kenyonBy E.W. Kenyon  (c. 1945) – Used by Permission

The following article by E.W. Kenyon relates the development of his ministry of healing. Some of Kenyon’s critics, most notably D.R. McConnell in his book A Different Gospel freely speculates that Kenyon learned healing under the influence of the metaphysical cults. The article below was written in the nineteen forties and Kenyon, of course, had no idea people would make up stories about his “supposed” history and influences! It is a pleasure to let Kenyon himself answer the speculations of his critics. Note that he tells what his attitude toward healing was before he discovered Biblical divine healing. This ought to answer forever the unwise and misguided accusations of his critics.

–Joe McIntyre

His Name On Our Lips Brings Healing

Christianity is a miracle. It has grown through the avenue of miracles throughout all the years since Pentecost.

To me one of the amazing things of Christianity is that the Name of Jesus in my lips or in your lips can heal the sick and set free those who are in bondage to the adversary.

In the early days of my ministry I found that God’s Word, spoken through my lips changed men’s lives and set them free.

The Name of Jesus in the lips of men today is as mighty as it was two months after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I saw the first miracles of healing in my ministry in Springville, New York, where I was pastor.

Before this I had always been suspicious of anyone who claimed their prayers were answered along the line of healing.

I felt we had doctors and surgeons and sanitariums for that purpose. Why did we need anything else? I then firmly believed that God had given us the physicians and other methods of healing.

I knew nothing about the Name of Jesus and that healing was a part of the plan of Redemption, but my heart was very hungry and I was studying the Word diligently.

I had just received the Holy Spirit. The Word had become a living thing. I had awakened faith in many hearts by my new found love for the Word.

One day the clerk of our church came down and asked me if I would pray for his wife. She had been ill for many months.

I will never forget how I shrank from it. I had to go. She lay in bed and I prayed for her the best I knew how. I did not understand about the Name of Jesus, but God in His great grace honored me and she was instantly healed.

That night she came to church and gave her testimony. It created a great deal of sensation and some criticism. Some said it was time for her to get well anyway. A few gave credit where it belonged.

A young woman in a neighboring town was healed next. She was helpless, unable to walk. If I remember correctly, she had had an operation and it had left her in a fearful condition.

I prayed for her. She was instantly healed and got up and went about her work. She is now on our correspondence list.

From that day on healings came – not many, for not many people asked to be prayed for.

While we were holding services in Massachusetts, healing became more frequent. One day I discovered the use of the Name of Jesus. Then miracles became a daily occurrence.

I remember some instances in Northern Maine. The night I arrived in the town of Monticello for a campaign, my hostess told me that the woman across the street was very ill. She had had four operations and was no better.

She was in great pain. The next morning I called on her and I opened the Word and told her that I would pray for her the next afternoon when her husband came home, for I was very anxious to lead him to Christ.

She said, “I am in such pain, won’t you pray a little prayer for me now?” She was then instantly healed. She came to our service that night.

The next morning I was called to pray for a woman with gallstones. She was suffering greatly. She was instantly healed. Then she said, “My niece is here with erysipelas in one of her feet and legs, and she cannot step on her foot.”

They helped her into the room where I was, and I prayed and instantly she was dancing and shouting for very joy.

That happened over thirty years ago. Last year when I first went on KJR. I received a letter from her in New Brunswick, Canada, clear across the continent. She was able to get me on the air. She wanted to know if I was the man who had prayed for her in Monticello years ago.

While holding a campaign in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a man came down from Northern Main to receive a treatment at the hospital for an injured spine. He had been treated for months. He saw the notices of our meetings and he came in and asked me to pray for him. I had never met him before. I opened the Word and offered a little word of prayer and he went out.

I never saw him again at our services in Fredericton. In a few days I began to receive letters from Allagash in Maine saying that a man had been in my service and had been healed of an injured spine and they wanted us to pray for them. So many requests for prayer came and so many testimonies in regard to this man that a couple of my workers and myself went up to that great hunting and fishing section in Northern Maine.

We were there only three days opening the Word, but I have never seen God work as He did then. Several, who had written as the result of this man’s testimony, had received their healing. This added peculiar interest to the three days of services, and on the closing day when we prayed for the sick, many remarkable healings took place.

Man after man, and woman after woman came forward, or were led forward and were instantly healed.

I will never forget the joy of seeing a man and a woman who had been bedridden for years walking backwards and forth in the service while we were praying. One had not walked for 14 or 15 years and the other had not walked for 10 or 12 years. The last person for whom we prayed was a Roman Catholic, whose arm had been paralyzed for about two years. He gripped my hand and shook it for very joy.

