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“And we know and have believed the love which God hath in our case. God is love; and he that abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” I John 4:16

We have come to know the Love Way is best. We have come to believe in love. We believe it is better than force, better than argument, better than money, and better than going to court. It has been hard for us to believe in God’s love for us when difficulties came into our lives, but we know now that all of these abnormal things are not the product of love. They come from the Adversary seeking to dethrone love in our hearts.

For us to become God-Inside Minded is for us to become victors. As soon as we become God-inside conscious, we will begin to depend upon the God inside. We will know that “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” I John 4:4 and I John 4:16 “And we know and have believed the love which God hath in our case. God is love; and he that abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

There will be a holy boldness in us, a Jesus-like fearlessness. No matter what happens to us, He is inside and He will take us over. We have His ability, His courage, and His strength. It takes us out of the failure realm and puts us over into the realm of success.

“For if, through the transgression of the one individual to seize the sovereignty, all the more shall those who receive God’s overflowing grace and the gift of righteousness reign as kings in Life through the one individual, Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:17 Weymouth

We have received the gift of Righteousness. We have received the abundance of grace. We reign as kings in the realm of life or love. God never intended that we should be servants of have a servile spirit. Love takes us out of the Servant-realm up into the Son-realm.

Love takes us away from the sense of inferiority and gives us the sense of our oneness with Christ. The old inferiority complex that comes from Sin-Consciousness has been destroyed. Love-Consciousness and Son-Consciousness have taken its place.

One cannot have a servile spirit and enjoy the reality of sonship. We are masters, we are conquerors, we are overcomers because we are one with Him. We have his ability, His wisdom, His strength, His love. Spiritually, we are free men. We abide in God and God abides in us. Waiting before the Lord for power and for some special blessing that you have heard about is unnecessary because you have in you, if you have received the Holy Spirit, the fountain of all experiences.

As soon as we become God-inside Conscious, we will begin to depend upon the God inside.


  1. I cant wait for alone time to be able to spend more time reading all the wonderful ,material that is shared,! I have been looking for scriptures prayers for one of my sons who at times says he hears voices speaking in the attaic or outside of the house. He imagines that there are people he knows are following him, even when I am in the car with him, I a. On erred about what is going on with him, Please give me scriptures a can pray for him,
    He attends church all the time and has had pastors prays d lay hands on him, but there has not even any changes, He has a big heart and helps anyone who needs his help,

    1. Sorry about your son. Stand in the Authority that we have in Christ. Also there is medication available to stop your son’s paranoia and auditory hallucinations.

  2. L kato understand that we walk by faith and not by sight meaning your sensory perception… if you have to feel first before you are convinced God has healed you it won’t work because that is working by sight. Here is how it works. first look for scriptures that deals with your situation like Rom 8:11, 1peter 2:24, prov 4:20-22 and many more. secondly, when you pray believe that you receive and you shall have mark 11:24. Note: Don’t cry beg or ask God to heal you. Jesus healed you 2,000 years ago. personalize, meditate and confess those scriptures until they sink deep into your spirit, then declare your healing in the name of Jesus… give him thanks. Cheers

  3. Am being patient with the Lord and waiting on the Holy spirit to fill my heart. I need to be out of pain and hopelessness . I have had faith in God and the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus for 50 years but I am trying to let the Spirit in now and I cannot seem to feel that.

    1. L kato were not to go on feeling. Were to go on faith. Jesus took all hopelessness and pain at Calvery as I’m sure you well know. There is a lot said on the subject of saying, speaking. His word over our lives and circumstances. Speak the Word of God in faith. God says your healing comes by your faith. We all have a measure of faith. Mark 11 says to believe to receive. And have faith in God. We all have times of trials, testings, and rest. While we go through these experience in life. Must stay in His word no matter what and stay built up. So you will have the weapon to use against the adversary who comes to steal, kill and destroys lives. As I went through a time of dryness growing up in the Lord. I learned that is so important to stay in close fellowship and close to His word to get through. Those times will cause a deeper hunger and thirst for Him. Also lets you know that it’s all by faith not feeling.

  4. This is good! It seems like no matter how much you read a Scripture, there is always more depth to it to be found. Brother Hagin would say that he would read Mark 11:23-24 and still find things in it that he didn’t see before after many, many years.

    1. There is forever life in the Word of God. The more I’m in the word the more I’m alive.

  5. Being taken over by the Holy Spirit
    is to be on fire.

    I’ve only experienced that a couple
    of times in my 71 years, but no one
    would come close to me.

    It was as if Jesus were standing
    in front of them and His radiance
    was so brilliant that it dispelled
    anyone in darkness.

    I could not go on like that; I did not know
    how to handle it.

    I was used as a healing tool a couple of
    times where one lady who had injured
    her hip numerous times and no doctor
    could help her but put her on crutches,
    took me into one of her boarder’s rooms
    where she lay down on a water bed.

    I took her crutches from her and put
    them about three feet away from the bed
    against the wall and then walked over to
    a vanity and removed the chair, took it
    back with me to sit next to the woman.

    After I was able to help her relax completely,
    I felt myself get up out of the chair, go to
    the foot of the waterbed, stretch my arms
    out to each side.

    Ever since I had seen Christ riding on clouds
    when I was nine, the day my grandpa died,
    there was the vision of Him where my third
    eye is sid to be and that vision transferred
    to my heart, and a violet gaseous material
    went forth from my heart and surrounded
    the woman who bounced all over the bed
    as if she had been electorcuted.

    Then the mist disappeared and she lay

    I was in shock; noy knowing what to do next,
    I went over and picked up the chair, saying
    to her that she could come awake whenever
    she wanted to for lack of knowing what eles
    to say, and carried the chair and put it back
    at the vanity where I had found it.

    AS I began to turn around, I caught her
    in the vanity mirror. She was starting to
    sit up, then she leaned over toward her
    crutches, took them under her arms,
    then held them out to me saying, “I
    no longer need these.”

    That was one of my most cherished memories
    for I have never felt so good in all my life.

    There was a time before that where I
    helped a spiritualist doctor heal a perforated
    ear drum in a lady, and a few other times
    after that where I helped another older
    lady realize she did not have to leave California
    and go back to New York to save the business
    her deceased husband had started that was
    being ruined by their son-in-law. The husband
    who had died on the couch in the room where
    we were, spoke to me, letting me know that
    he no longer cared about the business and
    his wife should stay put because she loved her
    new home and her volunteer job as a pastry
    baker for a hospital.

    I also helped her granddaughter realize why
    she was gaining so much weight, and afterward,
    within six months, she was back to her normal

    I have let “life” get in my way of being active
    that way ever since, virtually locking myself
    up in our home, writing Christian children’s
    books, but not going out into the real world
    where people are hurting, yearning for the
    good news.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever be used like that
    ever again, I can only pray so.

    1. Patrick Harrison I understand about others not wanting to be close to you because you were experiencing a measure of the Holy Spirit anointing in your life. Your right when darkness is present. It can’t stand to be around the anointing. It will either scare them off or change them. Don’t take it personal. The enemy will continue to say no one like you etc. He is a lier. If God before you who can be against you. I believe that God has really made himself real to you through out your life. Being used from time to time in healing etc. God doesn’t give something and takes it away. Stay open don’t give up. He has a plan. And as long as you have breath life isn’t over till it’s over There are so many out into the world who needs healing. It may not come always in the same way. But God is a great big God and has and awesome plan. He is always looking for those who want to be used. To give Him all the glory in it.

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