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Jon-Ruthven-250-webJon M. Ruthven, Ph.D., spent his entire adult life in ministry, starting with David Wilkerson in Boston and New York City in the mid-60s. After spending a dozen years pastoring, a couple a years as a missionary in Africa as the head of Bible school, he ended up teaching theology in seminary for 18 years. Always interested in training and discipleship, Jon is developing a radically biblical approach to ministry training that seeks to replicate the disciplining mission of Jesus in both content and method. Jon has written numerous scholarly papers and books including On the Cessation of the Charismata: The Protestant Polemic on Postbiblical Miracles (1993 and 2009) and What’s Wrong with Protestant Theology? Tradition vs. Biblical Emphasis (2013). He continues to emphasize the biblical grounding for a practical ministry of healing, signs and wonders in the power of the Spirit.

We have the following books of his free online: (More free online books)

Article – What’s Right About the Faith Movement
Book – What’s Right About the Faith Movement
Article – On the Cessation of the Charismata
Book – On the Cessation of the Charismata: The Protestant Polemic on Post-biblical Miracles
Book – The Foundational Gifts of Ephesians 2:20
Book – Women and Ministry
Book – They Called Jesus a Counterfeit Too
Book – Were Our Founders Right After All About the ‘Initial Evidence’ and the ‘Full Gospel’?
Book – The “Imitation of Christ” In Christian Tradition
Book – A Brief Biblical Response to MacArthur’s Strange Fire
Book – Spirit and Kingdom – James D. G. Dunn
Book – This Is My Covenant with Them – Isaiah 59.19-21 (Part I)
Book – This Is My Covenant with Them – Isaiah 59.19-21 (Part II)
Book – Can a Charismatic Theology Be Biblical?
Book – On Emerging from the Protestant Theological Cocoon
Book – Back to the Future for Pentecostal/Charismatic Evangelicals
Book – Between Two Worlds: One Dead, the Other Powerless to be Born? Pentecostal Theological Education vs. Training for Christian Service
Book – Are Pentecostal Seminaries a Good Idea?
Book – The Prophecy That Is Shaping History


  1. Re: Evangeline

    To give you more perspective, here is an update from her mother we got early this morning. I believe this to be important.

    When we did an MRI the grey matter lesions that we found last year looked the same, but they found new abnormalities is her white matter in her brain. The radiologists seem to disagree whether that is an acute issue or has been building and is just a progression. Lina was doing better at initiating breath today so she was extubated, but she wasn’t taking enough breathes on her own so they re intubated her which was a big rollercoaster for all of us. The radiologist here thinks the brain issue is just disease progression and not acute but I feel like she has made so many developmental gains in the last months that I’m not buying that. She has been awake most of the day, so we have had to put little restraints on her wrists so she doesn’t pull out her tube. 🙁 we are still at UNC, but hoping we can be transferred back to wakemed closer to our community and bigger PICUrooms! Both Evan and I have so appreciated all the love and support y’all have given even if we can’t express it right now! Please keep praying that this isn’t a progression but a small bump on her road. She is still such a fighter and we are believing God has bigger plans for her life. We are still holding to the promise He gave us before she was born that she would be a messenger to the nations of the goodness of God!

  2. Dr. Ruthven,

    Not sure if you remember me Carol Jenkins), but I was one of your students at Regent a decade and a half ago. Our church is praying for a miracle and healing for a little girl who has Leighs Syndrome. She is in the hospital now fighting for her life. I felt impressed twice to share her need with you to pray and have others in your network pray for her complete healing and recovery. Her name is Lina, short for Evangeline. Will you pray and have others pray that you know throughout the globe for her healing?

    Thank You! I will also share this with you via Facebook’s Messenger. Hope you are doing well. I’ve been struggling lately dealing with a lot of undone business with my former husband…the one with paranoia schizophrenia. He’s been missing since 2008. I doubt he is even alive, but praying for him or at least his remains to be found. I covet your prayers.

    Blessings on You! You were one of my dearest professors.

    Carol Jenkins

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