In the town of Blaine we saw a great many healings. A school teacher who had been injured in an automobile accident came. She had lived in absolute agony. X-ray pictures showed a splintered spine. She was instantly healed.

I don’t know how many wrecked spines I have seen perfectly healed.

In San Francisco one was injured on a man-of-war and for three and a half years he lay in a plaster paris cast. Then when he was discharged from the hospital he wore a steel jacket. He was instantly healed, took off the steel jacket and could bend his body any way. The next day he swung a sledge in a blacksmith shop with the utmost freedom, with no sense of weakness.

Another one in Los Angeles was a hay buyer. While crawling through the hay in the dark in a barn, he fell down through a chute, striking his back upon a manger, utterly breaking and crushing his spine.

If I remember correctly, he said he had had 19 x-rays taken. He wore a steel jacket. When we prayed he was healed instantly. The next day he was able to load a car with 100-pound sacks of beans. He could not lift 5 pounds the day before when he had the steel jacket on.

Others here in the city of Seattle who have had crushed spines have been instantly healed.

I have seen curvature of the spine straightened instantly while our hands were on the back. I have seen many cases of pneumonia instantly healed, perfectly delivered while we were praying.

An elderly woman in Los Angeles had double pneumonia. The doctors had given her up. She was instantly healed, got up and dressed and went about the house.

We have seen many insane perfectly delivered. We have seen broken bones instantly healed and become perfectly normal and well.

Had we space we could tell of men and women who have been given up to die who have been perfectly restored.

One of the most remarkable cases happened in the last two years. A mother telephoned in, saying her daughter was already on the operating table about to take the anesthetic and asked me to pray for her. We did, and the thing for which they were going to operate passed instantly out of her body before they could give her the anesthetic.

All these things mean God is cooperating with us as He cooperated with the Lord Jesus.

I have seen hundreds of men and women healed while I have been in Seattle.

If any physician in the country had as many healings as we have witnessed in our ministry, he would be known the world over. No building would hold the patients that would come to his ministry.

Through all these years I have witnessed the power of that Name and the Grace of the Lord Jesus.


  1. Praise the Lord!!! I know He is still in the healing business. I’ve not yet, read of so many spinal healings at one website. Thank you Jesus!!! I know you can heal my spine, also. Along with the secondary symptoms resulting from the inactivity. An auto collision to
    add to the mix and the Father God will get the Glory!!! Amen!

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  3. Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirity! Thank you E.W. Kenyon!

  4. Thank you for sharing these wonderful materials. I have been looking for ‘The wonderful name of Jesus by E.W Kenyon for a while now. Please help.

  5. I have been greatly encouraged by what I have read. Thanks to the Lord for His faithful ministers of the Word!

  6. I pray for a successful evacuation of my dead baby. Lord remove every complications now & after the evacuation in Jesus name. Amen!

  7. Please I pray for instant healing I have been afflicted with trauma I cAnnot get past please please lead me back to sanity and safety

  8. I’m requesting prayers for Archie Smith III. He’s 93 and in good health except he had a recent fall and the doctors said today he has double pneumonia and has given up on him. I know that God can heal him because by his stripes we are healed. I’m praying the lungs will clear up, Archie will wake up in the morning and the x rays will show clear lungs because I know when the doctors give up God is now going to show up and show out. Thank you all for your prayers. I also need prayer for my 15 year old daughter Desiree who has scoliosis(curvature of spine)and I’m asking God for a total healing for her spine as well as asthma & anxiety. I Thank you all for your prayers in Jesus Christ name, Amen–Janice Lewis

  9. Praise God! Some wonderful truths about how to receive from God- yes, it IS simply about getting your faith level up- faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Quote the Promises of God- over and over as faith takes root in your heart. Once you have that igniting of faith, it releases the power of God- it’s just that simple. God set up faith as the currency of Heaven…not Man…so, Father, help us to NOT balk at Your methods of interacting with Man…via the vehicle of faith! Help us, as Your People, to not be overly analytical, but just come to You, in childlike faith. Healing IS in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It IS the children’s bread- amen.

  10. Please pray for healing of my back, leg, arms, shoulders,wrists and feet. I know God is my healer. Thanks

  11. Amados este tiempo que vivimos es una temporada particular de Dios para la Iglesia y el mundo, es una temporada para manifestar el Poder de Dios en sanidades, liberación de demonios, milagros, maravillas en el NOMBRE DE JESÚS…con mucho gusto estamos listos para orar por ti y por las personas que necesiten un Milagro..Te bendigo hoy en el NOMBRE DE JESÚS!!!

