Why Won’t God Heal Me?

Jesus-heals-at-the-pool-350-webby Rex Rouis

The tough questions: Why did God allow that? Where was God? Why am I not healed? Why is it taking so long?  These are the types of questions Charles S. Price asked himself in the early 1900’s. He knew that God heals and that He wants to heal everyone. So he sought God to get the answers, and get them he did. He then shook the world with the message of faith and answered prayer. We have his great 1940 book The Real Faith here free. Download it or read it online, it will bless you and all those around you.

Free Book – The Real Faith – Charles S. Price

We have many more classic faith books at Online Books. This message of faith is not new. Jesus was the first big faith preacher, and others have followed in His footsteps through the ages. As Paul said, “The Word of Faith that we preach…” God is abundantly clear about what it takes to receive from Him. To summarize John 3:16 – God gives to everyone according to His love, but only those that believe receive. Read the book to find out how you can get this faith.


  1. There’s no answer to this question and it is stupid to pretend that there is. Maybe God doesn’t give a shit, or maybe he isn’t the God that is painted by Christians. Perhaps he doesn’t exist at all. Judging by the state of this planet, the third option seems most likely.

    Let me tell you what suffering isnt. It ISN’T noble and it doesn’t teach you anything. Christians have somehow got it into their heads that suffering is good. It isnt. Suffering is BAD and it is life-diminishing, not enhancing. Your options get fewer and fewer. Unrelenting pain can make the most patient person become angry and aggressive. Nothing noble about that. The idea that God stands by and watches whilst his ‘beloved child’ writhes about in agony is insane and monstrous (DON’T bring up the crucifixion, we are talking about ordinary mortals, not a God-man who knew exactly why he was suffering). As a believer who endures grinding pain EVERY day, I am coming to the conclusion that this God of the Christians simply doesn’t exist. I mean, I know why people choose to believe that people suffer for a reason, it’s to prop up their faith. But surely the simplest explanation must prevail: God doesn’t exist.

    1. we suffer to teach nurture and grow our eternal spirit which will remain after this life and body have passed away. God really isnt doing you any favours by healing you if theres something to be learned from it. if he does heal its out of mercy to give you a break. the only things that matter are the things that wont pass away and thats your spirit. your treasures in heaven.

      1. saying that though, i did come across this because im currently unsure.

        looking forward to reading this book

  2. This is ridicules , people are hurting , sick and maybe dying and YOU want to SELL THEM A BOOK ! REPENT and ask Jesus to forgive you .

    1. Author

      Greg – I am with you. The book is free. Everything here is free.

      We are working hard to get the sick healed – by getting faith into them. One way is this book by Charles Price written in 1940. It is wonderful. He had a heart hunger to answer the question, “Why don’t people get healed?”

      We don’t sell anything. We have over 250 free books on our Free Books page. Rex

  3. The book “The Real Faith” is tremendous read. My mother bought it for 10 cents and gave it to me. It change my life and my ministry. That was in 1987 and now 3 decades later 10 of 1,000s have been healed and set free all kinds sicknesses and bondages. I have read it at least 30 times and have given dozens of copies away. It is amazing what 10 cents can do and also use someone like me to make such a difference in my ministry.

    1. Author

      David – Thank you for your comment. We of course agree about the book and we have it as a download for free. I guess you could say that we are the best faith value on the internet!

      I just purchased several copies of a book on the spiritual impact of a crisis on one’s life and soul. At two or three dollars a piece, what a bargain. We are intent on finding ways for the word of God and faith in God to heal and change the lives of many. I am convinced that there are simple principals that can be put into place to create a lasting and wonderful impact on multitudes. God bless you. Rex

      1. Brother Rex, this has been quite a journey and the journey is not over but one thing I do know I have my eyes fixed upon the prize. A good start is crucial for those running a race but the most important part of the race is the finish, I tell people in the ministry put your heart into it and finish well. I pray that the Holy Ghost will continue to give me a second wind to finish well. David

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