Today in History, Mankind Changed Forever – The New Creation Had Finally Arrived

Rembrandt_Portrait-of-Christ-320-webToday is the day when we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. It was an incredible and momentous day, not only for Him but also for the whole human race. For when our Lord was resurrected from the death of the Cross, we were also resurrected from our sin and God’s judgment. He was raised for our justification, meaning that the penalty for mankind’s sin was paid in full, and that the barrier between God and man was now finally gone.

Now the whole world could once again have the Living God living on the inside of them. This changed everything. It created a whole new race of people on the earth. God-men and God-women – new creation beings in Christ Jesus – with living spirits within them, recreated in the very image and likeness of God. That was the first day of the New Birth, the first day of the New Creation. From that time forward, there were two races of mankind on earth – those that have God on the inside, and those that do not.

That is why these last two millennia are referred to as Anno Domini (abbreviated as AD or A.D.). It is translated, ‘In the year of our Lord.’ No matter whether you believe it or not, or whether you even realize it or not, everything in history now revolves around this historic event.

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