  12. Please I would like you to join me in praying for my health ,

  13. Please pray to our heavenly Father that i will experience His blessings and a transformation for the better in my spiritual,physical,financial,social and ministry life.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga
    P.O Box 3305

  14. Just reading this now, it is so encouraging. I am praying and claiming the Lord’s healing for me as it says in His Word. I was diagnosed with 2 incurable diseases. I have been saved for 19 years. I feel like the Lord is using this to test my faith and wake me up from being complacent in my walk. Through these last few weeks from when I have been diagnosed, I have grown so much closer in my walk with the Lord and getting to know Him so much. Also, during this time I am learning of Him as healer for our bodies, not just our souls…which I never knew all these years! Please pray for me to have faith without doubting and believing in His promises esp. with all the symptoms I have. I have read so many encouraging testimonies. This is a wonderful site!

    1. Donna,

      My name is Tony and I’m on the healing team at my church.I see people
      healed every week.I would love to help you.I have ministered healing to people over the phone and have seen them healed.You can email me at
      The Father is not using a sickness to test you.He doesn’t put sickness on anyone, this
      fallen world does.Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Tony Caruso


    2. Hi Donna,
      I posted another message, but I don’t see it.Anyway, you can
      email me anytime at arcaruso@yahoocom.I’m on the healing team
      at my church and I see people healed every week.I have ministered
      healing over the phone to people and have seen them healed.Contact
      me anytime.

      Life Church Boise


  16. Thank you for this article. It has renew my faith to pray for others and myself! Praise God!

  17. praise God..Healing is mine today..some months back,i felt a prolonged pain in my right ear..i taught it waz not it continued for a long time and caused me alot of dis comform and sleepless nite..i had learnt to speak Gods word in while bathing one morning wit the pain stil dere.,I said ‘i command the pain to die from its root and neva come again!’…the words cm frm my spirit and i knw it has gone..2days later it disappeared

  18. Praise the Lord,, healing is part of the redemption. Doctor Bosworth said, “I believe every word of that. But we’re talking about Divine healing, the earnest of our salvation. That’s what we’re speaking of. If there’s no Divine healing, there’s no redemption of the body. We have the earnest, the down payment of our salvation now.” Amen. Claim your healing the same way you claim salvation. Therefore I, Tobias Muzimba, by his stripes I was healed

  19. Just came across this site this evening after a hard work of searching for materials to help keep me moving in this work of faith. Thank u so much and God Bless

    1. Thought you might like

      Go to audio teachings and listen to “A Better Way To Pray”.It is a masterpiece.

      Blessings on you,


  20. I have a son that has been diagnosed with a enlarged prostate . We have been believing for his healing. Recovery has not come yet …I am believing God’s word “By His stripes we are healed”. Please believe and pray with me. Thank you so much. In the Lord . Beverly

    1. Author

      Beverly Cromer- Little,

      WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU! Your son is healed and whole. Keep reading the Word and building your faith, and He must read the Word and speak the Word. The healing power of God will get into his heart and then his body. It is the living Word that will bring healing to his body and victory to his life.

      Meditate on these scriptures till they get into your very bones (or prostate) – Healing Scriptures – Dodie Osteen Seek God concerning them and wait on Him. Let Him speak to your heart, that is the basis of faith – ‘Faith comes by hearing’. Faith is what will heal your body. Faith comes alive when the word on the page becomes the word in your heart. Once it comes, speak it out and walk it out in healing and health. Divine healing takes work but it is absolutely yours for the taking. Go for it with all your heart! GOD’S WORD DOES WORK! God bless

  21. After reading this article, I wrote a hymn with the words:

    The name of Jesus on our lips
    Is as mighty as it was
    When He was raised from death

  22. What did you do other than pray? Did you fast or do anything special to get these results?

    1. Author

      Great question! Think of prayer as a transaction. Say, you want to buy something that costs $50. You ask for it and they of course request the $50 from you. If you don’t have it, they politely ask you to come back when you do. If you do, you get it. It’s that simple.

      Romans 4:9 says, “Faith was credited to Abraham as righteousness.” Faith is the currency of Heaven.

      Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

      It is not by prayer alone that we receive something from God. It is by faith and faith alone, but faith is usually released through prayer. That is the confusion. Everyone prays but few believe. It is by faith, and prayer is just one expression of faith.

      The trick, if there is one, is to get faith. With faith everything works, without it, nothing works. Faith makes the difference. Faith is what brings His will and His world into your life and your world. Take the word of God (hope), plant it in your heart, and seek Him with a listening ear. Once the seed (the promise) becomes a harvest (faith) then you can use it for exchange in prayer.


      Faith Knows the Final Score – An Analogy of Faith

      God Gives According To His love; We Receive According To Our Faith

      Faith Comes – Faith Is

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