Who Is Responsible For Our Faith? We Are!

Matthew-by-Pompeo-Batoni-300-webGod gives us the tools, materials, and directions, but it is up to us to read, seek, and obey. Faith in God is not built upon ability; it is based upon diligence and availability. It is His power and ability. We are to provide the ‘sweat equity.’

Faith, the Bible says is grown. It is the seed of the word planted in one’s heart, cultivated by a walk of love and obedience, and once grown, it is released as the powerful spoken word. Farming takes knowledge, but it also takes a lot of consistent hard work. You can’t just say, ‘God you do it all; I’ll take whatever I get.” That is not submission; it’s laziness.

Look at the Bible parables and see how many times the underlying issues are faithfulness, obedience, and personal motivation, in response to God instructions. Ability is never the issue. If God is the only one who is truly ‘able,’ then what can we provide except a sincere, disciplined, and obedient response?

If God gave faith, outside of any action by man, why then did He criticize His disciples for not having faith? He would have been criticizing either Himself or the Father. Faith is the outgrowth of a disciplined response to God’s word.

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