Quotes from the Great Bible Teacher F.F. Bosworth

F._F._Bosworth-02webThe following are just a few of the great quotes from this great teacher of faith. Read and get a glimpse of his understanding of faith and his walk with God.

Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts.

God has given over 3200 promises in His Word.

You don’t have to beg God, you just have to act upon His Word.

Anyone can turn the word of God into the Power of God if they act upon the word.

Mary Said “Be it unto me according to thy word.”

If God could have His way every sick person would be healed.

God is just as faithful with one promise as He’s to another.

God’s promises are only fulfilled on our behalf, when we act upon them.

You can’t have faith unless you know without a doubt it’s God’s will.

Faith has nothing to do with feelings.

There is no difference in a man calling on God to save him as there is a man calling on God to heal him.

It’s much easier for a whole crowd to get healed with mass faith, then one individual.

Hope is always in the future. Faith is not.

Act out your redemption.

You can’t hide your unbelief in someone else’s faith.

Jesus had the Leper act as if he did not have leprosy.

We are to esteem Jesus, not our disease.

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  1. My Faith works for me every day! However the most heart touching miracles are when my wife and I minister and Jesus Heals people!
    In the last services Jesus healed everyone who came for prayer 100%. The most touching of these healings was a lady with a brain damage who was healed and delivered from doing uncontrollable things while unconscious.

  2. Thanks for these Great Quotes. Funny that you would send me these, as I’ve just finished reading his book “Christ The Healer.” God bless

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