Speak this out of your mouth. Sow this in your heart and believe this in your heart.

Father I confess Your Word over my children. I confess that my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace and undisturbed composure. [Is 54:13]

My children grow in wisdom and stature and have favor with God and man. [Luke 2:52]

I have trained up my children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not turn from it. [Proverbs 22:6]

Your angels keep charge over my children to accompany and defend them and preserve them in all their ways. [Ps 91:2]

You Lord are their refuge and fortress. You are their glory and the triumph of their heads. [Ps 91]

I confess that my children delight themselves in the Lord and You give them the desires of their heart. [Ps 37:4]

I confess that my children are willing and obedient and they eat the best of the land. [Is 1:19]

I confess that my children obey their parents in the Lord. My children honor, esteem, and value as precious their parents, for this is the first command with promise, that it may be well with my children and they may live long on the earth. [Eph 6:2]

My children choose life and love you Lord and obey Your voice and cling to You; for You are their life and the length of their days.

I plead the blood of the Lord Jesus on my children, my (future) grandchildren, and all those You have given me in this life.

Taken from a confession book by my Church Pastor – Faith Has a Voice  See also Scriptures For Children


  1. Nandi. The word of God really truly works, I believe it with all my heart. Please everyone that reads this don’t give up, keep praying believe and give thanksgiving to the lord,for he is so ever faithful. Thanks for the scriptures amazing. GOD BLESS!!!

  2. I just found your scriptures on healing and am trusting and believing God for a miracle for my daughter with developmental delay and medical needs. Thank you for this websites that give me hope.

  3. Your Comment *I thank GOD for this site as this was my desire to know GOD, TRUST GOD, LIVE GOD and to have faith in GOD’S WORD. I have written my final year exams in November 2016 and awaiting results and wanna trust GOD for the miracles as i sometimes feel so hopeless but now GOD have spoken through you and answered my questions that i have been asking in my mind, please stand with me in PRAYER please and i feel so empty as if GOD have left me please help me coz i wanna feel GOD’S presence in me

  4. I just found this ministry and started reading the confessions aloud day 2 now. I have struggled for years with depression and am encouraged and excited believing that the Lord and His word will keep me and has delivered me to His Glory.

    1. Author

      Donald – We are standing with you and praying for you. Keep speaking the word of God out of your mouth. You won’t necessarily feel it but it is working deep in your spirit and your soul. It will grow and blossom into a new life for you and those around you. We love you. Rex

  5. Lord I thank you for all that you’ve done and I thank you in advance for what your doing. Father God I ask that you continue to keep your angels encamped all around my children, keeping them safe from all hurt and danger. God grant them favor in all that they do, bless their goings and comings in the mighty name of Jesus! Continue to open doors no man can close and close the door no man can open! Forgive us all for our sins and create in all of us a clean heart and renew a right sprit within us! Bless the assignment that you have over there lives and give them the strength to endure the trials and tribulations of the world! Bless Nicholas in school and give him the knowledge to be more than a conquer! Give them all Ashley, Tj and Nicholas the spirit of discernment so that when the enemy comes in like a theif in the night they will be able to see him coming a mile away! Restore confidence and ability! God you said in your word we have not because we ask not and God your word cannot return void! I trust your word and I believe by faith that my children will have the desires of their hears in the mighty name of Jesus! I’m standing on your word and I believe that your will shall be done in Jesus name Amen!

  6. @Kimberly The Lord will see you through. Just trust Him. He will take care of your husband too. To God be the Glory.

  7. Thank you for being here. God bless this ministry.

  8. Heavenly father, Please help my five children and myself. Please protect us and guide us on the right path. Please help us that we don’t lose our rented home and have no where to go here in Ontario. Please help the older girls find salvation and help with there problems they face. Please help James with his autism that we can get him all the help he needs. Please help me with my health and to be strong through all were going through. Please help the children’s father Barry to stop hurting us and that the attacks from Satan that he helps Barry inflict upon us stops. I pray for everyone’s salvation in the world, our hungry children of the world, and there needs to also be met. I pray for all the people hear gathering together in your name. In Jesus name, Amen.

  9. Amen.
    The bible tells us those who trust in the Lord shall never be put to shame.
    Gods word is true

  10. Faithmechanic rejoice with me over this great testimony, 24yrs old daughter of mine who was stolen by the father got in touch with me throuh facebook today, it is incredible, our God is awesome kos i hv been confessing jermiah 31;15-17 for yrs over this my child, now a graduate as an accountant. thank you jesus is the only respond from my happy heart

    1. Author

      Precious – I DO rejoice with you, and with the angels… That is incredible! Keep confessing and praying so that the relationship will grow and become everything you desire it to be. Be patient and take it at her pace. You will now have many more good years than the 24 that were stolen from you. Kids do grow up and learn about the stuff that went on while they were young. And, remember, Heaven is forever. I am so happy. We love you. Rex

  11. thanks for having this site it gives hope.

    Please pray for my household my marriage and my children

    the devil is out to destroy families.

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