By Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin

He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. (Ps 107:20)

A pastor friend of mine once said to the Lord, “Lord, You know I believe in divine healing, but no one in my church is receiving. What’s the matter?”

The Lord said to him, “Why don’t you preach on it?”

So he started preaching on divine healing, and his whole church got healed.

Before, nearly all of them were sick. But they all got healed. That’s what happens when the Word of God is preached. The Word of God is what does the work.

We are affected by the words we hear—whether it’s truth or untruth. You could listen to someone talk who is worried and oppressed. And when you left his presence, you’d feel oppressed yourself. Some people are so full of doubt and unbelief that the very atmosphere around them is charged with darkness. That kind of atmosphere is created by words.

Thank God for the Word of God! His Word is His will. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” Let’s talk about the Word of God. Let’s talk about healing from the standpoint of God’s Word.

Confession I speak the Word of God. I speak faith-filled, life-filled words that change the circumstances around me. I refuse to speak doubt and unbelief.

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  1. This message is awesome. So all I need to do is to hear what God is saying particularly concerning that circumstance, believe and act accordingly. I am blessed!

  2. All through my life i always fear for almost everything around me and it has made me always careful in everything that i do but it was’nt just good enough for me till i came across this truth and now i am free to the glory our Lord. Amen

  3. It right that we reap from our leap sow whether good or bad God is finding faithful men and women in this land

  4. Hallelujah the word of God is bring a huge turn around in my life.I am a doer of the word of God .glory to Jesus

  5. I have apologized for speaking what I saw instead of calling forth things I see not. I know God is merciful and forgiving, so I want to start over new today.

  6. I am blessed too, as always, every time I read Rev. Kenneth Hagin’s books. Thank you.

  7. I caught the anointing after reading from Rev. Kenneth Hagin repeatedly.

    Glory to Jesus

  8. It has always been a blessing to my spirit each time I encounter Rev Kenneth Hagan’s sermons.God bless you.

  9. God loves us so much that he can’t let us be tomented.He proves this by sending Moses to Egypt & to us he sent Jesus Christ to die for us.

  10. The Lord is wonder.The Lord used the man of God to transform our lives.

  11. Yes My words are me! Yes I love what God says and what He has written for us to speak from His vast supply. Enjoy your time with the Lord!

  12. So right on the money!! We speak what we believe and we get what we speak and expect. So we need to build our faith (what we believe) on His words not ours!

  13. God’s best is blessed!!life and death are in the power of the tongue.thank you Rev.Hagin

    1. I will ever remain a new creation living eternally.and faithful to the Father.

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