The Meaning of God’s Silence

Silence never means that God is not there. He, of course, is always there. Silence is a test of obedience. It is an indication from God that it is now your turn to make the next move. A move, not based on the easy comfort of His overpowering presence, or the renewed leading of His Spirit, but rather, a move based on your already sufficient knowing of His will.

In short, you know enough, at least for the next immediate step, or to continue on as you are. The reason He does not speak is because He has already spoken. Silence means that you already know enough, and now is time for you to act.

Silence Is Golden, At Least To God


  1. I am in big debt of landlord, I have prayed in order i may be supported but God seems to be silent. I don’t know what I can do once again , I have a big burden every believer who will read my comment, I beg you in Jesus Christ name help me because I have any other choice. Everything at home is finished. I am unable to meet even the basic family needs. Thank you for your support.

    Yours in Christ,
    Alex Mahoro
    Rwanda Kigali
    Tel: +250 788816917

  2. Truly God silence looks unbearable, frustrated and extricated. Though it is for our good but at the same time it crushes down.

  3. God,I believe I’m ready to hear You speak to me, I think,but maybe not.However,I’m watching the clock.

  4. Not sure if I agree. Silence could also be God wanting you to wait and increase your faith. Silence is not just assuming that God wants us to act. Sometimes we act too much on our on volition.

  5. I’m always being alone I don’t know own why my own kids doesn’t come early visited me and spend time together , I hardly try to pray God that really need my helped .

  6. Do you think, if asked a question.. his silence is agreement or disagreement

  7. Silence is not only Gods silence in our lives, but our silence issues that we need to be silent for specific things he may be doing in our lives. Silence can be the birthing of what God may be doing a new thing.

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