare to watch her die or know how I’ll go on when she’s gone.
    I’ve been told my part time job is being eliminated in June as well & I just put my cat to sleep after 13 1/2 years.
    I can’t function anymore & have barely been getting by as it is & have no more strength or will left in me. I can’t get out of bed, can’t eat or sleep & can’t see any hope.
    I pray but hear no answers & feel no one is helping me.
    God please help me & my mom.

    1. I wish I could lay hands on your head and scream and pray out the ugliness ………I wish I had the ability to deliver you……..I wish you were healthy………I am so sorry for your pain……I know it all too well


  17. This is spiritual warfare …….. the battle we all face to walk in the truth of God’s word and His promises regardless of our circumstances. I would encourage each of you to not do this walk alone. I hope you are all in a good Bible teaching church, are studying the Word and are involved in Christian community with people praying for you and encouraging you. If possible, find a church that has a Celebrate Recovery program which will help you grow in your spiritual walk. The Bible says we are transformed by the renewing of our minds, but we often need help to learn how to do that. The Celebrate Recovery program gives you steps and tools to break free of hurts, habits and hangups while experiencing God’s healing power……….all done with group support. Be greatly encouraged that Jesus came to give us abundant life (John 10:10). Don’t settle for anything less when God is offering this to you!

  18. I am turning 21 this june and I tried to become a doctor since day 1..i need to get through entrance exam to be able to study mbbs in my country and I’m going to give my 3rd attempt on 7th may this year..there is not even 1month now and I still have lots of things to cover and I’m feeling so hopeless.I really really want to become a doctor but I feel like I’m not qualified enough but i’ve wasted so much of my time..I really need motivation right now so please pray for me so that the holy spirit would stay within me and help me

    1. Hello Krystal,

      Thank God for life and for the feeling of a sense of purpose. One thing I would recommend asides praying for success in your exams is talking to God about his plans for you.

      Does He really want you to be a doctor? Now I’m not saying you’re not moving quickly because it’s not His will, but sometimes we’re usually on a journey we choose for ourselves. God let’s us sometimes, other times, He doesn’t.

      Speak to God as your confidant. Explain what is happening and how you feel. Ask if it is His will for you to go this route. I pray God answers all your prayers. Amen.

  19. I am feeling so hopeless! With all that’s happened/happening in my life it has caused me such depression and anxiety I feel like I’m at the point of no return! There’s got to be hope for me somewhere somehow. Please God have mercy on my soul!

  20. I am 51. I am unemployed and am trying for one since the last one year . I worked as a Country Sales Manager for a company which went into financial troubles and when the situation arises that they could not pay salaries to the employees, I stopped attending work . I am in touch with the company leadership and want to rejoin once they can pay me again . The company owes me a large sum due to salary dues and which they can’t pay at the moment. I made lot of professional and financial mistakes in the past and it haunts me all the time. I try to blame myself for every wrong or every bad circumstance in my life. I am also struggling to defeat my self pity attitude. I was a strong believer in God and His Son Jesus Christ before . I still believe but I feel I am very weakened spiritually. Please pray for me.

    1. Dear Jay,
      I can see you are too much worried because of your financial insecurity. Trust me your condition is far better than others who have undergone major problems, losses, accidents, disabilities in life. I have personally seen a man who met with an road accident 15 years before, had major head injury, still bed ridden and in coma. His wife is taking care of him after leaving her job. In fact she has sold all her properties for her husband treatment hoping that one day her husband will be normal like you.
      God says
      “Anyone who is among the living has hope. Ecclesiastes 9:4”
      So please believe God, he says you are among living and you have hope. It’s a great blessing that you are in Christ and I am sure God has blessed you with abundant life. Please keep praying. God loves you. God wants you to do direct conversation with him. God bless you always..

  21. Hi Taylor. I will pray for you and I am thinking of you. Your story really touched me. I am experiencing difficult times with my career as well feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under me. Your story I can certainly identify with! I am 33 but am still experiencing similar troubles as you are. I too am feeling tired and lacking in hope. I will be sure to keep you in my prayers as I give my concerns over to the Lord for I too am weary and in need of help. Keep your chin up. If you believe and hold on to any small amount of faith you have left God will not let either of us fall. That is his promise to us.

  22. Taylor,

    Take courage, beloved for God has not forgotten about you. Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you?
    I know first hand how devastating loosing everything can be. I recently lost my husband to incarceration and I have 3 young children that I am raising and caring for on my own. I have no degree and no real work experience because I was a stay at home mom before my husband was incarcerated. It is so easy sometimes to fill my heart with thoughts of regret. For all the mistakes I made and all the time I could have done this or that. But the Word of God has sustained me. And it will sustain you, too, if you allow it.
    Have faith in God. He can change your circumstances over night if He so pleases. Until then… don’t lose heart. He’s already given us everything we need to walk in victory.
    Praying for you.
    ~Be blessed

  23. I’m 51 years old and single without kids. I was laid off from a job I loved in 2010 after being there 25 years. I’ve had 11 jobs since I was laid off. 2 jobs I really enjoyed but left for what I thought were better opportunities but they weren’t, I was miserable. I was just recently let go from my 11th job. I have no savings and I’m feeling hopeless and feeling suicidal. I don’t have a college degree and the field I have most experience in there is not a great demand for it. I wake up everyday not knowing what to do with myself due to the hopelessness. I don’t know what to do. I’ve made so many mistakes professionally and financially. I used to be so Faithful bur now I feel like I’ve lost all my Faith. Please help me with my life, I’m drowning in despair.

    1. Taylor,

      I’m almost 50 with two kids (one materialistic teenager at home) and today I about had a heart attack – no it was a panic attack but I presume that’s what a heart attack feels like. I have 37 cents to my name and no food in the house, rent takes tomorrow’s paycheck and there still won’t be much food in the house. But somehow I think that was my low point and I decided today to look for scripture to help me through it. I hate when people tell me God’s testing me or only giving me what I can handle – my whole life has been this way. Many of my church friends have 2nd houses, beautiful vacations, large homes and retirement accounts. I have none of that. I also don’t have a college degree or a long employment history with a company. What I do have … God. That’s it. It has to be enough. He has to clear the depression and hopelessness. I am trusting God to do that. And I hope he does it for you too. God Bless You!

      1. I too was looking for scripture on hopelessness and came across this site. I am thrown off somewhat to actually read about so many feeling the same way I do now and for a while.
        My issue stems from financial chaos from bankruptcy, possible letter of home foreclosure, no money in bank, retired from federal job after 27 years, breast cancer with a Mastectomy, hip replacement, no savings, don’t have energy to do much of anything, in pain cause the other hip is giving out and I never thought my life would be anything like this. I have had to seek for food at the mission bank and it really hit home that I feel so alone. Family may help some, but they too have their own families to take care of. I do believe and I am doing all I can to hold on, but it is so hard!!! I feel like so many of these my brothers and sisters.
        Please continue to talk cause I need this.

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