1. please i need WHAT HAPPENED FROM THE CROSS TO THE THRONE by Kenyon. thanks

  2. This is Kevin Davis I have a question about what translation of the Bible. to memorize from and study.Thank You! Rodeohorses77

    1. Author

      Most big Bible guys (like J.I. Packer, editor of the English Standard Version- ESV) recommend living with three types of Bibles:

      1. Memorizing Bible – Most choose the King James because it is written in rhyme, Iambic Pentameter to be exact. Shakespeare used it and it is the meter for Mary Had a Little Lamb. It is much easier to memorize when the words are spoken in a sing-song fashion. The words (most of them that are not too antiquated) roll off the tongue and the wording is more concise.
      2. Study Bible – There are two types of translations – a word-for-word and a thought-for-thought. The first is the only one to use because you can actually look up the words and compare them back to the Greek. I use the New American Standard Bible (NASB) for all my study time. I use Marvin Vincent. AT Robertson, and Kenneth Wuest word study helps as I go along. I use Olive Tree mobile software. I could go on forever on this subject but word-for-word is the only way to go. Use – King James, New King James, NASB, ESV,
      3. Reading Bible – Thought-for-thought translations are okay for this. I read from my NASB but word-for-word translations are not considered as fluid and readable. You can change translations to allow yourself to be surprised by the text. You could use the New International Version (NIV) for this but I think it is a terrible translation. The ESV is also pretty good for reading, and it would be my second choice for study after NASB. There are many to choose from, as I mention, switch them up and see new things in the word.

      I like the NASB because it is good, accurate, word-for-word, and is closer to the King James (which I used for years) than the New King James. I also do not use a Life Study type Bible with all the notes and stuff. I never use them and most of the notes never pertain to what I am studying. I have a Bible with no notes and wide margins for my own written (mech. pencil) notes. I use the Greek word study commentaries every day. It is amazing what you can glean from a discussion of the original Greek word usage. Doctrine commentaries are worthless to me. They are just a bunch of intellectual opinions.

      I hope this helps. Rex

    1. Author

      Tanya – Do you know of our Free Book Page? We have three from AA Allen. We have over 250 free online books.

      I have issued all that I could find. I cannot scan books myself to the quality needed for the site. I have many books I could put on if I did, but still not any from AA Allen. God bless you. Rex

  3. Thank u sir for your good works, am richly bless by this site. Thanks are million

  4. Thank u sir for your good works, am richly bless by this site.

  5. Hello,

    Can i respectfully ask whether i can use some of these confession for my website. God bless you.

  6. Dear Rex,
    Since I came across this web site my faith has been growing so much from the materials I’ve downloaded.
    I just finished reading “With Christ in the School of Prayer” by the Rev. Andrew Murray; thank God I can now pray right and receive all the answers.
    Thank you so much for this awesome website and may the Lord continue to bless you.

    1. Author

      Julius – Thank you so much for your gracious comment. Keep reading about faith in God. God is faithful to those that spend the time to have faith in Him. We love you. Rex

  7. Rex, my brother in Christ. Since I found this site a few weeks ago, I am blessed daily by insights and truths from the writings you have worked diligently to present for our edification. May God bless you as you continue your work and labor of love!

    1. Author

      James – Thank you so much for your gracious words. Keep seeking faith, it is the doorway to the blessings and protection of God Almighty. Bless you. Rex

  8. Hi,

    Great work you are doing here. With your permission Faith Mechanic I would like that my blog be visited for more free ebooks and resource

    1. Author

      I ordered the book from Amazon for a couple dollars. I will make time to scan it for the site. God bless. Rex

  9. Hey everyone.
    I hope you are all doing well in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I have been trying to get hold of a copy of Rev Frankline Hall’s book ‘Because of your unbelief’
    Please help!
    Many thanks

  10. What a blessing to read about those who have fought the good fight of faith, and absorb the wisdom
    which Our Lord Jesus has given them on the journey.
    Thank you for your hard work. Glory to God

        1. Author

          If you mean, “Concerning Spiritual Gifts.” I do not. I would like a PDF version.

  11. Thank GOD for his WORD and the vessels that sought the scriptures .

    1. Author

      Jonathan – I totally agree. Many hours of focus and dedication. God bless you. Rex

  12. Holy greetings beloved, please send all the articles and gleanings on faith to my email.
    Thanks and God bless you all

  13. These old men have keys and not just words. Am inspired and invigorated .

  14. I’m so blessed to have found your website. I love the Word of God. Got to read a quote that my pastor of 22 years he said alot through those years. Lester Sumrall Feed your faith and starve your doubts to death
    May I make a suggestion? You have much to read on your site. Would be nice to be able to high light*copy*mark the place you read so you can find it easier. My mobile screen is so touchy it’s easy to lose your place. A great site God bless.

  15. Thank u Bro. u are doing a great job for his Kingdom Lord bless u and use u more mightly


    1. Author

      Darryl – Read articles and books by A.B. Simpson and Charles Price. We have free books from both on our Online Books page. You can reach it from our Topics menu above. Also, read anything by John G.Lake. He walked in it like few others have. Good reading and God bless you. Rex

  17. Dear Respected Pastors,
    Personally i thank My ALMIGHTY GOD for this teachings from 2013 September onward My pastor REV .SAM P CHELLADURAI is preaching about pastor KENNETH’S Teachings like FAITH , PROSPERITY etc .Frequently i am reading many more wrings from your site. with prayer.Helen

    1. Author

      Helen – God bless you and thank you for your comment. Keep reading and speaking the scriptures that grow faith and blessings. Rex

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