A Still Life is a Dead Life

by Rex Rouis

The beautiful image to the right is called a ‘still life.’ In this case, the image is of fresh picked vegetables and other staples. A still life is essentially a ‘still’ portrait of a ‘life’ that once was. It is meant to capture the beauty of the life as it was. But it must be taken quickly because that beauty won’t last for long. It will soon wither and show its lifelessness. A still life may be beautiful but it is just a portrait of a life that once was, and is no more.

Our life and walk is just the same. We are either living and growing, or we have stopped living and growing, and we are dying. We may look good for a while but before long, the death will start to show. Oh, it will start slowly and at first we may not even notice it. We may even normalize to it over time and not notice it, but others will notice, and God will notice.

The Bible tells us to continuously bear fruit in every season. Fruit does not last forever; even the fruits of righteousness can become stale. They must be replenished every day. God is looking for a fresh daily walk, not a sporadic or a one-time walk. Keep moving, keep growing, and keep producing fruit for Him.

Even a beautiful still life is still a dead life.

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