The Heart of Man – Send Us Your Thoughts

by Rex Rouis

I am beginning a study on the heart of man. What a fascinating topic! It involves the scriptural understanding of how the spirit, soul, flesh, will, mind, emotions, inner man, etc., all work together.

The Bible says that faith is of the heart (Mark 11:23), but what does that really mean? How can someone without God in their heart be able to believe, i.e., the Centurion (Matt 8:8, 9, 10 and Luke 7:6, 7, 8, 9)? This has always puzzled me, and even goes against some of my current understandings of faith. This just goes to show us that Nobody Has This All Figured Out yet.

In the meantime, read this wonderful article – The Heart – by Pastor Bob Yandian, of Grace Church in Tulsa Oklahoma. Like Pastor Yandian, I was not comfortable with the prevalent view that the spirit (of man) and the heart (of man) represent the same thing. Looking at all the scriptural references to ‘heart,’ you can plainly see that this cannot be the case. Reading his article is what prompted me to start the study.

If you have any thoughts or comments, please send them.


  1. Well, may be not necessarily ‘present state…’ but the totality of spirit consciousness and awareness based on the thoughts we have that determines what we acknowledge as true or false.

  2. I believe that heart represents the present state of one’s spiritual consciousness based on the thoughts regularly meditated on.

  3. the heart in ancient orthodox is called the “nouse” it is the spiritual heart the pure and interior heart the one that cries Jesus Joy of mans desiring. the heart that all men have which calls them back to thier creator. research it friend

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