By Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only” James 1:22

Some people have such a struggle. They say they are trying to get faith, or else they are trying to believe. But all that is necessary is just to act on what God says.

I use the phrase “acting on God’s Word” rather than “have faith” or “believe,” because that’s exactly what faith is!

Someone once asked Raymond T. Richey, a man mightily used of God in the healing ministry, “What is faith?”

Richey replied, “Faith is just acting on God’s Word.”
Smith Wigglesworth would say, “Faith is an act.”
That’s what faith is – acting on God’s Word.

Confession: I am a doer of the Word. I gain knowledge of God’s Word. I hear His Word. Then I act accordingly. I act on God’s Word!

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  1. I am blessed by Hagin words of Faith. By acting on God’s words daily.

  2. Glory to God for Kenneth Hagin ministries. I am always blessed by his writings and sermons. Thanks for continuing the great work. God bless Rev W. Hagin and his blessed and anointed team in Jesus name.

  3. I am not frightened or shakened because God has given us power over all principalities and powers.
    I thank God for His wisdom upon the life of Rev Kenneth .E. Hagin.

  4. You have ditched Kenneth Hagin and his material and kept his son Kenneth E. Hagin available….shame on you!

    1. Author

      Daniel – Kenneth E. Hagin (Sr.) is the father, and we have many of his teachings. We have not ‘ditched’ anything. A good while ago, we had some of his books online but we removed them per their request.

      There is nothing wrong with materials from Kenneth W. Hagin Jr., the son, but we do not have any. Rex

      1. Kenneth E. Hagin was the father. Kenneth W. Hagin is the son. They called him Ken Hagin Jr. before his dad passed, but technically he’s not a junior because he has a different middle name. Hope that clears things up.

        1. Author

          Correct. It was a typo. It is corrected. I used to work at Rhema. Rex

  5. I totally agree.Faith is having patient,waiting for the Lords leading/voice
    Abraham stepped out into the unknown after hearing and believing God
    spoke to him
    The leading of the Holy Spirit is very important,for it is according to His Will

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