The Cursitudes – The Opposite to the Beatitudes

by Rex Rouis

The following is my take on what would be the opposite traits and consequences of those referred to in the Beatitudes:

Cursed are the self-satisfied, for they are as good as they will ever be. (from Matthew 5:3)

Cursed are the partygoers, for soon the party will be over. (from Matthew 5:4)

Cursed are the forceful, for they will end up with nothing. (from Matthew 5:5)

Cursed are those with no hunger or thirst for God, for they will never find fulfillment. (from Matthew 5:6)

Cursed are the merciless, for it will come back to them. (from Matthew 5:7)

Cursed are the impure, for they will only see darkness. (from Matthew 5:8)

Cursed are the troublemakers, for they will be left unclaimed. (from Matthew 5:9)

Cursed are those who have gained prominence through immorality, for their end will be one of obscurity. (from Matthew 5:10)

Cursed are you when people praise you and look up to you and say all kinds of flattery about you because of your resistance to God. (from Matthew 5:11)

Start the grieving process and prepare yourself for disaster, for your reward in Hell is huge; for in this same way went all those before you who were evil. (from Matthew 5:12)

This is not meant to be mean spirited but rather as an exercise in describing the opposite of Christ’s teachings concerning our required behavior. Sometimes, it is helpful to show what we are supposed to do by showing what we are not supposed to do. And what our future will be like as compared to what our future could have been. Give me some of your suggestions.


  1. I was just going to try to write up the opposites and came across yours! THANK YOU! Can I use these in my Bible Study?

  2. Thank you! Just read over the Beatitudes and was considering the antithesis of each. Gives me something to ponder. Great treatment!

    1. Author

      John – Studying and writing this was a really fun exercise. Another one that was rewarding to do was this – Confession – My Church. It is taken from Christ’s admonitions to the seven churches – Revelation 2:1 – 3:22. I have never written anything where my heart glowed with warmth and approval of the Holy Spirit as when I wrote this. It was an incredible time. God bless you. Rex

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