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  1. I need to know what I should do my mother is in icu an has had a Massive stroke she had bleeding on the brain and is now non-responsive to the right side of her body She also isn’t really responding at all sometime she does sometime she doesn’t I just feel how could I could give up on my mother when she’s only 54 years old??? she wouldn’t give up on me she opens her eyes sometimes whenever we talk to her but not always she doesn’t move her body on command as much as we want her too but she opens her eyes sometimes whenever we talk to her but not always. But they are telling me that she may not come out of this Is as today that’s what I said but just yesterday they were telling me that the trach and a feeding tube would help her that its the best thing for her and that I needed to give her 3 to 6 months now they’re telling me that I may only have 14 days but the family is telling me not to?? I’m so confused on what to do I have two younger Siblings at the age of 17 and I also have an 11-year-old daughter that is not ready to Let her nanny go! I am only 29 years old and now have full custody of my mom and my two siblings I am asking for all the prayers I can getAnd asking what should I do I don’t want to give up on my mom it’s only been five days since the stroke in a feeding tube and a trach May give her more time to come out of this Or is it me being selfish an just wanting more time I need my mother here

  2. Dear little sister, I can feel your heartbreak & pain from across the miles & I have also ‘been there & done that’…and I am now lifting you in prayer & will continue to do so. Lucy. A person in emotional trauma MUST do the right thing & it involes involves much pain but you can’t live w/ unfaithfulness/or any trauma: If you attempt doing so you will pull yourself down to the level of abuser! My heart beats strong w/ joy & I am able to once again see the goodness & nobility of my own heart & soul! Getting away from ANY kind of abuse is vitally important & do remember that the first day a person leaves is the most dangerous…Keep in mind that ‘it is very WRONG to allow a child, especially a girl, to see such abuse , you are telling her it is A OK! Girls have been trampled upon forever! YOU HAVE (as Mother always said: “You have ANOTHER ‘THINK COMING! If you think the OUR DEAREST LORD JESUS WANTS YOU TO BE MISTREATED!”

  3. Hello. Please I need you to pray for me in this trying time of trying to love my husband inspire of all d emotional trauma he’s putting me through. I’ve tried burying myself in work and church but still feel hopeless. I almost filed for a divorce but when I think of what Jesus said and how much he loves our daughter, I just hold back. I’m tired of crying and wondering if God still answers prayers. As I type this I’m soaked with my tears. Thank you and God bless you.

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